ASO MoU Timeline

(This document is a work in progress)

Current Status

The NRO is currently engaged in discussions with ICANN regarding the reform of the Address Supporting Organization. This reform process has been underway since the beginning of the ICANN reform in 2002.

MoU Timeline

ASO MoU Proposed by the NRO (6, November 2003)
First Draft of ASO MoU (6, November 2003)
ICANN Reply to the NRO on Proposed ASO MoU (29, January 2004)
NRO Reply to ICANN on Proposed ASO MoU (24, February 2004)
Letter of Intent signed by ICANN and the NRO (1, April 2004)
NRO public comment period opened (2, April 2004)
ICANN call for comments (2, April 2004)
ASO MoU FAQ Published (2, April 2004)
Second ASO Draft Proposed by NRO (10, May 2004)

Last modified on 23/07/2004