LACNIC Enters IPv4 Exhaustion Phase

On 10 June 2014, LACNIC announced that it had reached one /10 block of remaining addresses and IPv4 can now be considered exhausted in its service region. LACNIC will continue to distribute IPv4 addresses, but at a greatly reduced rate according to policies developed by the LACNIC community. The remaining /10 block (4,194,302 addresses) will be split into two equal /11 blocks. Members can continue… Read More

IANA Allocates Recovered IPv4 Addresses to RIRs

On 20 May 2014, LACNIC became the first of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) to reach their last /9 of remaining IPv4 address space. This triggered a global policy for IANA to make equal allocations from its recovered IPv4 pool to each of the five RIRs. On this same day, each RIR received the equivalent of a /11 allocation… Read More

LACNIC’s IPv4 Address Pool Now Down to a /9

LACNIC’s IPv4 address pool is now down to 8,388,606 addresses, which is equivalent to a /9. This fact triggers a new phase of the IPv4 exhaustion plan designed by LACNIC for Latin America and the Caribbean based on the policies approved by the regional community. This phase, which will extend from the moment when there are 8,388,606 available IPv4 addresses… Read More

Joint RIR response to ITU CWG Consultation on IPv4 Addresses

The five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) – AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE NCC, have drafted a joint response to the ITU Council Working Group consultation on international public policy issues concerning the current global situation regarding IPv4 address space. The document answers issue 2 of the consultation regarding: (a)   Unused legacy IPv4 addresses, and (b)  Inter-regional transfers of IPv4… Read More

ICANN GPP-IPv4-2011 Implementation Comment Period

ICANN has announced a Public Comment Period relating to the implementation of GPP-IPv4-2011: Global Policy Proposal for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA. The ICANN Board announced ratification of GPP-IPv4-2011 on 17 May 2012. The proposal had reached consensus in all Regional Internet Registry (RIR) regions and was reviewed by the NRO EC and the ASO AC prior… Read More

RIPE NCC Begins to Allocate IPv4 Address Space From the Last /8

On Friday, 14 September 2012, the RIPE NCC, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia, distributed the last blocks of IPv4 address space from the available pool. This means that it is now distributing IPv4 address space to Local Internet Registries (LIRs) from the last /8 according to section 5.6 of “IPv4… Read More

ICANN Formally Announces GPP-IPv4-2011 Ratification

ICANN has formally announced news that the ICANN Board has ratified the Global Policy Proposal for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA. The policy GPP-IPv4-2011 was sent to the ICANN Board by the Address Supporting Organization (ASO) Address Council on 13 March 2012. ICANN then posted the proposal for public comment from 14 March 2012 through 4 April… Read More

APNIC Announces its IPv4 Address Pool Reaches Final /8

APNIC announced that as of Friday, 15 April 2011, its IPv4 address pool reached the Final /8 IPv4 address block, bringing the Asia Pacific region to the last Stage of IPv4 exhaustion. This is a very important milestone on the IPv4 exhaustion process at a global level. The NRO urges Internet community members to deploy IPv6 within their organizations. Deploying… Read More

Free Pool of IPv4 Address Space Depleted

IPv6 adoption at critical phase Montevideo, 3 February 2011 – The Number Resource Organization (NRO) announced today that the free pool of available IPv4 addresses is now fully depleted. On Monday, January 31, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) allocated two blocks of IPv4 address space to APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for the Asia Pacific region, which triggered… Read More

Significant Announcement 3 February – Watch it live!

Welcome to live coverage of this event, where the Number Resource Organization (NRO), along with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the Internet Society (ISOC) and the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) will be holding a ceremony and press conference to make a significant announcement and to discuss the global transition to the next generation of Internet addresses. Much… Read More