OECD Ministerial Meeting, Seoul, 2008

The NRO has been working together with the Organisation for Econmoic Co-Operation and Development’s (OECD) Committee for Information, Computer and Communication Policy (ICCP) since 2007.

During 2008, the NRO attended the prestigious OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy, held in Seoul, South Korea, on 17-18 June. Working together with industry partners as the “Internet Technical Community (ITC)”, the NRO played an active role in the Technical Community stakeholder forum, which took place alongside the Business and Civil Society stakeholder forums in the days immediately before the Ministerial Meeting.

The ITC’s efforts culminated in the release of a memo, “Memorandum on the Future of the Internet in a Global Economy”, which urged governments, civil society and the private sector to ensure that human capacities are enhanced or enabled through creativity and confidence and that the convergence of Internet technology is preserved.

The also prepared and released an appeal for investment in IPv6, noting that IPv6 was vital to the Internet economy and urging all stakeholders to help accelerate the widespread deployment of IPv6. The appeal was noted during the Ministerial Meeting and formed part of the OECD’s Seoul Declaration.

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