Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 121120


Tuesday November 20, 2012 – Teleconference


Attendees NRO EC Members

  • John Curran (Chair) JC
  • Paul Wilson (Secretary) PW
  • Adiel Akplogan (Treasurer) AA
  • Axel Pawlik AP


  • Raul Echeberria RE


  • Nate Davis ND
  • Arturo Servin AS
  • Susan Hamlin SH
  • Hartmut Glaser HG
  • Leslie Nobile LN
  • Mark Kosters MK
  • Anne-Rachel Inne AR
  • Paul Rendek PR
  • Andrew de la Haye AH
  • Ernesto Majo EM
  • Scott Bradner SB
  • Pablo Hinojosa PH


  • German Valdez GV
  • Samantha Marks (minutes)


1. Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Review

Apologies: Raul Echeberria

The meeting commenced at 7:07 AM UTC

The Chair noted that PW had additional items to add to AOB.


2. Approval of the Minutes

  • August 21, 2012 (typo in original RSM report, revised minutes circulated)
  • October 16, 2012

The Chair asked for comments on the revised August 21 minutes. PW moved to approve the revised minutes.

The Chair asked for the attendees to approve both sets of minutes. NRO EC members approved minutes. EM approved on behalf of RE


3. Review Action Items

  • Action Item 120717-04

Chair to send to the NRO EC mailing list, specific recommendations for next steps for the NRO to undertake in response to the ASO Review Report.

Status: Pending, Chair will complete tomorrow as high priority


  • Action Item 120821-05

In regards to redundant Global Policy Proposals, JC to send a note to ASO AC Chair explaining that the ASO procedures only have formal requirements if it advised that a policy has been passed in all regions. The decision to track a policy prior to this is autonomous, so can autonomously be reversed.

Status: Pending but has discussed with ASO AC Chair, JC will circulate email to EC list before sending to AC list.


  • Action item 120907-02

JC will send a message to chair of ASO AC, with the suggestion to meet every other month and a reminder of the commitment of AC members to participate. Starting in 2013, the ASO-AC will be encouraged to publish its attendance statistics to the community.

Status: Pending but has discussed with ASO AC Chair, JC will circulate email to EC list before sending to AC list.


  • Action item 120907-03

JC to draft a communication to the Chair of the ASO AC to follow up ITEMS report recommendations 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 18, 19, 23 and Rec #1

Status: Pending, feedback given from CCG, JC will complete this action item.


  • Action item 121016-01

Secretariat to fix typo on Section 11.3 and send a revised version.

Status: Closed


  • Action item 121016-02

Secretariat to inform ASO AC Chair of the new ASO AC Travel Policy and publish the document.

Status: Closed


  • Action item 121016-03

Secretariat to provide more information on the ASO Workshop and Policy Matter in ICANN on the list for JC to draft a letter.

Status: Closed


  • Action item 121016-04

PW to send a position description for the Executive Secretary role for the NRO to the list within a week.

Status: Closed


  • Action item 121016-05

JC to coordinate the EC to revise and approve the position description for the Executive Secretary role followed by a selection call for filling the position (involving ARIN, LACNIC, and AFRINIC).

Status: Pending. Selection call done, still to approve position description and make selection


  • Action item 120106-07

Secretariat to inform ASO AC chair on the decision of the NRO EC approval of the changes in the ASO AC Procedures document.

Status: Closed


  • Action item 120106-08

PW to prepare a final draft for the NRO Response to the IANA’s proposed implementation of the Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation and send it back to the list.

Status: Pending. This was delegated to Geoff Huston, PW to follow up.


  • Action item 120106-09

JC and PW to review proposal to involve new stakeholders in WCIT discussions and raise a recommendation to the rest of the NRO EC in order to proceed or not.

Status: Closed


  • Action item 121016-10

JC to communicate to all coordination groups to submit their work plans including their meetings and travel support needs by the end of November.

Status: Closed


  • Action item 121016-11

JC to send follow up letter on the teleconference between ITU Directors and NRO EC held during NRO retreat meeting in London.

Status: Closed


4. Global IGF Follow up

The Chair noted he was not present in Baku and asked for some feedback from the EC on discussions that took place during the IGF that might impact the NRO. PW mentioned the Enhanced Cooperation agenda, but would leave for AOB.

JC participated remotely on a panel on “Needs basis and legacy address holders”. The panel, which included Geoff Huston, seemed an attempt by the moderator to push for a change in IGF to a policy-making group, which was not popular among participants. PW noted that he did not believe anything came as a result of this panel.

PR added that it might be good to start having bilateral meetings during IGF to get more leverage out of the high profile attendees, and that he’d mention this to the PACG. There was agreement among the EC there could be more initiation of direct conversations.

The Chair then asked if for the next IGF if the PACG for example should create a meeting calendar for meetings between NRO EC and appropriate parties.


5. WCIT Preparation & Activities

PW will attend the second week, Adam Gosling will attend all four weeks, PH will attend the two weeks of WCIT. PW also noted that in conversations with government delegates (from the AP region), they are generally happy that RIR representatives will attend and be available.

It was noted that RIR attendees will need to be flexible, as there may be opportunities for spontaneous bilateral and one-on-one meetings with various delegations and even possibly with the entire NRO opportunities.

AA will attend after the AFRINIC meeting concludes, but AFRINIC staff will cover the whole four weeks. Hisham Ibrahim will be there most of the four weeks.

JC said he could attend the second week if necessary for high-level meetings, and Cathy Handley would lead the ARIN delegation. He is not currently planning to attend. JC will contact Malcolm Johnson to see if a meeting would likely occur.

AA noted it might be difficult to all meet together if everyone plans separate bilateral meetings.

EM added that RE will not attend the first week, and will attend the second week if needed.

PW asked if there was anything to discuss about the including new stakeholders project. The Chair noted the ITUC activity, that there had so far been limited press follow up, and he was concerned that with WCIT being so close there might not be enough time for exposure as a result of a partnership.

The Chair noted would be useful, and an easy follow up to keep momentum if ITUC could make a commitment to financial support for the IGF, even a nominal amount would allow them to send a follow up press release and show support.

PR asked if there was a proposal given to the EC from ITUC, and if there was any action needed from PACG. He noted that if other organizations were joining this effort, they should be vetted before the NRO makes further announcements.

JC noted there had been a proposal, and based on EC discussion there is an agreement. JC asked PW to re-circulate the agreement to the mailing list.

PW asked what the next steps would be and agreed that any organizations looking to join the campaign should be working within their own communities – for example Greenpeace International does not seem to have made any announcements on its website. The NRO is not looking to associate with any organizations, but would support other organizations joining the debate as Internet stakeholders.

AR added that this is more of a long-term effort, and noted there might be some resentment from this sort of activity from governments in the AFRINIC region.


6. Discussion on WSIS +10

PW said he was aware of the Feb meeting, but it’s at the same time as APNIC 35. There is little information about this event at this point.

AA left at 21:50 UTC +10

AR said there might be something in 2014, a ministerial or high-level meeting possibly, decision was supposed to be made this week. Also there is 2014 ITU Plenipot.

JC said the EC should continue to track this, to determine whether the NRO should formally participate, or as individual RIRs.

PW mentioned there is a proposal process for any interested parties to organize sessions for the WSIS+10 meeting, and anyone may join the WSIS community mailing list, which can be found on the ITU website.

EM mentioned there is a preparatory meeting in Lima in January WSIS+10, and that LACNIC would attend.


7. CCG Report

SH reported the IGF booth was a success, but the exhibit area was not great for traffic, and thanked Secretariat for printing materials. She mentioned that she had sent a quote for translation costs for ASO documents (as per an ITEMS recommendation) to the EC list. She is still waiting to find out exactly which languages to use.

She has sent the proposed CCG 2013 work plan for review. ITEMS recommendations are high priority, but may not be finished with necessary approvals by end of the year but will try.

New Action Item 121120-01: NRO EC to review CCG 2013 work plan.


8. PACG Report

Cathy Handley was not present to give the report.


9. RSM Report

LN said all RS managers provided input to the 2013 work plan, to be circulated next week.


10. ECG Report

MK said following the ECG meeting in Montevideo, they are waiting for the finalized document outlining interactions between IANA and RIRs from ICANN staff. He has sent the ECG work plan for 2013 to the mailing list for review.

JC noted incidentally, there had been discussion on the NRO EC mailing list about an IETF draft, and that he, Geoff Huston, and PW were working on a statement that the reservation called for in the proposal was not appropriate for IANA to make. He noted it would be more constructive for the statement to be made on behalf of the three of them as individuals rather than the entire NRO EC.

New Action Item 121120-02: NRO EC to review the ECG 2013 work plan.


11. Any other business (AOB)

PW mentioned UN General Assembly possibly to form a new CSTD WG on enhanced cooperation, and noted the ISOC response that was discussed among Marcus, Vint, and others. PW proposed in an email that the NRO maintain the firm position that Enhanced Cooperation should be through IGF rather than a working group.

The Chair said he didn’t know if it’s politically tenable to take this position but would definitely support the statement if is deemed appropriate. AP and AR agreed.

New Action item 121120-03: PW to draft a statement to the UN General Assembly about the NRO position that Enhanced Cooperation should not be delegated to a new working group, to be circulated to other I* members.


12. Adjournment. Chair to lead

The Chair moved to adjourn at 8:11 AM UTC


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