RIR Comparative Policy Overview 2009-03

RIR Comparative Policy Overview (version 2009-03) The goal of this document is to provide a comparative overview of policies across the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system. It is not a policy statement by the RIRs, but serves as a reference for the Internet community. While this document was accurate on the date of publication (27/10/2009), it may be outdated by… Read More

Louie Lee Elected to ARIN Seat on NRO NC

ARIN is pleased to announce that Louie Lee has been re-elected to the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council (NC) from the ARIN region. He will begin serving another three-year term on 1 January 2010. The ARIN Board of Trustees wishes to thank Babak Pasdar for his participation as a candidate in the NRO NC election and looks forward to… Read More

NRO Position Regarding The Report of the ITU-TSB Director to the ITU Council

Director of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB), Malcolm Johnson, has presented a report to the ITU Council for its October 2009 meeting. The report analyzes the possibility of the ITU taking on a role as an IPv6 address registry for Member States and concludes by suggesting that the ITU take action toward this goal. This proposal is based on resolution… Read More

Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 091020

Meeting of the NRO Executive Council / Teleconference 091020 – 1100 UTC Participants: AFRINIC: Adiel Akplogan (AA) APNIC: Paul Wilson (PW) ARIN: John Curran (JC) Nate Davies (ND) LACNIC: Raúl Echeberria (RE) RIPE NCC: Axel Pawlik (AP) Paul Rendek (chairman PCG/CCG) (PR) Andrei Robachevski (chairman ECG) (AR) 1. Welcome AP opened the meeting at 1105 and welcomed all participants. 2…. Read More

Dave Wilson Elected to RIPE Seat on NRO NC

The RIPE NCC is pleased to announce that Dave Wilson has been selected by the RIPE community to take the vacant seat on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council (NC). He will serve a three-year term that runs from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2013. Selection took place during the Plenary session on Friday, 9 October 2009, at… Read More