About the NRO

The Number Resource Organization (NRO) was established in 2003 as a coordinating body for the world’s Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). The RIRs manage the distribution of Internet number resources (IP address space and Autonomous System Numbers) within their respective regions.


The mission of the NRO is to actively contribute to an open, stable and secure Internet, through:

  • Providing and promoting a coordinated Internet number registry system.
  • Being an authoritative voice on the multi-stakeholder model and bottom-up policy process in Internet governance.
  • Coordinating and supporting joint activities of the RIRs.

Memorandum of Understanding

The NRO MoU was signed in 2003 by the four existing RIRs – APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and the RIPE NCC. AFRINIC signed the MoU in 2005.

In August 2020 the NRO EC signed an addendum to the NRO MoU.  In this addendum the NRO EC agrees to

  1. Not to take action that would violate Internet Number Registry System uniqueness.
  2. To take effective measures to promote Internet Number Registry System accuracy.
  3. To publish Internet Number Registry System entries publicly, so as to enable timely global Internet operations.
  4. To cooperate together in the provision of consistent, effective global Internet Number Registry Services.

In addition, section 10 of the NRO MOU (“Arbitration”) is hereby amended to allow RIRs to seek Arbitration for disputes over any of the above obligations.

This document can be found here (signed pdf).

Executive Council

The NRO Executive Council (NRO EC) consists of one person from each RIR. The Board of each RIR is responsible for appointing this person (see section 6 of the NRO MoU). The NRO EC acts only by consensus from all five RIR regions. The positions of Chair, Vice Chair/Secretary and Treasurer rotate annually.

Coordination Efforts

The NRO is a coordination point for joint RIR activities and projects, including Resource Certification (RPKI), global RIR statistics reports, global Internet governance activities and global policy coordination.

The NRO does not manage or perform any of these activities directly. Instead, the NRO facilitates several Coordination Groups in the areas of Communications, Engineering, Registration Services and Executive leadership to support collaboration across the RIR system.

NRO Staff

NRO Secretariat

A permanent NRO Secretariat provides coordinated support for both NRO and ASO activities.

NRO RPKI Program Manager

The NRO RPKI Program Manager provides operational direction, oversight and support to the NRO RPKI Program.

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Last modified on 16/02/2024