RIR Statistics: RPKI Adoption Reports Now Available

RPKI adoption reports are now available. The reports are updated daily and contain RPKI adoption statistics for each RIR region and for each individual economy. The RPKI RIR Adoption Report contains an overview of each RIR’s RPKI adoption for IPv4 and IPv6. The RPKI Economy Adoption Report contains an overview of each individual economy’s RPKI adoption for IPv4 and IPv6…. Read More

Regional Internet Registries are preparing to deploy “All Resources” RPKI Service

By 30 September 2017, each RIR will have moved from an RPKI Trust Anchor that reflects their current holdings to one that reflects all holdings (0/0), as further detailed in the “All Resources Applicability Statement” dated 21 January 2017: https://www.ietf.org/archive/id/draft-rir-rpki-allres-ta-app-statement-01.txt “This document provides an applicability statement for the use of multiple, over-claiming ‘all resources’ (0/0) RPKI certificate authorities (CA) certificates… Read More