Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 091020

Meeting of the NRO Executive Council / Teleconference

091020 – 1100 UTC


Adiel Akplogan (AA)

Paul Wilson (PW)

John Curran (JC)
Nate Davies (ND)

Raúl Echeberria (RE)

Axel Pawlik (AP)
Paul Rendek (chairman PCG/CCG) (PR)
Andrei Robachevski (chairman ECG) (AR)

1. Welcome

AP opened the meeting at 1105 and welcomed all participants.

2. Agenda

3. Last Minutes

Minutes of the least NRO EC teleconference were not yet available due to work load, AP apologised.

4. Action Item Review

The action items were reviewed and marked as appropriate.

5. Report from the CCG

AA: Not able to be in Seoul. Some activities will request our participation: GAC on Tuesday, Meeting with Rod on Tuesday, Dinner with SO chairs on Wednesday? AP requested list of meetings, will participate in place of AA.
PR: One issue for AA / RE regarding IPv6 workshop IGF. Planning workshop details, want NRO EC participation.
AA: Not going to be attending.
PR: Will coordinate with RE then.

Report from the CCG:

PR: about to send the remaining 10% press release, to be sent when the time comes. Would like to spend some money to push the release, per e-mail. RE will review within 24 hours.
NRO position paper: Incorporated various comments. RE, AP, JC agree with paper as sent from AP. Press release to be derived from that, when all EC have agreed.

PCG involvement was with position paper, press release will be produced by CCG and sent to PCG for signoff. RE: this needs quick turnaround. Need to send something today (GRULAC meeting this afternoon). AP: send this as “final draft”. AA: I’m okay with that.

AA left the teleconference at 1140.

PR: IPv6 paper (by Nick & PW) was agreed by all. PW has contacted Nick Thorne, ensuring that all are working with the same final version.

IGF workshop organization: plan will be proposed to PCG. The moderator, Patrik Faltstrom, is closely involved. All NRO EC present will have opportunity to speak.

AP: Thanks to CCG / PCG for quick turnaround, good work.

6. Report from the ECG

AR: RPKI roadmap sent to NRO EC to stimulate feedback, open question:
General EC impression: is this what you expected?
Regarding the agreed timeline for all-RIR deployment of 1/1/2011: thinking of minimum requirements to declare “production deployment” of global system. Some challenges will likely remain at this time preventing “stage 3” as per document. Safer to remain in “phase 2”.

JC: read doc last night, good document, thanks. Please other EC members read and reply to two main questions raised. I need other execs to voice opinions before able to continue with position paper I committed to. A dedicated teleconference might be needed.

Action Item 200910-01 All top read RPKI roadmap as prepared by ECG, to answer two main questions.

Action Item 200910-02 JC to coalesce NRO EC opinion on RPKI roadmap as prepared by ECG.

AR: Regarding the ICANN .arpa secondarying proposal, we will make a coordinated RIR response, not through NRO though. ICANN “golden network” is problematic, don’t want assignment to RIRs from IANA, also diversity might be a better setup. No SLRs wanted, rather best effort “community service”. Timeline is Feb 2010, looking at provisioning requirements.

JC, AP: agree with assessment regarding IANA assignment.

RE: why coordinated RIR response, instead of NRO? AR: ICANN approached individual RIRs, we want to establish a common position among RIRs. RE: I understand, not sure that this is the best option. Not a big concern. No reason for not having an NRO position, even if action taken at RIR level. A joint reply might be a better signal to IANA.

AR: That can be decided, in the meantime the technical work will continue.

RE: Have been told that IAB is re-starting RPKI discussion, many IAB members want to take a formal position. Haven’t worked very well with IAB, we need to be clearer what our position is. John’s paper will likely help us with this. JC: Important. People want to ensure RIRs respond in uniform matter.

7. AOB

PR: Has everybody seen the “continued cooperation” document? Will bring them to IGF. RE: Can Jochem bring some to LACNIC?

The Meeting was adjourned at 1205.

NRO EC Action List as per 20 October 2009


Action item: 200908-002 PW to draft invitation and agenda / scope to IANA. (Role of IANA in RPKI / legacy /8s)
OVERTAKEN, See 200909-01

Action Item: 200909-01 AA to send mail to Rod and Barbara, “have identified important issues for discussion, tech and political aspects, would like to arrange for face to face meeting.” Agenda to include
– Responsibility of legacy /8s held by IANA, while smaller blocks delegated to RIRs.
– IANA role in RPKI
AA: Meeting is agreed, not sent final agenda to Rod B yet, needs consolidation, will circulate.

Action Item: 200909-02 PW to start bullet list to EC list for CNBC interview, to be fleshed out and developed by CCG.


Action 200907-05: AA will look at Terms of Reference as well as a process model for the ASO review, and propose them to the NRO EC.

Action item: 200908-001 JC to draft statement to ECG to reflect “unidentified sTA plus 6th (IANA-)TA” model.
JC drafting response to ECG message, to be sent to AA for distribution to ECG.

Action Item: 200908-03 All to propose one optional board observer to NRO
EC meetings and to communicate back to NRO EC.
AA under consideration
AP under consideration
RE endorsed, no appointment yet
All co communicate appointments for inclusion in list.

Action item: 200906-04:
NRO to start the preparation of the incorporation process with
immediate effect.

Action item: 200906-06:
All to report to their respective board on the EC position with regards to the incorporation of the NRO

Action item: 200906-02
CCG to prepare an overall strategy to improve NRO communications (OPEN) and on a possible distribution of Communication & Administrative tasks (DONE, to be distributed).
Communications plan to be agreed this Saturday’s CCG mtg.
Task rotation: partially done based on Mauritius retreat. Further comments received, document ready to be sent to NRO EC.

Status: Draft completed. Discussions had on draft. Next update with distribution date.
Action item: 200907-01: PR to send list of issues and timelines for preemptive writing of position statements.

(IANA, ITU, ASN exhaustion)
Action item: 200906-17:
CCG to work on an awareness campaign for ASN 2 byte exhaustion

Action item: 200908-07 CCG to prepare activity plan 2010.

Action item: 200906-09:
Chair to arrange a meeting with Dr Touré to discuss NRO position to
enhance collaboration with the ITU and address ITU position on having a global IPv6 Registry
SHELVED until after meeting with Malcolm Johnson
AA has obtained contact information and will circulate.


Action Item 200910-01 All top read RPKI roadmap as prepared by ECG, to answer two main questions.

Action Item 200910-02 JC to coalesce NRO EC opinion on RPKI roadmap as prepared by ECG

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