Montevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation

7 October 2013 Montevideo, Uruguay – The leaders of organizations responsible for coordination of the Internet technical infrastructure globally have met in Montevideo, Uruguay, to consider current issues affecting the future of the Internet. The Internet and World Wide Web have brought major benefits in social and economic development worldwide. Both have been built and governed in the public interest… Read More

NRO Acknowledges Awarding of IANA Functions Contract to ICANN

Letter from NRO Chairman regarding IANA functions contract On 10 July 2012 the Number Resource Organization acknowledged the decision by the U.S. Government Department of Commerce to award the IANA functions contract to ICANN. In this letter, from NRO Chair, John Curran, the NRO notes it looks forward to continuing its work with ICANN to facilitate community-driven policy development and… Read More

NRO letter to ICANN: the future of the IANA contract

NRO Letter to ICANN: the future of the IANA contractOn 14 March, the NRO sent a letter to ICANN endorsing a cooperative agreement on IANA functions to replace the contract between ICANN & US Government. The full text is available at: NRO Secretariat

NRO Comments to NTIA on ICANN

NRO Comments to NTIA on ICANN The NRO has submitted comments to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which sought input on the transition of the technical coordination and management of the Internet DNS to the private sector. The NRO endorses the current model for coordinating the Internet domain name and addressing system and believes… Read More

NRO document presented to the WGIG during its 4th open consultation meeting

NRO document presented to the WGIG during its 4th open consultation meeting This statement is made by the Number Resource Organization (NRO), representing the 5 Regional Internet Registries, and pertains to the question of Internet technical coordination, one of the key topics of the recent Internet Governance discussions. The NRO has been supportive of the ICANN model as the most… Read More

NRO Response to ICANN Strategic Plan

NRO Response to ICANN Strategic Plan The Number Resource Organization (NRO), on behalf of the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), welcomes the opportunity to comment on some of the issues raised by the draft strategic plan recently published by ICANN. This comment of the draft strategic plan will focus on four main areas: Important aspects of the draft plan where the… Read More

NRO Comments Concerning ICANN and the World Summit of the Information Society

The Number Resource Organization [NRO] is the coalition of Regional Internet address Registries [RIRs] which operate in the world today. It was formed on 24 October 2003 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the RIRs. The NRO is an organization representing the collective experience of individual RIRs and their communities. While the prime subject… Read More

Open Letter to ICANN from the Regional Internet Registries

Since early 2002 the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) have conducted an extended dialog with ICANN following the original ICANN proposals for Evolution and Reform of ICANN. The first RIR response to the ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee in May 2002 [1] enumerated eleven general principles regarding the RIR position on number administrative arrangements. This RIR response proposed a structure that,… Read More