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2021 IANA Numbering Services Review Committee Report Published

The IANA Numbering Services Review Committee (IANA RC) is pleased to announce that it has published the 2021 IANA Numbering Services Review Committee Report. The IANA RC was formed in 2016 and is responsible for publishing an annual report as advice to the NRO EC for its evaluation of the IANA numbering services. This report follows a 30-day public comment period on the IANA Performance Matrix Summary Report published… Read More

Notice to the ASO Community on Rejection Action to ICANN Board Resolution on IANA FY23 Budget

Dear RIR Community, On 24 February 2022, the ICANN Board of Directors approved the IANA FY23 Budget. The resolution approving the FY23 IANA Budget is available at The approved IANA FY23 Operating Plan and Budget is available at This resolution (FY23 IANA Budget) is subject to Rejection Action Petitions from the community. As a Decisional Participant, the Address… Read More

Call for Public Comments on the 2021 IANA Performance Matrix Summary Report

Dear colleagues, As a result of the successful IANA Stewardship transition in 2016, the IANA Numbering Services are currently managed through a Service Level Agreement between ICANN and the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). As part of the result of the IANA Stewardship transition, the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee (IANA RC) was established in 2016. The IANA RC is composed of representatives from… Read More

Martin Hannigan Elected IANA Review Committee Chair for 2022

Following internal procedures, the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee (IANA RC), during its first meeting of the year held on 24 January 2022, selected ARIN Community representative Martin Hannigan to serve as IANA RC Chair during 2022. During the same meeting IANA RC members ratified LACNIC Community Representative Nathalia Nathalia Sautchuk Patrício to serve as vice-chair. Both will serve until the… Read More

ASO AC Calls for Nominations for Seat 10 on the ICANN Board of Directors

In line with the ASO Memorandum of Understanding and the ICANN Bylaws, the Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC) is calling for nominations for Seat 10 on the ICANN Board of Directors. The selected candidate will serve for a three-year term, which will begin at the conclusion of the ICANN Annual General Assembly to be held during the ICANN… Read More

LeaderShape Selected to Facilitate NRO Strategy Plan Review

After a detailed review of all the applications received, the Number Resource Organization Executive Council (NRO EC) has selected LeaderShape to facilitate a review of the NRO Strategy Plan for the next five years. As described in the original request for proposals, the NRO EC has identified the need to create a strategic review plan to guide its efforts over the… Read More

ASO AC Appoints Brajesh Jain to the ICANN 2022 NomCom

The Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC) is pleased to announce that it has appointed Brajesh Jain as their delegate for the 2022 ICANN Nominating Committee (NomCom). Mr Jain is an active participant in the APNIC community. His one-year term will begin during the ICANN 72 Annual General Meeting which will take place in October 2021. The ICANN NomCom… Read More

Statement of the Number Resource Organization on Allegations Against AFRINIC

It has come to the attention of the Number Resource Organization (“NRO”) that certain members of the Internet community have expressed concerns regarding AFRINIC, the Regional Internet Registry (“RIR”) for Africa, and its operations. Through messages posted on various community mailing lists, allegations have been made against AFRINIC and the performance of its duties as an RIR. While the issues… Read More

Request for Proposals for Consulting Services: NRO Strategy Plan Review

The Number Resource Organization (NRO) is calling for proposals for an independent review of its Strategy Plan for the next five years. Deadline for applications: 9 July 2021 Deadline announcement of the selected bid: 23 July 2021 Full details of the Call for Proposals are included below. NRO Strategy Plan Review Request for Proposal Document Re: Call for Proposal for… Read More