Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 111220


December 20, 2011

Executive Council Attendees:

  • Chairman: Raúl Echeberría, CHAIR (LACNIC)
  • Secretary: John Curran, JC, (ARIN)
  • Treasurer: Paul Wilson, PW (APNIC)
  • Members: Adiel Akplogan, AA (AFRINIC), Axel Pawlik, AP (RIPE NCC)


  • German Valdez, APNIC


  • Akinori Maemora – APNIC
  • Scott Bradner – ARIN
  • Nate Davis ND – ARIN
  • Susan Hamlin – ARIN
  • Andres Piazza – AnP – LACNIC
  • Hartmut Glaser – LACNIC
  • Arturo Servin AS – LACNIC
  • Ernesto Majo EM – LACNIC

1. Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Review.

The Chair started the meeting at 9:10 PM AEST. The presence of quorum was noted.

2. Approval of the Minutes.

The Chair pointed out that the discussions in the October meeting in relation to RPKI were not about RIR last /8 but legacy space. Additionally, it was requested by the Chair to correct the initial PA for PW (Paul Wilson). JC proposed APNIC as new Secretariat to correct the draft minutes and circulate them to the list for final approval.

Action Item 111220-01: SECRETARIAT. Change references to last /8 for legacy /8 during RPKI discussions and correct Paul Wilson initials in the minutes of October Meeting and circulate the draft to the NRO EC list for final approval.

3. Review Action Items.

Action Item 110920-02: ECG. Produce Final Extended Stats Documentation. Arturo Servin to coordinate with RSMs. Arturo stated a draft could be ready by the EC’s meeting in October.

AS reported that there is currently a document under review by the RSM and ECG. AS considered that the current document is ready to be used by any of the RIR’s who want to implement the extended stats.

The Chair asked the members of the NRO EC if there is anything to approve in regards to the new format, or if this could be delegated to the RSM and ECG to resolve.

JC was ok with the delegation of the task.

The Chair asked AS if the implementation of the extended stats could be done by the start of the next year.

AS stated that APNIC and RIPE are currently using it. The main task was to collect and update the information based on what RIPE and APNIC are doing in a single document, so everybody could use it and this has been done now.

Action. Closed.

Action Item 110920-03: ARTURO. Check on existing documents to use to craft high-level RPKI documentation.

AS mentioned they are working on 2 documents. One of the documents is the RPKI transfer. The second document is the global trust anchor, which will include a description of the certificate concepts and global anchor structure. In both cases, AS mentioned the documents should be ready by the next IETF for approval.

The Chair reminded that this was agreed as a priority between ICANN and the NRO to prepare a document describing not only the trust global structure, but also the architecture and function of the RPKI. The task should be the maximum priority. Additionally the Chair clarified that the documents should be more practical and operationally oriented where it is clear that the 5 RIRs and ICANN are working on a hosted solution.

PW Joined the conference. 9:20.

The Chair briefed PW about the discussion and conclusions of this action item. PW agreed with the approach.

Action Item 111115-01: SECRETARIAT. Post August 17, 2011 and September 20, 2011 Minutes to the NRO website as final.

Previous Secretariat (ARIN) confirmed the action was completed. Closed

Action Item 111115:02: RSMs. Review free space smaller than /16 for redistribution, and provide recommendation to NRO EC.

As Leslie Nobile was not part of the teleconference The Chair suggested asking her for an update by email.

4. Internet Governance.

  • Next Steps with the ITU.JC mentioned that ISOC will be very active in tracking issues in the ITU activities, that they will work on white papers and position papers from the Internet Community point of view, that they were seeking our participation in the development of those materials and the possibility of coordination with them.

JC mentioned that ARIN is planning to work with ISOC on developing white papers and coordination with various ITU working groups.

The Chair remembered that during the last meeting in Miami it was agreed to organize a meeting with ITU-D and ITU-T secretaries for promoting coordination and some activities in capacity building. The Chair suggested, sending a letter to try to set a meeting in February or March. The action should be lead by the next Chair.

PW and AP agreed

AA joined the meeting 9:33 PM. He followed the current topic and also agreed with sending the letter.

Action Item 111220-03: JC To elaborate a letter for ITU-T and ITU-D secretaries to conduct a meeting to discuss coordination and capacity building activities.

  • Report from the Rapporteurship and CITEL Meetings. At the last EC meeting, the Chair stated he would be attending these meetings in Washington, DC in early December. LACNIC and ARIN also participated together.The Chair noted that the report should be about the WCIT Preparatory meeting conducted just after the CITEL meeting. He asked if in this first cycle of WTCA and WCIT, are there any aspects of the discussions that affect the NROAnP answered that all aspects were in agreement with the resolutions agreed in the plenipot at Guadalajara.
  • Report from 2nd I* Meeting, Miami, FL.The Chair requested observations or opinions about the I* meeting in Miami.The Chair stated that the meeting went really well and it was positive for the NRO. He recognized the meeting as a good vehicle for future actions as many of these organizations are very supportive. Nevertheless RE mentioned that for next meeting it was important to set clear expectations.

    PW Agreed it was a good meeting.

5. RPKI.

  • Status at ARIN.JC reported that as this is a priority for the organization, ARIN’s board approved additional resources to move ahead and help accelerate RPKI development, so that it is not pushed to the second half of the year.

6. ARIN’s Next Steps with Draft Policy 2011-9 (Global Proposal):

Global Policy for Post-Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA.

JC Confirmed the reception of the letter sent by the other RIRs. He confirmed that ARIN will respond to this letter. JC mentioned that at high-level, ARIN’s board has approved the draft policy 2011-9 Global Policy for Post-Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA. JC asked if there were other RIRs pending adoption of this policy.

The Chair stated that according to the last report from Olof, the proposal has been approved in three out of five RIRs. In RIPE NCC it is in the last call period.

AP Confirmed that the status of this proposal is on last call period in RIPE NCC.

7. CFO’s Retreat Report.

The Treasurer had requested, via e-mail, a discussion of revenues, IPv4 allocations, and IPv6 allocations. At the last EC meeting, he stated would provide a report at this meeting.

The Chair postponed this point for the next meeting, as the report was not ready at this stage. He suggested that APNIC could coordinate with the next treasurer to present this report.

8. CCG Report.

EM mentioned that he sent 2 documents for comments to the NRO EC list. The first document was the CCG work plan for 2012. EM explained that the main communications activities during 2012 will be related to IPv6 deployment, RPKI implementation, and IPv4 and IPv6 stats from every region. Additionally, he suggested that the CCG should work on an update of the NRO website. He requested inputs for the work plan to be approved, so the CCG can start on these activities in January. EM also requested the approval to hold a face-to-face CCG meeting in Mauritius based on the agenda contained in the second document sent to the NRO EC list.

The Chair requested more detail information in activities and budget. He suggested approving the plan in the next NRO EC meeting.

PW and JC agreed with RE’s suggestion.

The Chair congratulated the CCG for the work performed during the year. He noted that the plan is very ambitious, so the CCG needs to provide more information about budget and resources needed to implement the plan.

The Chair mentioned that the CCG could proceed to organize the face-to-face meeting as scheduled. RE requested to have the details by email.

9. ECG Report.

AS reported on the following 4 topics:

  • RPKI; AS reported that there is a delay in the up/down implementation. AS recommended reviewing the 2012 service delivery deadlines for each of the implementations. He suggested to re-plan for RPKI and global trust anchor which is affecting the operation and design. AS noted that the documents for the architecture need a working plan for next year.
  • Global Trust Anchor; AS reported they reached very good, high-level agreements at the IETF in Taipei. AS commented that some policy work will be needed in the next year in regards to the certification of the /8s.
  • Reverse operations; AS reported that the operation of the reverse DNS is good with no problems present at the moment. He mentioned that reverse DNS operators had their regular meeting during the last IETF, where they worked in a new format to exchange DNS information.
  • Data in the RPKI Repository; AS reported that there are some ROAs that are not well constructed by the ISPs. He noted there is nothing to be concerned about as there are not many yet, but they need to follow up on this issue, as they don’t want the repository be full of this data.

AS committed to send new notes on a newer version document and pass the information to the new ECG Chair.

10. RSM Report.

ND reported that Leslie Nobile is working with the various registries’ space reports with the other RS managers and also with Geoff’s data for comparison purposes. ND mentioned that the report could be delivered by the next EC call.

11. PACG Report.

AnP didn’t add any new points to the report.

12. Any Other Business.

The Chair mentioned that the NRO comments regarding Geographic distribution were submitted to ICANN before deadline.

The Chair thanked ARIN for the secretariat support in 2011. He stated that his work was very easy because of the support from Nate, Susan, Therese, and all the team from ARIN. He requested to extend this to all ARIN staff not present in the call.

JC Thanked RE.

The Chair thanked his team at LACNIC: AS, EM, and AnP, for coordinating the NRO groups in 2011. He also thanked all the members of the NRO for their support and wished JC a successful year as the new 2012 NRO EC Chair.

JC recognized and thanked RE for his services as NRO Chair.

13. Adjournment.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 10:14 with no objections.

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