The policies that govern how Internet number resources are distributed by the RIRs are developed by the RIR communities. The RIRs facilitate the policy development process. They do not propose, develop, reject or accept policy proposals.

Regional Policy Development Process

RIR policy development processes (PDP) are designed so anyone who is interested in Internet number resource policy can participate. Anyone can propose a policy or an amendment to a current policy. Once a policy proposal is submitted, anyone can submit comments, or provide support or objection to the proposal. Find out more.

Global Policy Development

Global policies govern how Public Technical Identifiers (PTI), the organization charged with performing the IANA functions, issues Internet number resources to the RIRs. A global policy proposal can be submitted by anyone. For it to be accepted, the same version of the proposal must be considered in all five RIR regions and subsequently accepted according to each community’s policy development process before being ratified. Find out more.


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Last modified on 05/09/2018