As the Internet keeps on expanding, the demand for Internet address space continues to grow. The availability of IPv4 address space is limited worldwide and the deployment of IPv6 is imperative to the long-term growth and stability of the Internet.

The NRO has worked for many years regionally and globally to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the issue of IPv4 exhaustion and the urgent need to deploy IPv6.

Regional Programs

Each Regional Internet Registry (RIR) works with stakeholders within its region to inform, educate and support IPv6 deployment locally:

AFRINIC’s IPv6 Programme
ARIN’s IPv6 Info Center
LACNIC’s IPv6 Portal
RIPE NCC’s IPv6 Info Centre


IPv6 Deployment FAQs

In depth information about deploying IPv6 can be found on each RIR’s dedicated IPv6 program pages as noted above. A general overview can be found here.

IPv4 Exhaustion

In February 2011, it was announced that the global pool of around four billion IPv4 addresses, managed by the IANA, was exhausted. Each RIR received one final /8 allocation of IPv4 address space (around 16.8 million addresses).

As of 2018, four of the five RIRs have exhausted their own IPv4 pools and can now only allocate small amounts of IPv4 address space to new members in accordance with community-developed regional policies. Find out more.


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Last modified on 14/09/2021