Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 130618


June 18, 2013
Teleconference 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council Attendees:

Chairman: Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC
Secretary: Adiel Akplogan (AA) AFRINIC
Treasurer: Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC
Member: John Curran (JC) ARIN
Member: Raul Echeberria (RE) LACNIC – Joined in @ 11:13 UTC


Byron Ellacott (BE) APNIC
Bhadrika Magan (MG) APNIC
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Paul Andersen (PA) ARIN
Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Ernesto Majo (EM) LACNIC
Paul Rendek (PR) RIPE NCC


Guylaine Mootoo (GM) AFRINIC Recording Secretary
German Valdez (GV) NRO

1.0 Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Review

Paul Wilson (PW) welcomed the Executive Council and the Observers present online and opened the meeting at 11 05 UTC.

2.0 Approval of last Minutes dated 21 May 2013

The minutes of the last NRO EC May 2013 Teleconference held on the 21 May 2013 was approved as proposed by the Secretariat.

John Curran (JC) moved for approval and seconded by Axel Pawlik (AP).

New Action Item 130618-01: Secretariat to Publish in NRO Website May Minutes

3.0 Review Action Items

A review of the Action Items pending to date were carried out and discussed as follows:

Face to Face Meeting February Meeting

Action Item 130224-01:

PW to draft general comments and observations of the NRO to the I*
Leaders group about the I* Leaders meeting for future considerations.

Status: Action Item to be Closed.

Action Item 130224-08:

RE to work and propose an updated NRO time line to complete RPKI
deployment and define future evolution of the project including single Trust Anchor.

Decision: Action Item to be Closed.

Action Item 130224-13:

The CFOs to handle the quality of the NRO operations and to consider RIR best practices document, especially with regards to quality of service and business continuity.

Status: Action Item to be Closed.

Action Item 130224-14:

RE to correspond with the IETF Chair and arrange for a meeting prior to or during IETF87 in Berlin.

Status: Action Item to be Closed. Under discussion under the present Agenda Item No. 4.0

Teleconference March Meeting

Action Item 130321-01:

The Chair, PW, to send a note to the ITU stating that pursuant to the last meeting in London, the NRO EC is still waiting for the draft proposal on the cooperative agreement.

Status: Action Item to be Closed..

Action Item 130321-04:

The PACG and the CCG to work together on the redraft of the enhanced cooperation document.

Status: Item to be kept Open pending the next CCG face-to-face meeting.

Action Item 130321-05:

The RSM and ECG to work together on a single plan for the collection of the Extended Statistics files and its repository in one location under the NRO infrastructure.

Status: Item to be kept Open. Byron Ellacott (BE) reported the script is publishing the extended file daily. Pending to add this in the NRO website the stats section

Teleconference April Meeting

Action Item 130416-01:

The Executive Secretary to prepare a draft report on the status of the ITEMS report recommendations pursuant to the meeting of the ASO AC held in Beijing and related interpretations.

Status: Action Item to be Closed.

Teleconference May Meeting

Action Item 130521-01:

The Executive Secretary to publish NRO EC March 2013 Minutes.

Status: Action Item to be Closed.

Action Item 130521-02:

The Executive Secretary to publish NRO EC April 2013 Minutes.

Status: Action Item to be Closed.

Action Item 130521-03:

PW. The EC to review the RPKI architecture document, agree on a timeline and respond to IANA.

Status: Action Item to be kept Opened. BE will share the RPKI document that the IANA has sent to the EC for review.

Action Item 130521-04:

Andrew de la Haye, RIPE NCC will provide a clear analysis report on the implementation of the RPKI with clear actions items for the next teleconference.

Status: Action Item to be Opened. In progress.

New Action Item 130521-05:

ND to draft a message to the I* Leaders base on the input received in Geneva and circulate to the NRO EC mailing list for review and approval.

Status: Action Item to be Closed.

New Action Item 130521-06:

PH. PACG to analyses Argos Pacific report and make a recommendation on the EC on the way forward

Status: Action Item to be Closed.

Action Item 130521-07:

Executive Secretary to add Cathy Handley and Andres Piazza to EC mailing list.

Status: Action Item to be Closed. Completed

Action Item 130521-08:

RE to send a brief on KPI between RIR for service evaluation on the EC mailing list for further discussion among members and come up with a plan to implement it.

Status: Action Item to be kept Opened. In progress.

Action Item 120521-09:

The Executive Secretary to follow up ASN Allocation Policy Interpretation and update on how the discussion is happening at the ASO AC level.

Status: Action Item to be Closed.

4.0 IETF Issues

a. Identification of issues with IETF

b. Meeting in Berlin

c. October Retreat

RE briefed that a meeting with the IETF is scheduled in Berlin and Axel Pawlik (AP) will also be present. RE explained that the purpose of the meeting is to re-launch the liaison and relationship with IETF and to keep the channel of communication. He invited to receive proposals on the issues that may be taken up during the meeting and proposed that it will be useful to have a map of all the issues that would be discussed at the IETF meeting and which are related to the NRO

JC outlined the status of the RFC 2050. It has been reviewed by the IANA, the IANA agreed to its contents and had no comments, and it is on the final stage of the publication around next week.

JC confirmed that he will be in Berlin and will join the meeting on Friday morning.

Paul Rendek (PR) supported the meeting and briefed how RIPE NCC is working with some IAB members on internet governance issues in the region.

JC agreed that we can share our activities with other stakeholders like the IETF, ISOC or with ICANN to advance the awareness of the ecosystem.

Adiel Akplogan (AA) informed that he has to leave the meeting at 11 55 UTC to chair another meeting presently ongoing at the AFRINIC18 in Lusaka and RE proposed to discuss the attendance of LACNIC and AFRINIC to the CCG face-to-face meeting in Amsterdam prior to his departure.

RE informed that due to some activities of LACNIC in Latin America, it will be difficult for LACNIC to send a representative and participate remotely. AFRINIC also will not be sending someone into the meeting; and queried if 2 RIRs are not participating whether we can hold the meeting. RE said that he supported the meeting but just want to have the views of the other EC members.

BM explained that the dates were set since February with respect to the IGF meeting which is starting in October and the need to have all the required materials printed and shipped 6 weeks prior the IGF.

The EC approved that the CCG face to face meeting to proceed as planned because of the tight timeframe towards the IGF but to make sure that the comments of the other 2 RIRs have been taken into account.

Adiel Akplogan (AA) left the meeting at 12 03 UTC

For point c of the Agenda Item 4.0, RE pointed that c. October Retreat is a typing error and related to the NRO EC Retreat than the IETF. However, it can be removed and discussed off the meeting.

5.0 IGF Update

PW informed that with regards to the IGF update, the EC has to consider two issues, namely the RIRs proposed workshops for the IGF and the NRO presence at the IGF.

GV made a report on the two proposals for workshop made to the IGF.

PW highlighted that there is an agreement in principles and funding for speakers can be provided but GV to gather the requirements for funding the panelists and send a report to the NRO EC mailing list to note this funding request.

GV advised that he will also send to the NRO EC mailing list the actual description of the workshops and the panel list and moderators for information.

With regards to the NRO Presence at the IGF, PW stated that it is the CCG responsibility and the PACG to initiate the work on how we are going to be present at the IGF. He also pointed out that the IGF will be in the APNIC region this year and APNIC has a coordinating role.

RE added that the MAG discussion list is now a public list, and we should disseminate that information to our community for more people to follow the discussion.

6.0 ICANN Matters

PW briefed on the exchange of letters with ICANN and has received a final version of the proposed response from ICANN last week. The EC has to look at the response and let ICANN know that we are agreeable to the letter and for publication, if there is no objection from the EC.

JC stated that he has seen the letter and agree to its contents. ICANN statement recognises the RIRs relationship and regional engagement and it is a good start.

The EC also discussed on the ICANN meeting in Durban and the attendance of the RIRs CEOs. A draft Calendar of Events was circulated by GV on the mailing list. There is an opportunity for the NRO EC to meet with the ICANN Staff and Board.

JC and RE informed that they will not travel to Durban whereas AP and RE will be there and assuming that AA will be present as well. JC informed that with respect to representatives of ARIN, Paul Andersen will be in Durban and can attend any meetings to represent the ARIN.

GV requested that if a list of RIRs staff traveling to Durban can be shared with him in order to coordinate and disseminate information that will be developed during the meeting.

7.0 Best Practices for WSIS Follow up document. [D4]

8.0 Organization of Internet technical community.

Agenda Item No 7.0 & 8.0 to be merged together as related to the same issue.

RE apprised the EC that he raised the above in order to have a common position of the NRO. This is presently being discussed at the Internet Collaboration level and his views is that the internet Technical Community should be better organised and have more defined way of working with regards to IGF and other stakeholders.

RE proposed that further discussion on this issue to be held in the next NRO EC Retreat meeting in Montevideo and he will work on a draft for review.

9. CG Reports

a. CCG
i. Approval of CCG meeting

No further addition except the approval of the CCG meeting as discussed above.

b. ECG

BE briefed that the ECG is working on the joint stats publication, and is preparing for the IETF meeting next month. The Agenda is not ready yet but will be circulated.

c. IPv6

Nate Davis explained that a note supporting the ISOC on the IPv6 World day has been circulated on the NRO EC mailing list and the EC to comment accordingly. The collection of information on the deployment, efforts and challenges faced by each RIRs on the V6 in the different regions is ongoing and once finalised will be circulated to the EC. The work plan on the objectives and conclusion reached on the ipv6 mailng list is also being considered.


PH briefed that there are some pending issues under discussion on the PACG, and will finalise the IGF workshop proposal report and response on the ITU Council Working Group before August.
There is also discussion on the Argos Pacific Report and will consider to work on the formalization of the Internet Collaboration Group as per discussion above.

e. RSM

GV said that Leslie Nobile has no further development on the work of RSM Group since the last teleconference. He indicated the RSM and ECG are evaluating a joint meeting and is working with them to develop an agenda, time and venue.

9.0 Adjournment

The Chair moved to adjourn the meeting at 13 10 UTC.

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