Update on Global Deployment of Resource Certification

Public statements made about Internet resource certification by the Number Resource Organization (NRO) over the past 12 months set a date of 1 January 2011 for deployment by the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).

While it is still expected that each of the RIRs will deploy a certification system during 2011, various complexities in different regions have meant that several RIRs have had to delay public deployment, while others plan to begin a phased deployment schedule from 1 January.

Resource certification is an important project that will help to ensure greater accuracy in Internet resource registration and have significant implications for routing security. It is therefore vital that such a system be developed in harmony with the legal and technical situation of the respective region.

Further updates on the global deployment of Internet resource certification will be posted on the NRO website, and details of the deployment plans of each RIR are available on the RIR websites.

Last modified on 02/12/2010