NRO Statement of Support for AFRINIC

NRO Statement of Support for AFRINIC

The NRO (Number Resource Organization) was formed by the RIRs to formalize their co-operative efforts. One of the most important efforts undertaken by the NRO is to provide support to the emergence of AFRINIC. All of the RIRs have, through the NRO, provided and will continue to provide support to AFRINIC. We are encouraged by the progress that the submission of this application represents.

We encourage the ICANN Board to provide provisional recognition of AFRINIC as soon as possible, but no later than the ICANN meeting scheduled for December 2004 in Cape Town.

We pledge our continued and vigorous support of AFRINIC and look forward to welcoming AFRINIC into the community of Regional Internet Registries.

Nadi, Fiji
1 September 2004

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