Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 110511


Wednesday, May 11 2011

Executive Council Attendees:

  • Chairman: Raúl Echeberría, CHAIR (LACNIC)
  • Secretary: John Curran, JC (ARIN)
  • Treasurer: Paul Wilson, PW (APNIC)
  • Members: Alain Aina, AA (AFRINIC), Axel Pawlik, AP (RIPE NCC)


  • Nate Davis ARIN


  • Pablo Hinojosa – APNIC
  • Scott Bradner – ARIN
  • Arturo Servin – LACNIC
  • Ernest Majo – LACNIC

1. Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Bashing

The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:06 a.m. EDT. The presence of quorum was noted. PW requested a discussion regarding EG8 – Press Release and NRO participation versus individual RIR representation. The Chair added it to any other business.

2. Previous Minutes

  • March 10, 2011

The EC will seek approval of these Minutes at their next meeting.

3. Review Action Items

Action item 2010-R2-6: PAUL RENDEK to work with the CCG in elaborating this list of IPv6 key messages for sharing with partners.  OPEN

The Chair noted that this item should be closed as it has been overcome by events.  The Chair further stated that the CCG should continue to develop IPv6 messaging as needed..

Action item 100922-03: The CCG will work on an NRO RPKI factsheet and presentation, and an NRO RPKI Paper. OPEN.

EM indicated that some materials are finished with some still under development.  The CCG is currently working on RPKI presentations.  RE mentioned that these should be finished by the end of the second quarter.

Action item 101026-02: RE to prepare a message for the public (Re. distribution of various registries address blocks among the RIRs). No update at this time. OPEN.

Action item 110204-01: Analysis of Upcoming Internet Governance Events. Determine and recommend which events the NRO should attend, why and what the NRO’s position will be going into each event.  Assigned to Cathy H and Pablo. OPEN

The Chair stated that he believed this action was completed.  PW noted that two items were completed, those that needed an NRO position and those that do not.  Similar e-mails crossed regarding this matter from Ernesto M and Pablo H.  This action can be considered closed, though the EC believes these documents need to be turned over to ECG for continued refinement as events unfold.

The Chair indicated that LACNIC has hired someone to take the position of Policy Officer.  He raised the need for a Policy Officer Coordination Group.  It was noted that there were two different problems: 1) The EC does not coordinate efforts fast enough between the RIRs; and 2) they do not have staff to support this effort.

JC stated that the EC needed to clearly define how the group would interact with the EC and CCG.  He noted that a previous Public Affairs Coordination Group was not effective before because its purpose was not clearly stated.  The Chair believed that the Policy Officers needed to review the Group’s Charter, and make a proposal for the next meeting.  Pablo H to take the lead on this effort.

Action item 110204-04: ASO Review. Adiel Akplogan to distribute work plan and responses. PW and JC to review for compliance. ON-GOING.

The Chair indicated that JC had agreed with last draft that Adiel Akplogan had distributed. The Chair stated that the EC needed to justify the decision for selecting a particular proposal.  JC called for any objections to Adiel’s recommendation. PW answered that he did not object.  The Chair stated he was concerned with cost of the recommendations.  Alain A, to ask Adiel to draft a justification for the vendor selection.  Alain A was tasked to confirm that this could be done within the next few days.  The Chair stated that the EC needed to select a vendor to start the work and that the EC write a justification for selection.

Action Item:  110310-01: SEC to publish minutes of January 25, 2011. OPEN

The Secretariat stated this had been done. The Chair closed the item.

Action Item 110310-02: EC to send comments to list regarding AP’s post on Contingency Plans within the next 2 weeks (by 3/24). OPEN

The Chair indicated there was no update at this time, and extended this action for two more weeks (by 5/25). JC stated the EC would make this a priority.

Action Item 110310-03: CFOs to work together for next meeting to communicate information about financial stability. OPEN

PW stated that there would be a CFO meeting later in the year, and that he would bring further information to the EC when it is available. He stated that at this time it appears that the meeting will be in Busan, South Korea or Brisbane, Australia.

Action Item 110310- 04: AP to craft two pages on the Benefits, etc. of Incorporating the Number Resource Organization (NRO). OPEN

JC stated that the ARIN Board is awaiting the reasons from the EC that this is the correct thing to do.  The Chair indicated that LACNIC is in support of incorporation.  PW indicated that incorporation was discussed in the context of a relationship with the ITU, but that that need has now dissipated.  He believed that the EC should incorporate the NRO in advance of a future need, but now realizes that it is not a trivial effort. He did not believe there is a pressing need to incorporate.  AP indicated he would continue to support it.  JC indicated that the ASO Secretariat role is substantive for ARIN, and there are concerns of cost when AFRINIC takes over the roll in 2012. He wondered if the NRO incorporation would help solve the matter.  AP agreed, but was similarly concerned about creating a ‘living thing’.  He stated he would continue to work on the NRO EC incorporation issue. JC noted that the risks should be included and define clear lines regarding authority.

New Action Item 110310-05: Retreat Dates. The Chair stated he would send a poll to the EC for available dates. OPEN.

The Chair stated that he is planning to host an EC retreat in Uruguay in the 3rd quarter of this year, and that further details would be forthcoming.

Action Item 110310-06: Proposal Selection for ASO Review. JC was tasked to select a primary and an alternate vendor. AA will contact the primary vendor for references to confirm, and if acceptable, the EC will ratify the decision on mailing list.  OPEN.

The Chair stated that this is duplicative of Action item 110204-04: ASO Review and this item is to be closed.


A) Development/Deployment Status in each RIR.
B) Single Trust Anchor Discussion Update.

Arturo S. reported that there was a technical discussion meeting with the IAB, IETF and ICANN.  ICANN has some items in their working agenda similar to earlier RIR RPKI efforts.  He would be looking for updates from ICANN at the next meeting.  ICANN is also looking at items related to up/down protocol.  In general, Arturo noted it was a constructive and positive meeting.  For the next steps, ICANN has six items that they are working on.

Arturo noted that for Legacy /8s, clarity is needed on who would be responsible.  He would send the item to EC’s list for discussion.

AP indicated that there is a chance, due to recent discussions in the RIPE region on top-down routing policy, certifying resources through a certification policy, etc., that it may impact the RIR’s unified approach to RPKI.

JC indicated that he has seen members of the ARIN community publicly document how the RIRs are processing inter-RIR transfers so that the implications are publicly known.  Arturo S. indicated that it is not documented at the present time, but soon will be in the LACNIC region.

The Chair asked that Arturo S. to report on transfers at the next EC meeting.

C) RPKI Communications Update. The Chair removed this item.

5. Internet Governance.

A) Relationship with ITU.

  • NRO letter on NRO-ITU Interaction. PW stated that he had reviewed a first draft response to the ITU that had been posted to the EC list prior to this meeting. JC stated that Nick Thorne had asked him how their organizations could best work together. JC stated he directed Nick to respond to the NRO EC Chair.  JC agreed with PW’s draft and believed that communications should be formal, noting the draft needs to be edited and sent.
  • Next Steps with the ITU. The Chair suggested that the ICANN Singapore meeting next month would be a good place for a meeting with Malcolm or Nick from the ITU, or both of them, since most EC members will there. The Chair will take the lead on meeting with them.

B) ITU IPv6 WG. It was noted that the date for this appears to be October 6, 2011.  The Chair indicated that the Policy Officers should be planning for this event.

C) IGF – CSTD.  PW stated that there was reference to item in the NRO’s initial draft on positions. The Chair asked the EC to please read PW’s recent post that was sent to the EC’s list.  JC stated he had read the proposed strategies and supported them.

6. NRO.

A) Incorporation. Previously discussed.
B) Retreat. – Previously discussed.


The Chair stated he was behind on the discussions of the OECD, and concerned that it has changed gears.  He noted that Vint Cerf is presenting on behalf of ARIN. Geoff Houston was to speak on behalf of the NRO, however, Geoff is not speaking, and the Chair was surprised that there will not be any NRO representation. JC suggested that Vint Cerf present on behalf of the NRO instead of on behalf of ARIN, if there is no possibility of Geoff presenting.  The Chair indicated that he is concerned with EC agreements and subsequent staff actions, and needed to make sure the EC communicates well with the teams.

8. IANA Notice of Inquiry (NoI)

JC stated that Larry Strickling, of the NTIA, had indicated that there was no support for separating the functions.  He was not sure that the NTIA has the authority to change from a contract to a cooperative agreement, due to the relative statutory authority applicable.

9. ICANN Meeting

  • ASO Presence, Meetings, Positions. The ASO will be holding a workshop at the next ICANN meeting in Singapore.  JC thought it would be useful to put the ASO Number Council’s report at a time/on the agenda that the ICANN Board and GAC can attend.  JC stated he would contact ICANN regarding the schedule.  The Chair will contact the GAC and Rod Beckstrom regarding any other meetings.

10. ASO Review – Status and Next Steps

Previously discussed.

11. Report from the CCG.

  • Official NRO EC Approval of 2011 Workplan presented in Miami. Ernesto M. presented a report on current activities.  He stated they do not have a coordination plan regarding IPv6.  He stated they are seeking approval from the EC on the 2011 plan, as presented.

The Chair requested EM to post the plan to the EC’s list for review of approval.

12. Report from ECG.

No update at this time.

13. Report from RSM.

It was noted that the RSM are working on a face-to-face meeting and agenda, to be held during the upcoming AFRINIC meeting in Tanzania.  Leslie N. to send the agenda to the Chair when completed.

14. Report from APNIC on IPv4 Exhaustion

PW provide a thorough update on APNIC’s activities as it relates to changes and procedures, and challenges encountered during their last few months of IPv4 inventory. He stated APNIC’s Member Services team did a good job on reaching out to the community to prepare, and communicate, with them in advance of IPv4 depletion.

15. Any Other Business

The Chair called for any other business.

  • JC provided an update on ARIN legal matters.
  • EG8 – Press Release and NRO participation versus individual RIR representation. RIRs are participating, but not the NRO. PW raised the point that maybe this should be represented by the NRO.

AP left the meeting at this time (9:45 a.m. EDT).

16. Adjournment

The Chair entertained a motion to adjourn at 9:46 a.m. EDT.  The meeting adjourned with no objections.

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