Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 100304


Teleconference 4 March 2010, 1100 UTC

Executive Council Attendees:

  • RIPE NCC: Axel Pawlik (AP, Chairman)
  • LACNIC: Raul Echeberria (RE, Secretary)
  • ARIN: John Curran (JC, Treasurer)
  • AFRINIC: Adiel Akplogan (AA, Member)
  • APNIC: Paul Wilson (PW, Member) (from 1140 UTC)


  • RIPE NCC: Paul Rendek (PR)
  • ARIN: Nate Davis (ND)
  • APNIC: German Valdez (GV)


  • 1. Welcome Apologies, Agenda Bashing
  • 2. Previous Minutes
  • 3. Review Action Items
  • 4. Brisbane Retreat review
    • 4.1. Thanks
    • 4.2. Planning next retreat
  • 5. Update from the CCG / PCG
  • 5.1 London LEA event
  • 6. Update from the ECG
  • 7. NRO Incorporation
  • 8. IETF / IAB
  • 10. ITU
    • 10.1. C29 Workshop
  • 11. AOB
  • 12. Adjournment

1. Welcome and Agenda review

The chairman welcomed everybody and called the meeting to order at 1105.
RE proposed to change point 9 from “ICANN” to “ICANN/IANA”.

2. Adoption of last meeting’s minutes.

The minutes of the EC meeting of 19th January were approved.

3. Review Action Items without associated agenda item

Action 200907-05: AA will look at Terms of Reference as well as a process model for the ASO review, and propose them to the NRO EC.


AP suggested that AA continues with the Terms of References based on the assumption that there will be an open call, meanwhile all will think about someone able to do a review. RE proposed a group of individuals, not necessary an organization.

Action item: 200908-001: JC to draft statement to ECG to reflect “unidentified sTA plus 6th (IANA-)TA” model.

JC drafting response to ECG message, to be sent to AA for distribution to ECG.

JC couldn’t do it because he didn’t participate in the call with the IAB in January and there are no minutes of it. RE will give a report of the call in the next point of the agenda.

JC to send a draft message and send it to AP to send it to the ECG.



Action Item 200908-03: All to propose one optional board observer to NRO

EC meetings and to communicate back to NRO EC.

LACNIC, AFRINIC and APNIC have confirmed observers and the others RIRs can submit their observers to the Secretariat later.


Action item: 200906-04: NRO to start the preparation of the incorporation process with

immediate effect.

AP propose to change the constitution of the Control Body. They would be the treasures of each RIRs together. RE to send to the list the updated version.

JC mentioned that the ARIN Board doesn’t want to proceed on incorporation without a clear statement of what are the benefits. RE proposed that somebody in the EC draft something about the benefits. RE said that LACNIC is in an almost similar position as ARIN but is ready to support incorporation if all RIRs are.


Action item: 200906-06: All to report to their respective board on the EC position with regards to the incorporation of the NRO

The previous status of this action item was that all have done it except PW.

It was proposed to close this item.


Action item: 200906-17: CCG to work on an awareness campaign for ASN 2 byte exhaustion.


PR said it is under discussion to draft.

Action item 200906-09: Chair to arrange a meeting with Dr Touré to discuss NRO position to enhance collaboration with the ITU and address ITU position on having a global IPv6 Registry


Action Item 200910-02: JC to coalesce NRO EC opinion on RPKI roadmap as prepared by ECG.


JC proposed to combine Action Item 200910-02 with Action Item 200908-001 into one action item:

JC to draft statement for the EC giving the ECG direction on RPKI work.

Action item 201001-01: AR to resend the SLA regarding ICANN-RIR DNSSEC that ECG has signed off.


Action item 201001-02: All to give AR a joint answer by the end of the week.


Action item 201001-03: JC to send information about ARIN activities regarding ITU IPv6 plans, to the EC and the PCG lists.


NEW from retreat

Action Item 2010-R01: AP – RPKI implementation: Prepare Statement of Work, Budget, Timeline for the next 24 months.


Action Item 2010-R02: JC – Will bring a draft NRO budget to the NRO EC meeting


Action Item 2010-R03: AP – Prepare and discuss plan for joint, dedicated Comms FTE with EC and EG’s


Action Item 2010-R04: AP & PR – Obtain information on the NRO “employing” an FTE


Action Item 2010-R05: AP – Review the specs for joint statistics


Action Item 2010-R06: AP – Make sure joint statistics only show publicly visible blocks


Action Item 2010-R07: AP – Prepare for a statement being published just prior to IPv4 depletion, regarding IPv4 addresses not being property


Action Item 2010-R07: Each RIR to report on their formal statements regarding addresses being property/non property.

Action Item 2010-R08: JC – Written material and written powerpoint slide deck on c29 briefing to be given to NRO


Action Item 2010-R09: NRO – Talk to the community & ICANN about the issues and possibilities of new RIRs.


Action Item 2010-R09: RE proposed to reformulate this and say that the NRO is aware of some proposals in this direction and that the NRO is not against. There is a process in place and those that propose this kind of initiatives have to follow that process. All agreed.

Action Item 2010-R10: ARIN – Produce the first draft letter of support to ICANN and distribute to the NRO for feedback and approval

Action item changed and now is LACNIC the responsible.


Action Item 2010-R11: NRO – Review the PCG & CCG, explore the possibility of both groups merging together

Action item changed and now is PR the responsible to come up with some recommendation of keeping separated or merging together.


Action Item 2010-R12: JC to implement 2010 IGF contribution, the NRO contribution will be U$D 30.000 in 2010.



Proposal 001-2010: If a RIR cannot commit to a project, let the EC know so

alternate arrangements for the project can be made

(A new action item was created: 201003-04)

Proposal 002-2010: Make distinctions between the resources and the financial

implications when proposing projects

JC will include this aspects in the procedures for approving NRO expenses.



Action item 201003-01: JC to work in budgeting process to being used in the NRO in the future.

Action item 201003-02: AP to task the Registration Services Manager to work together in the implementation of the new statistics model.

Action item 201003-03: RE to read and analize the ICP2 and report to the EC.

Action item 201003-04: Each CEO to inform their organizations that commitments to an NRO coordination group that will not be met should be brought to the attention of the CEO.

4. Brisbane Retreat review

4.1. Thanks

AP thanked PW for the organization.

4.2. Planning next retreat

Action item 201003-05: RE to organize a poll to select the preferred options after check the meetings for July, August and September.

5. Update from the CCG / PCG

PR informed that they managed to get the submission for ITU, they wrote the document and it was accepted. The submission was successful. RIPE NCC is sending the document to all the ITU member states in the RIPE NCC service region (by e-mail and by fax). They are waiting for information about the other RIRs.

PW informed that APNIC has sent a request for an extension of the deadline.

PR gave an extensive update.

5.1. London LEA event

PR informed that there is draft agenda and it has been e-mailed to CCG, PCG and EC. The logistics have been mailed to everyone.

PR commented about the continuing cooperation document. The CCG updated this and asked PR to ask the EC if they would like them to update and print the document. They can give the proposal to the treasure because there are costs associated.

All agreed.

6. Update from the ECG

There was no update (AR sent his apologies, is on vacations this week).

PW mentioned a message received from IANA about signing of in-addr and

Action item 201003-06: JC will talk with David Conrad in order to ask him that this request should do to AP as the NRO Chair, from an executive in the IANA.

7. NRO Incorporation

There were no comments beyond the discussion held about the Actions Items.


It was discussed that the RIRs need to have more formal, fluent relationship with IAB. RE said that the EC have analyzed in the past a couple of possibilities but he thinks that it is necessary to discuss what to do.

RE suggested having more presence in IETF meetings, for example attending at least one IETF meeting per year, organize a cocktail or reception in some IETF meeting, etc.


There were no comments beyond the discussion held about the Actions Items.

10. ITU

It was discussed in general the strategy for the workshop.

11. AOB

There were no items discussed in the AOB.

12. Adjournment

The Chair moved to adjourn the meeting at 1253 UTC. There were no objections and meeting was adjourned.

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