The following documents, responses and comments have been published by the Number Resource Organization:

Date Published Title of Document
14 September 2023NRO Statement on Appointment of an Official Receiver for AFRINIC
26 March 2023Letter to ICANN - Proposal to Re-engage the AFRINIC Community
12 July 2022NRO Letter to Mauritius Government
17 June 2022RIRs Message to the AFRINIC Community
13 July 2021Statement of the Number Resource Organization on Allegations Against AFRINIC
30 August 2020NRO Memorandum of Understanding – Internet Number Registry System Joint Project Agreement Addendum (NRO INRS JPAA)
7 November 2019ICANN Address Supporting Organization MoU - November 2019
17 July 2019Statement on Role and Responsibilities of the NRO NC / ASO AC
26 March 2019SOC Audit Report Received from PTI/IANA
18 March 2019NRO Comments on Allocation of /22 of IPv6 space to RIPE NCC
26 February 2019NRO Process for Review of the ASO
14 January 2019NRO Continuing Cooperation Brochure 2018
2 November 2018NRO Statement of Support for Paris Roadmap for Trust and Security in Cyberspace
30 October 2018NRO EC Endorses Final CCWG Acc WS2 Report
5 September 2018Input by the NRO Executive Council on the Public Consultation to Determine the Future Structure of the ASO
20 July 2018NRO Response to the NTIA Notice of Inquiry 2018
9 February 2018NRO EC and ASO AC Joint Response to the 2017 Independent ASO Review Recommendations
29 December 2017NRO Brochure: IPv6 Around the World
29 December 2017NRO Annual Update 2017: Continuing Cooperation
11 July 2017Regional Internet Registries are preparing to deploy “All Resources” RPKI Service
28 June 2017ASO Review Draft Report
6 June 2017Happy 5th World IPv6 Launch Anniversary
25 May 2017Statement of the NRO EC and ASO AC regarding the 2017 ASO Review
2 March 2017NRO Letter to Larry Strickling
23 August 2016NRO statement on IANA Intellectual Property Rights 
29 June 2016SLA for IANA Numbering Services
7 November 2015The NRO Position on Revision of ICANN Mission Statement
5 November 2015Final Version IANA Numbering Services Review Committee Charter
16 October 2015Comparison Table of Proposed ICANN Governance Models
14 October 2015NRO Statement on IANA Stewardship Transition and ICANN Accountability
24 September 2015NRO Comments to CCWG Second Draft Proposal
8 September 2015NRO Comments to ICG Proposal
17 August 2015Joint RIR Stability Fund Established
5 June 2015NRO’s Status as an Unincorporated Association and Role as an ICANN Designator
3 May 2015NRO Statement on the Internet Coordination Meeting in London UK, May 2015
13 October 2014RIR Accountability Questions and Answers
21 August 2014NRO Publishes RIR Governance Matrix
25 June 2014NRO response to ICANN call for public comments on Enhancing ICANN’s Accountability
8 May 2014NRO Response to ICANN Consultation on the Transition of NTIA's Stewardship of the IANA Functions
11 March 2014NRO Contributes to NETmundial
7 October 2013NRO’s 2013 Global IPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey Results
31 July 2013Joint RIR response to ITU CWG Consultation on IPv4 Addresses
31 July 2013Letter to ICANN on ASO/NRO participation in ICANN Meetings
28 July 2013Letter to ICANN on ICP-2 Process and ICANN's Regionalisation
28 June 2013World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT)
30 April 2013RIRs input to the World Telecommunication Policy Forum 2013
19 April 2013RIRs' input to the WTPF-13
19 February 2013NRO Submission to the IGF Open Consultation
8 February 2013Comments on the 4th draft report of the ITU Secretary General on the 2013 WTPF
7 November 2012NRO Contribution to the WCIT Public Consultation Process
16 October 2012Follow-up Letter to Brahima Sanou and Malcolm Johnson ITU's Directors
2 October 2012Letter to IEG Chair regarding 3rd Draft of ITU SG's Report for 5th WTPF
27 September 20122012 Global IPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey Results
11 July 2012NRO Acknowledges Awarding of IANA Functions Contract to ICANN
25 June 2012Comments on the ITU SG Report on WTPF 2013
15 May 2012NRO Response to ITU SG Working Group Report for WTPF 2013
14 May 2012Outreach Letter to ITU BDT Director
3 May 2012Joint NRO / ASO AC Response to ASO Review Report
7 March 2012Letter to ITU proposing members for WTPF Expert Group
29 February 2012Outreach Letter to ITU Secretary-General
13 February 2012Report: Independent review of the ICANN Address Supporting Organization (ASO)
27 January 2012Suggestions for the IGF 2012
4 July 2011Global IPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey - 2011
31 March 2011NRO Response to NTIA Request for Comments on IANA Functions
18 March 2011ASO AC Workshop: Number Resource Policy Development Activities Presentation
10 March 2011Letter to the Chairman of the ITU IPv6 Group
7 February 2011NRO contribution to the IGF February Open Consultation
20 December 2010Independent review of the ICANN Address Supporting Organization (ASO)
14 December 2010John Curran UN speech on behalf of NRO
2 December 2010Development of the Regional Internet Registry System
15 September 2010IPv6 Survey Results
15 September 2010IPv6 Around the World NRO´s Contribution to ITU-T IPv6 Study Group
17 June 2010IANA Function: NRO Letter of Support for ICANN
17 June 2010NRO Response to ICANN regarding Secure Routing & RPKI
2 November 2009IPv6 – What is it, why is it important, and who is in charge?
2 December 2008The Vital Role of the NRO and RIRs in IP Address Management
26 November 2008Cooperative Approach Continues to Meet the Challenge of Internet Development
8 January 2008NRO and ICANN Reaffirm Commitment to Relationship
9 November 2007NRO Report: "Continuing Cooperation"
16 October 2006IPv6 Multi-homing Solutions and their Pros and Cons
13 July 2006NRO Comments to NTIA on ICANN
5 December 2005NRO Statement on ICANN-VeriSign Agreement
11 November 2005Number Resource Organization Statement on WSIS Phase II, Tunis
11 November 2005Number Resource Organization Statement on Internet Governance
15 August 2005NRO comments on the WGIG Report
17 June 2005NRO comments submitted to ICANN regarding Policy Proposal Review Procedure
14 June 2005NRO document presented to the WGIG during its 4th open consultation meeting
25 April 2005AFRINIC signed MoU to join the NRO
15 April 2005NRO response to WGIG Paper on IP Numbers
28 March 2005AFRINIC Progress Update submitted to ICANN
2 March 2005NRO Response to ICANN Strategic Plan
23 February 2005AFRINIC Progress Update submitted to ICANN
15 February 2005Comments to WGIG on Draft Working Papers Identifying Issues for Internet Governance
19 November 2004Clarification on NRO statement: “NRO Response to ITU Comments on the Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses”
19 November 2004Houlin Zhao’s Response to NRO Statement: “NRO Response to ITU Comments on the Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses”
15 November 2004Summary of NRO Response to ITU Comments on the Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses
15 November 2004NRO Response to ITU Comments on the Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses
21 October 2004ICANN Address Supporting Organization (ASO) MoU
1 September 2004NRO Statement of Support for AFRINIC
23 July 2004ASO MoU Timeline
20 July 2004AFRINIC Progress Report, submitted to ICANN 20 July 2004
15 July 2004Public comments from the NRO regarding ICANN's proposed budget for 2004-4005
2 April 2004ICANN Address Supporting Organization (ASO) MoU - Second Draft
2 April 2004Frequently Asked Questions about the ASO MoU
1 April 2004Letter of Intent by ICANN and the NRO
23 March 2004Open Letter to UN Secretary General
15 March 2004NRO Signs MoU with AFRINIC Regarding Start-Up Finances
15 March 2004Memorandum of Understanding between AFRINIC and NRO
24 February 2004NRO Reply to ICANN on Proposed ASO MoU
29 January 2004ICANN Reply to the NRO on Proposed ASO MoU
6 November 2003Global Policy Development Process
6 November 2003First Draft - ASO Memorandum of Understanding
24 October 2003NRO Memorandum of Understanding

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