Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 080115

DRAFT Minutes Teleconference , 11:00 UTC Executive Council Attendees: Paul Wilson (PW, Chair) Adiel Akplogan (AA: Secretary ) Ray Plzak (RP) Axel Pawlik (AP) Raul Echeberria (RE) Other Attendees: Kiran Cunniah, Recording Secretary AGENDA 1. Welcome and Agenda review: Chair to lead 2. Adoption last meeting’s minutes: Paul to lead 3. Review of Open Action item 4. Roles and function… Read More

NRO and ICANN Reaffirm Commitment to Relationship

In December 2007, the Number Resource Organization (NRO) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) exchanged letters reaffirming their commitment to formalizing the legal relationship between the two organizations. The NRO letter, jointly-signed by the executives of the five Regional Internet Registries, stated the NRO’s commitment to supporting ICANN, sought ICANN’s acknowledgement of certain aspects of the… Read More