Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 120117


17 January 2012

Executive Council Attendees:

  • Chairman: John Curran, JC CHAIR (ARIN)
  • Secretary: Paul Wilson, PW (APNIC)
  • Treasurer: Adiel Akplogan, AA (AFRINIC) – absent
  • Members: Axel Pawlik, AP (RIPE NCC), Raul Echeberria, ER (LACNIC)


  • Adam Gosling (APNIC)
  • Samantha Marks (APNIC)
  • Sunny Chendi (APNIC)


  • Akinori Maemura, AM (APNIC)
  • Arturo Servin, AS (LACNIC)
  • Hartmut Glaser, HG (LACNIC)
  • Nate Davis, ND (ARIN)
  • Pablo Hinojosa, PH (APNIC)
  • Scott Bradner, SB (ARIN)
  • Susan Hamlin, SH (ARIN)

1. Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Review.

The Chair started the meeting at 1105 UTC. The Chair noted there was no one present from AFRINIC.

2. Approval of previous Minutes.

The Chair noted that both the October minutes and the December minutes needed to be approved by the EC, and asked for comments.

PW agreed with the October minutes as corrected during the December meeting, but noted need to correct spelling of Olaf Kolkman’s name.

JC requested everybody to review the outstanding minutes and forward edits, if any so that they can be approved during the next call.

3. Review Action Items.

Action Item 110920-03: ARTURO. Check on existing documents to use to craft high-level RPKI documentation.

AS reported that he has an outline to send to CCG for comment before forwarding the draft to the Chair. Action open.

Action Item 111115-02: RSMs. Review free space smaller than /16 for redistribution, and provide recommendation to NRO EC.

ND noted LN was not present, but commented that she would send the recommendations to NRO EC by end of this week. Action open.

Action Item 111220-01: SECRETARIAT. Change references to last /8 for legacy /8 during RPKI discussions and correct Paul Wilson initials in the minutes of October Meeting and circulate the draft to the NRO EC list for final approval

The Chair asked PW to confirm whether the draft reflected these changes. As they do not, the Secretariat is to correct and recirculate. Action open.

Action Item 111220-02: RE To elaborate a letter for ITU-T and ITU-D secretaries to conduct a meeting to discuss coordination and capacity building activities.

Update: RE recommended passing this action to JC to take the lead on this communication, as he is new Chair. RE noted the IGF Open Consultations and the MAG Meeting on Feb 14-16 is an opportunity to meet with ITU officials.
JC agreed to a draft letter on behalf of NRO and would distribute this for comment. PW and RE reported that they will attend MAG meeting. AP and JC reported they would also endeavor to attend the ITU meeting if available. Action open (JC).

At this point PW noted the new Secretariat roles. PW is now the Secretary of the NRO EC. PW noted that German Valdez is currently on leave, but will do coordination of the Secretariat from the APNIC office. PW introduced Adam Gosling and Samantha Marks who will take minutes, and Sunny Chendi who will assist with online meeting logistics.

4. CFO’s Retreat Report.

The Treasurer had requested, via e-mail, a discussion of revenues, IPv4 allocations, and IPv6 allocations. At the last EC meeting, he stated would provide a report at this meeting.

NEW Action Item 120117-01: PW to supply CFO meeting report at the next EC meeting.

5. Consideration of ASO Review Report

The Chair noted the draft report has been received and was circulated to the EC Members. He noted that it was not clear if the EC should provide the report to ICANN, or has it been given to ICANN already? The Chair suggested the EC should decide which recommendations need to be actioned and would like to discuss this.

PW noted he assumed the report has not been sent to ICANN, as the NRO commissioned the review from the consultants, it was the responsibility of the NRO EC to ensure it is completed satisfactorily.

RE commented that he thinks that the NRO does not need to do anything with the report other than to deliver it to ICANN staff. The review was requested by ICANN. It could be seen in a negative way if we do something with the report rather than sending it to ICANN staff.

JC agreed that he does not want to do anything that could be perceived as negative and agreed to prepare a letter so that the report could be forwarded to ICANN.

PW noted that content has been reviewed and comments given, and providing the final comments have been taken into account, he has no objections to sending it on.

The Chair agreed the report should be sent to ICANN staff.

NEW Action Item 120117-02: JC to draft cover letter and submit to EC for sign-off, before sending the report to ICANN.

The Chair noted separately that the EC should now consider the final report and discuss any matters arising in a future meeting.

PW suggested it would be appropriate for the NRO EC to write a public response to report, saying the recommendations have been noted and will be, or have been considered, and that the report should be public for some time before such a statement is issued.

6. CCG Report.

SH noted that in December, EM gave a 2012 CCG work plan for 2012, but there was no time for EC review/consideration. She asked the EC to please review and approve the work plan.

The Chair noted, that although the work plan has not yet been approved, he presumes the necessary work is being carried out according to schedule.

SH replied the first CCG meeting is planned for February 22-23 in Mauritius.

NEW Action Item 120117-03: NRO EC to review and approve 2012 CCG work plan, before the Mauritius face-to-face meeting

7. ECG Report.

As Mark Kosters was not available for the call, ND reported that Mark is planning to submit a work plan for 2012 to EC for approval. However, he needs time to coordinate a handover with AS.

8. RSM Report.

The Chair reports there is no RSM report available at this meeting..

JC noted that the proposed Global Policy was ratified by the ARIN Board and asked for an update on the status in the other regions.

RE reported that LACNIC has completed the process. The Chair reviewed the ASO website and noted that it reports that RIPE, LACNIC, ARIN, APNIC have adopted the proposal, but that AFRINIC has not completed the process and so that it was not yet possible for the EC to direct ASO AC to begin their considerations.

RE noted that if the AFRINIC process concludes before the next EC meeting, a short meeting can be held to discuss the outcome and send the proposal to the AC, rather than waiting for the next monthly meeting. The Chair agreed, and noted this could even take place via email. PW and RE agreed.

NEW Action Item 120117-04: JC to convene special meeting of the EC (by email or teleconference), upon advice from AFRINIC of the policy adoption..

9. PACG Report.

The Chair noted that, according to Cathy Handley, the PACG will have its first call on 6 Feb, for handoff of 2011 and discussion on WTSA and WCIT.

The PACG may require EC guidance regarding policy positions and engagement.

The Chair raised a question of how policy coordination will happen after the outcomes of the I* Miami meeting. ISOC has taken the lead in message coordination. The Chair asked if the RIRs should engage individually with ISOC, or coordinate through the PACG?

PW noted that there were ITU and CSTD meetings in Geneva recently and that he was aware that Cathy Handley from ARIN and Sally Wentworth from ISOC attended. He expressed an interest to have information shared with the PACG and EC about the meeting, noting that the point of PACG is to allow NRO to share information and make proposals for collective NRO positions. ISOC has volunteered to coordinate, and the NRO should engage with ISOC through the PACG

The Chair agreed, and will request a report from Cathy regarding the sessions held.

After some discussion, it was also agreed to ask the PACG to consider and make recommendations on how to it would engage and work with ISOC regarding WCIT.

NEW Action Item 120117-05: Chair to correspond with PACG.

It was noted at this point that in the absence of AFRINIC from this meeting, any decisions would be subject to consent from AFRINIC before being considered final.

10. Any Other Business.

The Chair noted a message received from ICANN regarding the 2013 budget framework discussion and asked if is this a Treasurer or Chair task, or would anyone like to volunteer? PW noted this in the past has been a task for the Treasurer.

NEW Action Item 120117-06: The Chair will forward the message to AA for action.

PW noted that an audio recording of this call was being made for the purpose of minute. He proposed that this would be retained until minutes are approved and published, and then deleted. All agreed.

RE welcomed the decision by ARIN to return the recovered IP addresses, and asked if ARIN planned to communicate that or whether the NRO should make some sort of statement.

JC added there are currently no plans to do so, but at the time of global policy ratification, ARIN has some actions to perform according to its current plan and that at he felt it would be better to wait until that time to announce what action has been taken, rather than report what ARIN intends to do. He noted that he was open to discussion on this approach.

RE agreed that if ARIN does this there was no need for any actions to be taken.

JC noted RE’s message to AA regarding the status of the global policy and said he hoped that we could see some progress in that area as it would mean we could see some progress in this.

11. Adjournment.

At 9:58 a Motion was made to Adjourn. As there were no objections, the Chair adjourned the meeting.

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