NRO Process for Review of the ASO

The Number Resource Organization (NRO) Process for Review of the Address Supporting Organization (ASO) document (November 2018) outlines the process by which the independent periodic review of the ASO role within ICANN shall be initiated, conducted, and concluded.

This process is established in response to Recommendation #3 as identified in the last ASO Review conducted by ITEMS International in their Final Report dated 3 August 2017.

The ASO Review report further indicated that this procedure be in line with processes used by the ICANN Organizational Effective Committee. The NRO is responsible, consistent with the ICANN Bylaws and the ASO MoU, with facilitating independent reviews of the ASO on a periodically on a schedule of no less than every five years.

This review process considers governance or influence by a number of related processes and documents further noted within and at the reference section at the end of this process.

Read the full NRO Process for Review of the ASO here.


Last modified on 26/02/2019