The NRO Position on Revision of ICANN Mission Statement

The NRO EC recognises that the ICANN Mission statement is currently under review by the CCWG.

We understand that under the current proposed ICANN accountability framework, the ICANN Mission statement (as revised) will become a “Fundamental Bylaw” of ICANN. As such it will become an important determinant of ICANN IRP processes, and possibly other ICANN processes, which may critically affect the future of ICANN.

We believe that for these reasons the ICANN Mission Statement must be factually accurate, and therefore recommend that the CCWG does address any material inaccuracies in a timely manner.

We would support the formulation expressed by the IAB in their correspondence to CCWG of 3 June and 9 September 2015, or for any other consensus formulation which can accurately describe ICANN’s mission.

Alan Barrett

John Curran
President and CEO

Paul Wilson
Director General

Oscar Robles

Axel Pawlik
Managing Director

Last modified on 16/04/2024