The five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) play a key role in the smooth operation of the global Internet.  The NRO acts as a coordinating body for the five RIRs to act on matters of global importance.

Operational Accountability

During the IANA Stewardship Transition, the Internet Number Community proposal to the IANA Stewardship Coordination Group (ICG) called for the establishment of an IANA Numbering Services Review Committee (IANA RC). The IANA RC is comprised of community representatives from each RIR region and its role is to advise and assist the NRO Executive Council (NRO EC)  in its periodic review of the service level that the PTI/IANA Numbering Services provides to the Internet Number Community.
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ASO and ICANN Accountability 

The ICANN Empowered Community is the mechanism through which ICANN’s Supporting Organizations (SOs) and Advisory Committees (ACs) can organize, under California law, to legally enforce their community powers and hold ICANN accountable for its actions. As an ICANN SO, the Address Supporting Organization (ASO) and the NRO, participate in ICANN’s Empowered Community. The ICANN Bylaws also call for periodic reviews of the performance and operation of each SO by an independent entity.
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RIR Accountability 

Each RIR is accountable to its membership and bound by the laws of the jurisdiction in which it operates. Member-elected boards govern the RIRs, providing fiduciary oversight, strategic guidance, and verification of the regional policy development process (PDP). In order to ensure the continued stability and operation of the global Internet registry system, the five RIRs also contribute to a Joint RIR Stability Fund.
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Last modified on 14/08/2018