Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 120821


August 21, 2012

Executive Council Members:

Chairman: John Curran, JC CHAIR (ARIN)
Secretary: Paul Wilson, PW (APNIC)
Treasurer: Adiel Akplogan, AA (AfriNIC)
Members: Axel Pawlik, AP (RIPE NCC)


Raul Echeberria, RE (LACNIC)


Arturo Servin, AS (LACNIC)
Cathy Handley, CH (ARIN)
Ernesto Majo, EM (LACNIC)
Leslie Nobile, LN (ARIN)
Mark Kosters, MK (ARIN)
Nate Davis, ND (ARIN)
Paul Rendek, PR (RIPE NCC)
Pablo Hinojosa, PH (APNIC)
Scott Bradner, SB (ARIN)
Susan Hamlin, SH (ARIN)


Adam Gosling, AG (APNIC)
German Valdez, GV (APNIC)

1. Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Review

The Chair noted the apologies from RE. As EM was present for LACNIC he proposed to start the meeting at 21:13 (UTC+10)

2. Approval of Minutes.

June 19, 2012. – The minutes were approved with no objections.

New Action Item 120821-01: Secretariat to publish to NRO website.

July 17, 2012 – The minutes were approved with no objections.

New Action Item 120821-02: Secretariat to publish to NRO website.

3. Review Action Items.

Action item 120222-04: PW to amend text in travel policy to provide added travel organizational flexibility. Action for PW.

Status: GV reported that a version incorporating the proposed changes was distributed to the EC list awaiting approval.

New Action Item 120821-03: Revised travel policy to be distributed to ASO AC.

Action item 120410-06: APNIC to suggest dates for a face to face meeting, including PACG, as the I* is directly following APNIC 34 in Phnom Penh, report back to EC.

Status: PW reported that the day after was the preferred day: Friday, 7 September in London.

New Action Item 120821-04: Set the NRO EC face-to-face meeting date after hearing back from ITU-D Dir. Sanou.

Action Item 120717-01: EC members to review the draft minutes for 19 June 2012 for comments or approval at the next meeting.

Status: Closed.

Action Item 120717-02: EC members to consider what approaches the NRO EC or ASO AC could take to resolve the issue of redundant Global Policy Proposals, prior to a discussion to decide next steps.

Status: PW noted that the GPP does not specify any action. However, he suggested that the ASO procedures only have formal requirements if it advised that a policy has been passed in all regions. The decision to track a policy prior to this is autonomous, so can autonomously be reversed. AP agreed.

New Action Item 120821-05: JC to send a brief note explaining this to the ASO AC Chair.

Action Item 120717-03: AA to work with ITU-D Dir. Sanou to either; schedule a teleconference for sometime in September, or to schedule a face-to-face meeting if that is seen to be possible or more appropriate.

Status: Pending. AA sending updated message to ITU-D Dir. Sanou.

Action Item 120717-04: Chair to send to the NRO EC mailing list, specific recommendations for next steps for the NRO to undertake in response to the ASO Review Report.

Status: JC discussed the background to the Action and requested more input from the EC before proceeding. Open

Action Item 120717-05: PACG to provide a quote for a third party consultant to assist in the preparation of an information document for the WCIT process.

Status: CH reported that APNIC has decided to proceed with a proposal.

PW elaborated that the activity had been well received when discussed with WCIT delegates. APNIC offered to share the early drafts so that other RIRs could evaluate the success of the outcomes.

PR said the PACG was interested to see what outcomes could be achieved and reserved a decision about whether to support the initiative.

JC commented that he though it appropriate for APNIC to undertake this task directly with the contractor.

AA noted that AFRINIC was still considering to join and support the APNIC project.

4. Next steps on the two redundant global policy proposals (GPP-IPv4-2010 and GPP-IPv4-2009)

• Dealt with above in Action Item 120717-02

5. NRO EC face-to-face meeting.

• Dealt with in Action Item 120410-06

6. NRO-EC conference call scheduling with ITU-D Director Sanou

• Dealt with in Action Item 120717-03

7. Next steps on ASO Review Report.

• Dealt with in Action Item 120717-04

8. Participation of legacy resource holder in the Number Resource PDP.

JC re-counted the background to the situation where a suggestion was made at the Prague ICANN meeting that number resource policy discussion should take place at ICANN meetings. He proposed that the NRO / ASO offer to meet with the individual at the Toronto meeting to discuss the situation and that any well-formed proposal could be considered.

AP agreed with JC that it would be considered if somebody put up a proposal.

PW explained that he believed having a special meeting would not be appropriate, but this could be dealt with during the ASO AC workshop. JC elaborated that he felt we should wait for a clear problem statement and a direct request with suggestions. It was also suggested that ICANN staff be made aware of this.

New Action Item 120821-06: JC to send notice informing ICANN of the situation.

9. CCG Report.

SH reported that the CCG was working on updates to the NRO website. There will be a face-to-face meeting on the weekend immediately after the APNIC Cambodia meeting. The agenda for this meeting is to primarily focus on IGF preparations where the NRO has a booth and 2 workshops.

Other activities include waiting for the IPv6 survey so the results can be publicized if of interest.

To date there have been no work requests regarding WCIT and WTSA, but SH noted that the CCG stands ready to assist if required by the PACG.

Work on the 2012 work plan continues.

10. PACG Report.

CH said there was little to report above what had already been discussed.

11. RSM Report.

LN referred to the miscellaneous holes report.

The RSM group is working on Inter-RIR transfers. There are still some issues to be worked out. LN noted that there have been no requests as yet.

Many RIRs are working on IPv4 depletion plans.

JC asked if LN could confirm that the RSM require the extended stats file to resolve some conflicts in the miscellaneous holes report. LN confirmed.

PW thanked LN for the work being done between ARIN and APNIC on the inter-RIR transfers. He reported that APNIC has done pre-approvals enough that could see up to a /10 of address space be transferred either internally within APNIC region or on an inter-region basis.

12. ECG Report.

MK reported that the ECG met at IETF Vancouver and worked on the inter-RIR transfers project. There will be follow-up meeting to get focus on the very precise detail required. Part of the plan is to develop the system based on APIs as suggested by RIPE NCC.

The ECG met with IANA over GTA issues. Joe Abley is now the lead on this project. He is very keen to work with us.

The ECG also discussed the status of up/down RPKI and planned to start some testing at the end of the year. Especially with inter-RIR transfers.

No announcement yet, but ARIN is looking to go live with its production RPKI system later this year.

13. Any other business.

AA reported that he sent an email to the list about the CCG retreat and he found out later that we did approve the meeting. AA asked what the policy is governing the number of face-to-face meetings for an NRO Coordination Group.

JC explained this is based on the work plans proposed by the Coordination Group Chair. He suggested that this be done earlier this year to allow for a better budget control in individual RIRs. He warned the CG Chairs that this means work plans may be requested in 4th Quarter.

14. Adjournment.

Hearing no other business the Chair proposed a motion to adjourn. PW moved they adjourn and the Chair ended the meeting at 22:11 (UTC+10)

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