Statement on Role and Responsibilities of the NRO NC / ASO AC

The Number Resource Organization (NRO) was established by the NRO Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signed in 2003 and 2004 by the RIRs, which also defines the NRO Number Council (NRO-NC). The Address Supporting Organization (ASO) was established by the ASO MoU, signed in 2004 by the NRO and ICANN, under which the NRO-NC serves as the ASO Address Council (ASO-AC). The ASO MoU also defines the role of the ASO-AC, which includes advising the Board of ICANN on proposed global number resource policies.

Each RIR’s (Regional Internet Registry) community selects two people to serve on the NRO-NC/ASO-AC. Each RIR’s Board also appoints one person from its respective region to serve.

The role and responsibilities of ASO-AC members are defined in the ASO MoU and in the ASO-AC Operating Procedures. All ASO-AC members are expected to adhere to this and any Council member who does anything which falls outside the defined scope does so in their personal capacity rather as a member of ASO-AC, or for the ASO-AC .

Members of Address Council “do not” speak on behalf of the Council. Address Council members can only make statements on behalf of Council if it is the clearly stated position of the Address Council. Kindly review the ASO MoU for all the details.

Aftab Siddiqui
ASO AC Chair.

Last modified on 16/04/2024