Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 120619


June 19, 2012

Executive Council Attendees:

  • Chairman: John Curran, JC  (ARIN)
  • Secretary: Paul Wilson, PW (APNIC)
  • Members: Axel Pawlik, AP (RIPE NCC), Raul Echeberria, RE (LACNIC)


  • Hartmut Glaser HG, LACNIC
  • Scott Bradner SB, ARIN
  • Cathy Handley CH, ARIN
  • Arturo Servin AS, LACNIC
  • Susan Hamlin SH, ARIN
  • Nate Davis ND, ARIN
  • Mark Kosters MK, ARIN
  • Leslie Nobile LN, ARIN
  • Ernesto Majo EM, LACNIC


  • German Valdez GV
  • Adam Gosling AG
  • Samantha Marks

1. Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Review

The meeting commenced at 21:10 (UTC +10), although there were not sufficient members to make quorum.
RE suggested to proceed with whatever items could be covered, and the Chair proceeded with the Agenda review.

2. Approval of the Minutes

The Chair asked if there were any questions for the following sets of minutes:

  • April 10, 2012
  • May 15, 2012

PW motioned to approve the minutes, and all seconded pending AA’s ratification.

3. Review Action Items

Action item 120222-04: PW to amend text in travel policy to provide added travel organizational flexibility. Action for PW.

Status: OPEN, PW to complete by next call

Action item 120222-12: PW to update the NRO website with XCG Chair relevant policies and update mailing lists.

Status: OPEN, PW to complete

Action item: 120410-01 CH to liaise with PACG to provide brief summary of how it engages w/ ISOC re: WCIT

Status: CLOSED

CH reported that she had spoken to the PACG, and it seems that individual members liaise with their local ISOC chapters, keeping the process of engagement informal. The PACG would continue this informal type of exchange with ISOC unless directed otherwise.

Action item: 120410-05 Treasurer to ask for report from CFOs on expected expenses for each RIR under current distribution formula, to be discussed at next call

Status: Pending a report from the Treasurer

Action item 120410-06 APNIC to suggest dates for a face to face meeting, including PACG, as the I* is directly following APNIC 34 in Phnom Penh, report back to EC

Status: OPEN PW to circulate doodle poll to find a date for face to face

After some discussion, it was decided that a formal face to face between the NRO EC and PACG was not necessary at this time, however many members of both groups would be present at the ICANN meeting in Prague, so it would be convenient for an informal meeting to take place then.

*The informal meeting will tentatively be scheduled for the Tuesday during the ICANN meeting. Any PACG, EC, and RIR staff observers are invited to attend.

As for the formal face to face meeting, PW agreed to poll the EC to find a suitable date for all members to meet formally.

Action Item 120515-01 EC Members should confirm they have received the RSM Analysis of Registry Address Holes and review it prior to making a decision on the issue at the next meeting

Status: CLOSED, discussed later in the agenda

Action Item 120515-02:Secretariat to prepare an initial draft of RPKI status slide deck to be circulated as a take-away for the GAC.

Status: CLOSED

Action Item 120515-03: ARIN to send NRO response to first draft of ITU-SG WG report on behalf of the NRO

Status: CLOSED

Action Item 120515-04: EC members to use email to schedule a meeting to discuss RPKI implementation timelines.

Status: CLOSED

The Chair suggested the informal Prague meeting would be a good opportunity to discuss RPKI timelines, AP agreed and said Andrew de la Haye would be able to speak on behalf of the RIPE NCC since he would not be present. It was agreed to add this item to that meeting’s agenda.

Action Item 120515-05: Chair to obtain consensus approval for ECG Work Plan via email vote.

Status:  Pending AA’s approval

The Chair asked if everyone had approved, all approved pending AA’s approval, Chair would seek AA’s approval via email.

Action Item 120515-06: Chair to obtain consensus approval for RSM Work Plan via email vote

Status: Pending same as above

Action Item 120515-07: Chair to obtain consensus approval for 2012 PACG Charter via email vote.

Status: CLOSED

Action Item 120515-08: Chair to obtain consensus approval, via email vote, for the NRO to provide a Questionnaire of Past Performance in support of ICANN’s submission to the NTIA IANA Functions RF.

Status: OPEN, The Chair will research questionnaire status and report back to the EC.

The Chair confirmed ICANN requested this action and could not remember whether this action was completed. CH said she had not received anything from IANA regarding this questionnaire (for ARIN’s response). The deadline was 30 May – JC, AA, PW agreed there was not response from AP or RE, this was not completed by deadline.

4. IANA new global policy implementation

  1. IANA Management of new blocksLN confirmed that Leo Vegoda will not be in Prague for the RSM meeting, but could dial in.

    RE asked if the intention was to modify the current registry, and proposed a second registry to deal with small blocks.

    The Chair asked for a recommendation from the ECG if this is a technical matter, RE confirmed a formal recommendation had not been given, but added IANA currently does not have involvement with small blocks.

    MK proposed the /8 management should be for IANA, as blocks smaller than that cause problems with IANA’s repository becoming out of synch with regional registries. He agreed with the LACNIC proposal that a separate registry could better manage the smaller blocks.

    The Chair added he’d like consensus from the ECG on this matter and pending that approval. this plan should be communicated to IANA.

  2. Reverse DNS for new spaceIt was decided the RIRs would provide reverse DNS for any returned space, and that this plan (including above) should be made clear to IANA.
  3. RPKI implementationsAlthough the ECG has discussed this to some extent, RE suggested a formal recommendation would be necessary to proceed, and all agreed.

    AS confirmed he would discuss all of the above with Leo Vegoda.

    LN confirmed that the RSM call planned for the following week had not yet been confirmed, and she would try to coordinate this call but that there was also something planned for later in the year.

    It was also suggested that someone should talk to Elise Gerich regarding how the NRO the NRO would like to handle this matter.

5. Action on blocks smaller than /16 from various registries space

RE suggested all registries should examine their own address space holes for the purpose of recirculating unused space and confirm via email which blocks in their respective regions were currently unallocated.

New Action Item 120619-01: JC to send an email asking for approval from each RIR of what to do with returned space

6. RSSAC Restructure

The Chair confirmed there is currently no formal position on this matter, as the RIRs will no longer be part of the RSSAC, and instead would be part of the RSSAC Caucus to provide input. RIPE NCC would remain part of RSSAC because they run a root.

MK confirmed the ECG found the restructure acceptable and offered to send a message that it was accepted pending AA’s approval.

New Action Item 120619-02: the Chair will elaborate and share in the NRO EC list a message about RSSAC new structure.

7. CCG Report

  1. SH reported the items from the conference call earlier in the month:

    The CCG has formed a task force for updating the Internet governance section of, and Chris Buckridge (RIPE NCC PACG member) would assist.

    They have sent high level messaging regarding transfers to the PAGC and are awaiting their feedback before forwarding it to the EC for approval.

    The Global IPv6 survey is currently running, and each RIR has sent out reminders. The CCG is discussing how to announce the results, as last year a presentation was given during IGF, but perhaps this year something should be done sooner than November.

    Hisham Ibrahim (AFRINIC PACG member) raised an issue regarding an apparent misperception of the relationship between the NRO and ICANN, and the subsequent political issues. The Chair confirmed these misperceptions exist, but there isn’t much that can be done to mitigate this issue other than formulate messaging, which could be a project for the CCG. All agreed.

    SH confirmed the CCG would work on messaging and come back to the EC for approval.

  2. CCG face to face meeting

    SH had forwarded an agenda suggesting a meeting around APNIC 34 and asked for looking for comments or approval. The timing would be convenient to discuss preparations for the IGF booth and workshop, and she also confirmed she was hoping input from the PACG on communications strategies regarding WCIT and other ongoing work.

    There was a question of whether two face to face meetings had been budgeted, and SH confirmed the budget did include two tentative meetings, as there had been the previous year and that the second meeting should take place by early September.

    GV confirmed there are two CCG meetings per year, and that there were also agenda items to discuss regarding the ASO Review report.

    RE also asked for the following year’s work plan to include meeting dates and venues for budgeting purposes, but the Chair suggested that would require a lot of coordination to set meeting dates and locations that far in advance and perhaps this item should be discussed further at the NRO EC face to face.

8. RSM Report

LN confirmed she needed to run a new report on registry holes, and would circulate that to the EC.

To be added to the informal meeting agenda in Prague:
Regarding inter-RIR transfers, LN confirmed she had written an implementation plan for ARIN and that APNIC and ARIN are currently the only regions with inter-RIR transfer policies.

She confirmed she would schedule a meeting with Elise and Leo to discuss reverse DNS and RPKI.

9. ECG Report

MK confirmed everything had already been discussed during the call.

10. Any other business

The Chair added the EC should begin considering recommendations not involving the ICANN Board that were given in the ASO Review Report. As some of these items were strictly NRO matters and some could be easily implemented, the Chair asked the EC if they should proceed with those recommendations.

To get started, the Chair proposed the EC go through the NRO comments to the Review Report and send items they feel could be implemented to the mailing list.

PW suggested this could be further discussed in Prague, and all agreed. AP did not object to this discussion taking place while he was not present.

11. Adjournment

The call was adjourned at 10:20 (UTC +10).

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