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RIR Comparative Policy Overview 2010-01

RIR Comparative Policy Overview (version 2010-01) (version 2010-01) The goal of this document is to provide a comparative overview of policies across the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system. It is not a policy statement by the RIRs, but serves as … Continue reading

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Kuo-Wei Wu Elected to Seat 10 on the ICANN Board

Kuo-Wei Wu Elected to Seat 10 on the ICANN Board The Address Supporting Organization is pleased to announce that Mr. Kuo-Wei Wu has been elected by the Address Council to fill Seat Number 10 on the ICANN Board. The ASO … Continue reading

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Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 100304

Minutes Teleconference 4 March 2010, 1100 UTC Executive Council Attendees: RIPE NCC: Axel Pawlik (AP, Chairman) LACNIC: Raul Echeberria (RE, Secretary) ARIN: John Curran (JC, Treasurer) AFRINIC: Adiel Akplogan (AA, Member) APNIC: Paul Wilson (PW, Member) (from 1140 UTC) Observers: … Continue reading

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