NRO Comments on Allocation of /22 of IPv6 space to RIPE NCC

Communication from Alan Barrett, NRO EC Chair to Kim Davies, VP, IANA Services, ICANN; President, PTI

Date: 13 March 2019 at 11:41:54 +0900

Dear Kim, (cc: IANA Numbering Services Review Committee)

Thank you for consulting the NRO EC about allocation of IPv6 block 2001:3c00::/22 to the RIPE NCC.

Although the current global policy for IPv6 allocation to RIRs specifies a /12 block size, we note that this /22 block was reserved for the RIPE NCC in 2004, prior to the current IPv6 global policy which went into effect in 2006, and we believe that allocation to the RIPE NCC in accordance with that reservation is appropriate. Accordingly, the NRO EC has no objection to the allocation. The NRO’s registration services coordination group (RSCG) has agreed that there are no operational concerns.

Alan Barrett
NRO EC Chair
for the NRO EC.

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