ASO Independent Review 2017

Article 4.4(a) of the ICANN Bylaws calls for periodic reviews of the performance and operation of each Supporting Organization by an entity independent of the organization under review. The first independent review of the Address Supporting Organization (ASO) took place in 2011.

2017 Independent Review

In 2017, the NRO engaged ITEMS International to conduct the second independent review of the ASO. The report, published in August 2017, outlined a set of 18 Recommendations, the first 17 of which the NRO resolved to accept and implement. The NRO also resolved to accept the 18th recommendation, “The NRO should initiate a public consultation, involving the five RIR communities, to determine the future structure of the ASO”, and has launched a consultation on the issues identified in the ASO Review Report to facilitate this.

Details of the review and the subsequent consultation will be documented below.

Presentations, Webinars and Discussion Sessions



5 September 2018 Input by the NRO Executive Council on the Public Consultation to Determine the Future Structure of the ASO
8 February 2018 NRO EC and ASO AC Joint Response to the 2017 Independent ASO Review Recommendations
25 January 2018 ASO Review Consultation 2018
8 August 2017 Independent Review of the ICANN Address Supporting Organization (ASO) Published
29 June 2017 Call for Comments for the ASO Review Draft Final Report
25 May 2017 Statement of the NRO EC and ASO AC regarding the 2017 ASO Review
31 January 2017 Independent Review of ASO Granted to ITEMS International
18 November 2016 Request for Proposals for Consulting Services: Independent Review of the ICANN Address Supporting Organization


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