Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 130521


May 21, 2013
Teleconference 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council Attendees:

Chairman: Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC – Joined in @ 11:13 UTC
Secretary: Adiel Akplogan (AA) AFRINIC  – Acting Chair
Treasurer: Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC
Member: Raul Echeberria (RE) LACNIC


John Curran (JC) ARIN


Anne-Rachel Inne (AR) AFRINIC
Sanjaya Sanjaya (SS) APNIC
Byron Ellacott (BE) APNIC
Bhadrika Magan (MG) APNIC
Paul Andersen (PA) ARIN
Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Leslie Nobile (LN) ARIN
Andrew de la Haye (AH) RIPE NCC


Guylaine Mootoo (GM) AFRINIC Recording Secretary
German Valdez (GV) NRO

1.0 Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Review

Adiel Akplogan (AA) opened the meeting at 11 06 UTC as Acting Chair in the absence of Paul Wilson (PW) who previously informed by email that he will be late to connect online and to proceed with the meeting with AA as Acting Chair. AA welcomed the Executive Council and the Observers present online and invited comments / addendum to the Agenda.

Raul Echeberria (RE) proposed to add ‘KPI between RIRs for service level’ under the AOB for discussion.

2.0 Approval of last Minutes dated 21 March 2013

The minutes of the last NRO EC March 2013 Teleconference held on the 21 March 2013 was approved as proposed by the Secretariat.

New Action Item 130521-01 The Executive Secretary to publish NRO EC March 2013 Minutes.

3.0 Approval of last Minutes dated 16 April 2013

The minutes of the last NRO EC April 2013 Teleconference held on the 16 April 2013 was approved as proposed by the Secretariat.

New Action Item 130521-02 The Executive Secretary to publish NRO EC April 2013 Minutes.

4.0 Review Action Items

A review of the Action Items pending to date were carried out and discussed as follows:


Action Item 130321-01:

The Chair, PW, to send a note to the ITU stating that pursuant to the last meeting in London, the NRO EC is still waiting for the draft proposal on the cooperative agreement.

Status: Item to be kept open pending the PACG recommendations.  The Executive Secretary to send a reminder to the PACG.

PW joined in at 11 13 UTC and due to technical communication issues requested AA to continue chairing the meeting.

Action Item 130321-04:

The PACG and the CCG to work together on the redraft of the enhanced cooperation


Status: Item to be kept Open and to be finalised for the next IGF in Bali. The Executive Secretary to follow up with the CCG and PACG accordingly for update.

Action Item 130321-05:

The RSM and ECG to work together on a single plan for the collection of the Extended Statistics files and its repository in one location under the NRO infrastructure.

Status: BE reported that the NRO ECG is coordinating with NRO website operator, the NRO secretariat, RSM and the CCG, Still todo: chase up with Geoff Huston to keep the coordination with RIPE going.

Status: Item to be kept Open.  Byron Ellacott is coordinating with the ECG  and expected to be published shortly on the website.

Action Item 130321-06:

Nate Davis to draft a communication to the I* Group on the constitution of the IPv6

Coordination Group and how to work together with clear expectations.

Status: Action Item to be closed.

Action Item 130224-14:

RE to correspond with the IETF Chair and arrange for a meeting prior to or during IETF87 in Berlin.

Status: Item to be kept Open.

Action Item 130224-13:

The CFOs to handle the quality of the NRO operations and to consider RIR best practices document, especially with regards to quality of service and business continuity.

Status: Action Item to be kept Open and PW to communicate to the CFOs Accordingly

Status: Item to be kept Open.  The Executive Secretary to liaise with the CFOs accordingly.

Action Item 130224-08:

RE to work and propose an updated NRO time line to complete RPKI deployment and define future evolution of the project including single Trust Anchor.

Decision: Action Item to be kept Open. Arturo Servin to work further on.

Action Item 130224-03:

The ECG to produce/provide/compile relevant  materials with respect to the IPv6 Task Force, to be presented at the next ITU/WTPF in May 2013, in collaboration with other I* organisations.

Status: Action Item to be closed. Overtaken by events

Action Item 130224-01:

PW to draft general comments and observations of the NRO to the I* Leaders group about the I* Leaders meeting for future considerations.

Status: Action Item to be kept Open. To be discussed further on the mailing list.


Action Item 130416-01:

The Executive Secretary to prepare a draft report on the status of the ITEMS report recommendations pursuant to the meeting of the ASO AC held in Beijing and related interpretations.

Status: Action Item to be kept Open. It is in progress for consensus  and the Executive Secretary will report to the NRO EC before the next June Teleconference.

Action Item 130416-02:

PW to send a reminder to Elise Gerich and the CEO ICANN stating that the NRO is presently awaiting a reply to our response by email on the RFC2050.

Status: Action Item to be kept closed.

Action Item 130416-03:

PW to edit a first draft of exchange letters to be published jointly by ICANN and the NRO in lieu of the joint press release, and to circulate on the mailing list for approval before sending to ICANN.

Status: Action Item to be kept Closed

Action Item 130416-04:

AA to formally reply to Paul Twomey on his report, to acknowledge receipt and thank him for his cooperation and the meeting held in Beijing

Status: Action Item to be kept closed.  The letter sent to Paul Twomey accordingly.

Action Item 130416-05:

PH to share the report of Paul Twomey dated 26 Feb 2013 to the PACG for review and to provide their recommendations on the activities carried out.

Status: Action Item is closed.  Report  forwarded accordingly.

New Action Item 130416-06:

ND to review the charter in line with the composition of the IPv6 Coordination Group in order to reflect its multidisciplinary aspect and to circulate on the NRO EC mailing list for approval.

Status: Action Item to be closed.


a. Status of Architecture Document

b. Status of with IANA on testbed

c. Establishment of NRO position and public update to IANA

PW briefed on the discussion held on the mailing list and questions which arise at the last RIPE NCC meeting on the global trust anchor work.  He highlighted that the RIRs announcement made 2 years ago is still valid but there is no consensus yet from all the RIRs and consequently none at the NRO level to move forward with the implementation as a priority.

New Action Item 130521-03 PW. The EC to review the RPKI architecture document, agree on a timeline and respond to IANA.

Axel Pawlik (AP) informed that Andrew de la Haye  (AH) volunteered to coordinate the RPKI and he has requested him to make the communication around the RPKI more active. AH will follow through and work with the ECG on an overview of the status of the RPKI implementation, and circulate within the group and prepare a meeting at the IETF in Berlin.

RE queried on the status of RPKI within the other RIRs.

AA briefed that AFRINIC region, there is no resistance to move within the RPKI architecture and same can be done within the previous communication sent to ICANN. However, he pointed out that the whole coordination aspects of the RPKI at NRO Level is to be reviewed and all the parties involved have to be informed what is being done and have regular update in order to minimize issues.

AP supported AA and was of the view that the technical implementation of the RPKIs around the RIRs are progressing. He reiterated that AH will work together with the different coordination group, take the lead and make sure using all resources to make the process runs smoothly.

PW confirmed that APNIC is moving forward with the RPKI and collaborating with IANA and the RIRs to implement the global trust anchor as an option for the community to use. PW suggested that a better way to start the implementation through a testing phase over a period of time and keep records of membership.

Nate Davies (ND) representing ARIN agreed with PW to abide by the primary statement made to ICANN but to leave other options opened.

RE was also of the view that the global trust anchor should not be unique and there could be the options of having other trust anchors in the future.

New Action Item 130521-04: Andrew de la Haye, RIPE NCC will provide a clear analysis report on the implementation of the RPKI with clear actions items for the next teleconference.

Arturo Servin will work with Andrew on certain issues.

The EC also discussed the proposal of PW to have global policies on the global trust anchor and on the role the IANA as the global trust anchor.  The communities can consider and discuss the global policies.

AA agreed with PW that global policies is the right approach to have and there is the need to clarify the issue with ICANN.  The NRO should receive a message from ICANN certifying that they are assigning the global trust anchor to IANA and the NRO should also communicate to ICANN that we are working on the policies that will allow IANA to provide that services.

6. Exchange Letter with ICANN

The Exchange of Letter with ICANN has already been initiated by PW, and presently awaiting a reply from ICANN to agree and send a draft, before the EC approves for publication.

7. CG Reports

a. CCG

Bhadrika Magan made a report on the CGG Work plan and status to date; and namely on the next CCG  face-to-face meeting scheduled from the 23 – 24 July 2013  at the RIPE NCC offices in Amsterdam in preparation to the IGF Meeting whereby the following issues will be considered:

(i)          the NRO’s contribution and value addition at the global level A cost-benefit analysis before further investment in the production of visual and communication material

(ii)        A refocus on resource maximisation of new logo development

(iii)       In the revision of the CCB, detail the contributions of the NRO in the IGF and the place of the NRO in both the IGF and international scene

b. ECG

Byron Ellacott sought the approval of the EC to have an Engineering Summit to be held in IETF Berlin to test the RPKI implementation and also approval for a joint RSM and ECG to be held in the year for better coordination and sharing of work plan.

The EC approved accordingly.

c. IPv6

ND briefed on the progress made so far on the constitution of the IPV6CG.  A first conference call was made on the 10 May 2013 and the primary task is to do an inventory among all the RIRs on the IPV6 efforts done so far, then to draft the work plan accordingly and avoid duplication.

ND proposed to send a message to the I* Leaders so that they are aware of the changes we made on the agreement made in Singapore, to clearly impress that the NRO are fulfilling their obligation to the I* .

New Action Item 130521-05 ND to draft a message to the I* Leaders base on the input received in Geneva and circulate to the NRO EC mailing list for review and approval.


Anne Rachel Inne made an update on the work plan of the PACG on the following points;

(i)         Argos.  The PACG will discuss the recommendations to be made in the next teleconference call

(ii)        the writing in response of the ITU Audit Call and then cooperate with the CGG on the enhanced cooperation for the IGF.

(iii)       to  include Cathy and Andres to the NRO Mailing list

(iv)       follow up of the NRO EC conversational extra fund for IGF fellowship,

AA stated that the PACG has to consider his previous report and his suggestion to continue to work for us and extend the contract. The PACG to analyze his report and make a recommendation to the EC on the way forward.

New Action Item 130521-06 PH. PACG to analyses Argos report and make a recommendation on the EC on the way forward

The EC approved to add Cathy Handley and Andres Piazza to be added to the NRO EC  mailing list.

New Action Item 130521-07 Executive Secretary to add Cathy Handley and Andres Piazza to EC mailing list.

e. RSM

Leslie Nobile made a brief on the RSM work plan and meeting held in Dublin.  She will send revised notes of meeting to the mailing list.  The RSM charter and budget was discussed and a report will also be circulated to the mailing list.

The global registry and stats file were also considered in Dublin and the RSM is presently drafting an NRO procedures document for the global registry to identify who does what for the production and accuracy of the global registry and miminise discrepancies.  NB also noted that the inter RIRs transfers will increase in the future and there is the need to develop a tool for this inter RIRs transfers should be an automated tool to minimise error, including for the coordination of the reverse DNS .

German intervened that the RSM and the ECG are working together to find a common place to have a joint meeting during the year to work together.

8. AOB

8.1       KPI  between RIRs for service evaluation

RE proposed to the EC to discuss and agree on a series of KPIs among the RIRs and to define the level of service and benchmark indicators from the financial or customer satisfaction aspects among others.  The main objectives is to find indicators and to agree on the level of achievements that should be in the RIRs work and to show to the community that the RIRs are transparent and that doing a good work in this field.  RE proposed that someone can be appointed to work on the KPIs and submit a report for discussion in the next face to face meeting.

New Action Item 130521-08 RE to send a brief on KPI between RIR for service evaluation on the EC mailing list for further discussion among members and come up with a plan to implement it.

8.2       ASN allocation for IANA to Lacnic

RE briefed on the present discussion on the ASN allocation from IANA to LACNIC in regards to the distribution between 32 or 16 bits ASN.

New Action Item 120521-09 The Executive Secretary to follow up ASN Allocation Policy Interpretation and update on how the discussion is happening at the ASO AC level.

9.0 Adjournment

The Chair moved to adjourn the meeting at 12 52 UTC.

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