Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 120717


July 17, 2012

Executive Council Attendees:

Chairman: John Curran, JC CHAIR (ARIN)
Treasurer: Adiel Akplogan, AA (AFRINIC)
Members: Axel Pawlik, AP (RIPE NCC)
Apologies: Paul Wilson, PW (APNIC), Raul Echeberria, RE (LACNIC)


Akinori Maemura, AM (APNIC)
Cathy Handley, CH (ARIN)
Ernesto Majo, EM (LACNIC)
Leslie Nobile, LN (ARIN)
Mark Kosters, MK (ARIN)
Nate Davis, ND (ARIN)
Pablo Hinojosa, PH (APNIC)
Scott Bradner, SB (ARIN)
Susan Hamlin, SH (ARIN)


Adam Gosling, AG (APNIC)
German Valdez, GV (APNIC)

1. Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Review

The Secretariat noted the apologies received from RE and PW.

Noting there would be no quorum for the meeting due to the apologies received, the Chair started the meeting at 11:02 UTC.

2. Approval of Minutes

As there was no quorum, the Chair noted it would not be possible to approve the minutes for the teleconference held 19 June 2012. He requested all EC members to please review those minutes in preparation for a future motion.

New Action Item 120717-01: EC members to review the draft minutes for 19 June 2012 for comments or approval at the next meeting.

3. Review Action Items

Action item 120222-04: PW to amend text in travel policy to provide added travel organizational flexibility.

Status: Pending

Action item 120222-12: PW to update the NRO website with XCG Chair relevant policies and update mailing lists.

Status: Completed

Action item: 120410-05: Treasurer to ask for report from CFOs on expected expenses for each RIR under current distribution formula, to be discussed at next call

The Chair noted that following discussion of alternatives to the NRO expense distribution formula, the EC has decided to continue to use the current formula.

Status: Dropped

Action item 120410-06: APNIC to suggest dates for a face-to-face meeting, including PACG, as the I* is directly following APNIC 34 in Phnom Penh, report back to EC.

Status: Pending

Action Item 120515-05: Chair to obtain consensus approval for ECG Work Plan via email vote. Pending AA Approval.

Status: Completed

Action Item 120515-06: Chair to obtain consensus approval for RSM Work Plan via email vote. Pending AA Approval

Status: Completed

Action Item 120515-08: Chair to obtain consensus approval, via email vote, for the NRO to provide a Questionnaire of Past Performance in support of ICANN’s submission to the NTIA IANA Functions RF.

The Chair reported that this action item was overtaken by events as ICANN has been awarded the IANA functions contract. He proposed the EC should discuss next steps in the future and to close the current Action Item.

Status: Closed

Action Item 120619-01: JC to send an email asking for approval from each RIR of what to do with returned space.

Status: Closed

Action Item 120619-02: The Chair will elaborate and share in the NRO EC list, a message about RSSAC new structure.

The Chair reported that the role of the RIRs in the RSSAC has changed in that the NRO is no longer a member, but may participate as an advisor if it wishes. He noted that the EC has discussed it and is satisfied with this situation. He asked if the ECG also finds this acceptable. MK reported that the ECG is happy with the new arrangement in that it is able to participate if it wants, but is not a named member.

The Chair called for any further discussion, or objections to closing the action. There were none.

Status: Closed

4. Next steps on redundant global policy proposals

(GPP-IPv4-2010 and GPP-IPv4-2009)

The Chair summarized the situation where two failed global policies are now redundant following the successful third proposal. As the ASO MoU does not contain a procedure, or mechanism for removing these from the ASO’s docket, a decision needs to be made as to how to proceed. He noted that it was his opinion that there is greater future value from deliberating carefully on the process than there is on completing the task quickly. He asked the EC members present if they had any comment on this at this stage.

AA thanked the Chair for the summary and said he would consider the situation after which he may have comments.

New Action Item 120717-02: EC members to consider what approaches the NRO EC or ASO AC could take to resolve the issue of redundant Global Policy Proposals, prior to a discussion to decide next steps.

5. Scheduling of conference call with ITU-D Director Sanou

There was a discussion about how best to coordinate a meeting with Director Sanou and the Chair asked if he should poll the EC members for their availability. CH reported that Director Sanou had expressed an interest in hosting the NRO EC in Geneva for a face-to-face meeting.

AA noted that he is in talks with Director Sanou regarding some projects in his region and offered to discuss this with him directly.

New Action Item 120717-03: AA to work with Director Sanou to either; schedule a teleconference for sometime in September, or to schedule a face-to-face meeting if that is seen to be possible or more appropriate.

6. Next steps on ASO Review Report

The Chair reported that Ray Plzak, Chair of the ICANN Structural Improvements Committee, advised that no group within ICANN was actively considering the report as it considers the NRO sufficiently independent to take the lead on the implementation of any changes required regarding the Recommendations made in the report.

He noted that he received significant feedback at the recent ICANN meeting in Prague where a number of stakeholders expressed the view that there was confusion regarding the naming of NRO and ASO entities.

New Action Item 120717-04: Chair to send to the NRO EC mailing list, specific recommendations for next steps for the NRO to undertake in response to the ASO Review Report.

7. CCG Report

SH reported that the CCG has scheduled the face-to-face meeting for immediately following the APNIC meeting in Cambodia.

SH further reported that the Global IPv6 Survey was now closed and that final respondent numbers were down about 200 from the previous year’s survey. The results will be made available in late August. SH noted that the EC will need to decide if it wants to fund this survey again next year.

8. PACG Report

CH reported that following the Prague PACG face-to-face meeting; the PACG had raised two points to the EC.

The PACG now recommends that when submitting documents and contributions to the ITU (and perhaps in similar situations), the NRO should do so jointly as five individual RIRs. CH reported that some Member States are not well aware of the RIR system and the structure of the NRO.

JC acknowledged the issue and noted he has no strong objection.

AP acknowledged that if the NRO name does not work well in that environment, then this might be an acceptable solution. However he raised some concern that this could detract from past work done to raise awareness of the NRO as an entity.

AA acknowledged the issue, but suggested it might be possible to include some sort of statement that still promotes the NRO and explains that the NRO is the RIRs working in unison.

The Chair resolved that this would need to be discussed with other EC members, particularly noting that LACNIC is not an ITU member and that, while this does not preclude it from putting its name to these documents, RE may have some objection.

CH asked for a decision regarding the PACG proposal to prepare an information paper for distribution as part of the WCIT preparation processes and if this was agreed, could the PACG obtain approval for one of the four suggested approaches to creating such a document.

AP noted the short timeframe available for creation of such a document made him concerned about the likelihood of successfully creating such a document.

Following a discussion the Chair advised that the EC is positively inclined to approve, but that the EC would require a cost estimate before it could make a decision.

New Action Item 120717-05: PACG to provide a quote for a third party consultant to assist in the preparation of an information document for the WCIT process.

PH asked if the EC had discussed and come to a decision about the Twomey proposal. The Chair confirmed that the EC had discussed it and that there are a number of aspects in the proposal that were not acceptable to the NRO. He noted that while the proposal is well intentioned, the EC is unlikely to be able to get it done in time. AP and AA concurred.

9. RSM Report

LN reported that the RSMs met in Prague, with the following outcomes.

The will be a focus by all RIRs to get their extended stats files done.

The RSMs had a detailed discussion about inter-RIR transfer procedures and resolved to aim for a common set of procedures and templates for all RIRs – should future policy require IRRs other than APNIC and ARIN to process transfers. Staff from each RIR have now had the opportunity to comment on the proposals and their comments are not being incorporated and will be sent to the EC for review.

The RSMs have agreed to work with Geoff Huston on a better, more accurate Various Registry Space list.

The Chair called for comments or questions. AP noted that he had gone through the reports. On the issue of inter-RIR transfers, he explained that he supports the idea of uniform templates and processes, but urged all to look at the proposal put forward by the RIPE NCC as he is cautious about putting in a procedure that relies too much on human processes and email.

10. ECG Report

MK reported that the ECG is planning to meet at the up-coming IETF where it will discuss the GTA and also have a discussion about the inter-RIR transfers.

He reported that there has been a change of staffing on the GTA project. ICANN’s Joe Abley taking over Terry Manderson’s role as the main point of contact for the ECG on this project.

11. Any other business

The Chair called for any other business. Hearing no other business. He proposed to adjourn the meeting. AP said he would support an adjournment.

12. Adjournment

The Chair asked if there were any objections to adjournment. Hearing no objections, he adjourned the meeting at 11:58 UTC.

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