APNIC Announces its IPv4 Address Pool Reaches Final /8

APNIC announced that as of Friday, 15 April 2011, its IPv4 address pool
reached the Final /8 IPv4 address block, bringing the Asia Pacific
region to the last Stage of IPv4 exhaustion. This is a very important
milestone on the IPv4 exhaustion process at a global level.

The NRO urges Internet community members to deploy IPv6 within their
organizations. Deploying IPv6 is now a requirement to ensure continued
growth and development of the Internet.

APNIC’s objective during this stage will be to provide IPv4 address
space for new entrants to the market and for those deploying IPv6, under
the final /8 policy. For more information on this policy, please refer to:


The other four Regional Internet Registries (AFRINIC, ARIN, LACNIC and
the RIPE NCC) will continue to allocate IPv4 address space to their
members in accordance with their community-based regional policies until
their pools of available IPv4 addresses are depleted. All RIRs will
continue to allocate IPv6 addresses as they have since 1999.

For more information on IPv6, visit https://www.nro.net/ipv6/, or your
local RIR for information on how to get IPv6 address space.

Last modified on 27/10/2015