Transfer of Authority to AFRINIC and Joinder to NRO MoU

The NRO is pleased to note AFRINIC’s continued progress since it received ICANN recognition as the fifth Regional Internet Registry (RIR) on on April 8, 2005.

At the AFRINIC-2 meeting (held in Maputo, Mozambique, 26-27 April) APNIC, ARIN, and the RIPE NCC signed letters transferring to AFRINIC formal authority for the parts of the region they had previously served, including all registration and accounting documentation and DNS administration. This now completes the transfer of all custodial and registry processes for the entire AFRINIC service region.

Also at this meeting, AFRINIC became an official member of the NRO by signing a joinder to the NRO Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). AFRINIC is a welcomed and celebrated addition to the NRO, which now includes all five RIRs.

Axel Pawlik
Chair, NRO

Last modified on 01/12/2010