Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 121016


October 16, 2012

Executive Council Attendees:

Chairman: John Curran, JC CHAIR (ARIN)
Treasurer: Adiel Akplogan, AA (AFRINIC)
Secretary: Paul Wilson, PW (APNIC)
Members: Axel Pawlik, AP (RIPE NCC) Raul Echeberria RE (LACNIC)


Leslie Nobile, LN (ARIN)
Mark Kosters, MK (ARIN)
Pablo Hinojosa, PH (APNIC)
Scott Bradner, SB (ARIN)
Susan Hamlin, SH (ARIN)
Adam Gosling, AG (APNIC
Maemura Akinori, MA (MA)
Hartmut Glaser, HG (LACNIC)
Arturo Servin, AS (LACNIC)


German Valdez, GV (APNIC)
Sarah Hu, SH (APNIC)

1. Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Bashing

The Chair called the meeting to order at 11.05 UTC

2. Approval of the August 21, 2012 minutes.

New action item 12101601: Secretariat to fix typo on Section 11.3 and send a revised version.

3. Review Action Items

Action Item 120717-03: AA to work with ITU-D Dir. Sanou to either: schedule a teleconference for sometime in September, or to schedule a face-to-face meeting if that is seen to be possible or more appropriate.

Status: Closed. Teleconference was held during NRO EC retreat in September.

Action Item 120717-04: Chair to send to the NRO EC mailing list, specific recommendations for next steps for the NRO to undertake in response to the ASO Review Report.

Status: JC has drafted this ASO Review Report and will send it to the mailing list.

Action Item 120717-05: PACG to provide a quote for a third party consultant to assist in the preparation of an information document for the WCIT process.

Status: Closed. PW shared a consulting proposal, PACG discussed it, APNIC took the lead on commissioning the project and has shared the first draft with both, PACG and the NRO-EC.

Action Item 120821-01: Secretariat to publish June 18 Minutes to NRO website.

Status: Closed. Minutes have been published in NRO Website.

Action Item 120821-02: Secretariat to publish July 17 Minutes to NRO website.

Status: Closed. Minutes have been published in NRO Website.

Action Item 120821-03: Revised ASO AC travel policy to be distributed to NRO EC.

Status: Closed. Approved by the 5 members of the NRO EC.

New action 12010602: Secretariat to inform ASO AC Chair of the new ASO AC Travel Policy and publish the document.

Action Item 120821-04: Set the NRO EC face-to-face meeting date after hearing back from ITU-D Dir. Sanou.

Status: Closed.

Action Item 120821-05: In regards to redundant Global Policy Proposals, JC to send a note to ASO AC Chair explaining that the ASO procedures only have formal requirements if it advised that a policy has been passed in all regions. The decision to track a policy prior to this is autonomous, so can autonomously be reversed.

Status: Open. JC has talked to ASO AC Chair and will send a note to him forward to the ASO AC.

Action item 120907-01: JC to draft a letter on ASO Workshop & Policy Matter in ICANN and circulated for comments.

Status: Closed. Replaced by action below.

New action item 12101603: Secretariat to provide more information on the ASO Workshop and Policy Matter in ICANN on the list for JC to draft a letter.

Action item 120907-02: JC will send a message to chair of ASO AC, with the suggestion to meet every other month and a reminder of the commitment of AC members to participate. Starting in 2013, the ASO-AC will be encouraged to publish its attendance statistics to the community.

Status: Open. JC will send a message to the ASO AC to say that the NRO EC has no objection for them to meet every other month.

Action item 120907-03: JC to draft a communication to the Chair of the ASO AC to follow up ITEMS report recommendations 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 18, 19, 23 and Rec #1

Status: Open.

Action item 120907-04: JC to task CCG and follow-up on the following recommendations 1, 12, 13, 14, 15, 25 and 26

Status: Closed. The CCG was tasked and they did come back to JC with recommendations. JC is now editing this before sending back to the NRO EC.

Action item 120907-05: JC to draft a message to the ICANN board on the following recommendations 3 and 24

Status: Closed. This will be included in the ASO Review Implementation report, which will be sent to the Structural Improvement Committee.

Action item 120907-06: JC to ask RSM team to provide a draft response to IANA on return space

Status: Closed. Geoff Huston has revised it, PW has circulated it.

4. ICANN 45 Activities.

JC gives credit to the Secretariat for putting together the calendar highlighting the ASO AC’s activities at ICANN 45 over the next few days. He runs over some of the large items on the agenda mainly the IPv6 Workshop, Multi stakeholder discussion for legacy address holders, public forum, and ICANN meetings open forum.

5. Consulting project for WCIT.

PW gave some background and reminded everyone that he has shared the first draft of the product . Though it is one document, it is made up of a collection of different possible changes to ITRs. He made clear that it does not reflect a position and is not intended for circulation as a whole but in portions. PW said that if interested RIR staff can use the document as a reference point if a shared strategy is agreed.

The next step forward will be to get consideration and feedback from the EC and relevant RIR staff.

PW commented that the usefulness of the document outweighs the cost, that APNIC would be willing to share the product on the basis of shared commitment to its use and also the possibility of sharing the costs.

6. NRO/ASO Executive Secretary

JC says that one of the most challenging aspects of the NRO is the rotating secretariat. Following previous discussions, the proposal for a resource dedicated to the NRO for the secretariat function was well received by the EC. The position would be charged as an NRO expense and shared by all. Suggestions for staffing for the Executive Secretary role have come from both RIPE and APNIC.

RE, AP and AA are all in agreement for this role. PW has put together a proposal for the Executive Secretary position and will be happy to share this. Moving forward, Raul puts forth a suggestion to organize a meeting with the people responsible to finalize a position description and then for those RIRs who are not submitting anyone forth, to make a selection phone call.

PW will send a revised position description to the list within a week. It will be finalized online and once it has, there will be a selection call.

New action item 12101604: PW to send a position description for the Executive Secretary role for the NRO to the list within a week.

New action item 12101605: JC to coordinate the EC to revise and approve the position description for the Executive Secretary role followed by a selection call for filling the position (involving ARIN, LACNIC and AFRINIC).

7. Amendment ASO AC Procedures.

The ASO AC has requested an amendment to the current attendance procedures (Section 9 of the Address Council Operating Procedures) as they found it difficult to get quorum during meetings (teleconference). The ASO would like members to be able to make votes online and electronic email rather than having 100% attendance for decision making. JC moves to ratify changes to the Operating Procedures of the ASO AC. PW Seconded. All NRO EC members agreed. The Chair declares this request approved.

New action item 12010607: Secretariat to inform ASO AC chair on the decision and update ASO AC Procedures document accordingly.

8. Global IGF Preparations.

Concerns are expressed that registration is limited. Whether this is due to location or the IGF is losing momentum is yet to be evaluated. RE puts forth that the RIRs should continue supporting IGF financially, and publically call others to do the same. PW suggests that the RIRs run a single global campaign instead of independent RIRs doing separate ones. JC is in agreement of this announcement. As well as mentioning that the RIRs are going to be there, it is also significant to highlight that the IGF is important because it’s funded by donations.

SH says that an NRO announcement is coordinated every year. This is then sent by all the RIRs to their communities talking about the NRO presence, workshops, remote participation and encouraging people to attend that way. This is still planned for this IGF. It will be finalized next week and sent out the weekend before the IGF.

JC says that the content of that announcement should include a summary of what the IGF is and call for organizations to consider participating in funding it.

PW wants more planning and coordination as well as discussions in Baku with IGF Secretariat and business community people in addition to the call for people to support the IGF financially.

9. CCG Report.

SH mentions that IGF materials will be added the NRO website, a task force was formed to work on the ITEMS recommendation and they are currently working on the translations, the global IPv6 Survey has been published and they are working on the materials for IGF. A revised version of the RPKI document was circulated to the CCG. SH will send back this version by the end of the week for review.

AA wants a simpler document for RPKI later on. JC supports this says that there is a need for different levels of documents.

10. PACG Report.


11. RSM Report. Chair to lead

LN informs that they have updated NRO stats for Q3 and it’s been published on the NRO website.

RE requests that in regards to the NRO Response to the IANA’s proposed implementation of the Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms to conclude the text soon and include a original contribution from LACNIC.

JC will approach IANA staff and ask if they want the EC’s comments directly as opposed to via the implementation process.

New action 12010608: PW to prepare a final draft for the NRO Response to the IANA’s proposed implementation of the Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation and send it back to the list.

12. ECG Report. Chair to lead.

MK reports that Geoff Huston is working on requirements for IANA interactions in dealing in RPKI.

13. Any other business.

Proposal for outreach to new stakeholders (labor, environment and human rights).

JC and PW have been approached with a proposal for WCIT-related outreach to a number of new stakeholder communities which are not yet engaged in WCIT. JC commented that he would be in favor for supporting this to see if this could get more organizations involved.

RE expresses that he is not convinced about the necessity of this but will be willing to support it if the majority is in favor of going ahead.

PW is in favor of supporting this.

AP supports RE’s concerns. He says that the time to WCIT is very short.

AA says that the timing is too close to the WCIT and the investment does not justify the outcome.

JC proposes PW and himself review the proposal by early next week to make a recommendation to proceed or not. There will potentially be edits, calling out that the goal has to be more than engagement at WCIT. This could be mean, for example, getting these organizations to support IGF. He expressed that it would be beneficial to spend more now if it means getting more contributions further on for the IGF on an ongoing basis.

New action 12010609: JC and PW to review proposal and raise a recommendation to the rest of the NRO EC in order to proceed or not.

Budgeting workplan

The NRO EC would like NRO coordination groups to submit their budget for 2013 by the end of November so that they can make quicker decisions. This budget includes the travel plans. JC will direct all coordination groups to submit their work plans including their meetings and travel support needs by the end of November.

JC raised a motion to request this information. RE seconds. All are in favor. The request has been moved.

New action item 12101610: JC to communicate to all coordination groups to submit their work plans including their meetings and travel support needs by the end of November.

Follow up letter to ITU.

All are in favor with the drafted letter prepared by PW as follow up of the teleconference had with ITU Directors during NRO EC meeting in London last September.

New action item 12101611: JC to send follow up letter on the teleconference between ITU Directors and NRO EC held during NRO retreat meeting in London.

IETF position on IANA registries

RE expresses his reservation on the formal position LACNIC should take. He says that the Chair should be responsible for communicating this.

John believes that it’s appropriate that the RIRs support whatever direction the IAB determines it wants to take with respect to the protocols and parameters of registries and the NTIA statement of work.

Raul says that he is not against the point itself but the way in which they do that.

JC will take this to the mailing list. It was agreed that an informal communication that the NRO EC does not object to “them” proceeding with what they want to do with protocols and parameters would be appropriate. In the meantime, JC will contact IAB and let him know that the NRO are in discussion and will have an answer shortly.

Legacy Internet Protocol (IP) Numbers in the Current Policy Environment

RE is concerned about the way this activity has been organized.

JC shares Raul’s concern. However, he points out that if the NRO should be receptive to these discussions.

RE suggests for the future that the NRO EC has more involvement in the preparation of some of the agenda items, panel, or speakers for example. This does not mean approval, merely more discussion.

Agenda of meeting with ICANN board

JC says that he has received a message from Michelle Bright with a list of topics from the ICANN board. The EC needs to form opinions on these topics and draft answers to these questions.

14. Adjournment.

The meetings was adjourned at 9.56 AM UTC

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