NRO EC Meeting Minutes: January 2018

Tuesday, 23 January, 2018.
11:00 AM UTC


Executive Council:
Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC Chair
Alan Barrett (AB) AFRINIC Secretary – Vice Chair
Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC Treasurer
John Curran (JC) ARIN
Oscar Robles (OR) LACNIC
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Sanjaya (SJ) APNIC
Tony Smith (TS) APNIC
Izumi Okutani APNIC EC
Ernesto Majó LACNIC
German Valdez NRO
Susannah Gray NRO (Scribe)


0. Welcome

  1.  Agenda Review
  2. Minutes Review
    1. 27 October 2017 (f2f)
    2. 21 November 2017
    3. 19 December 2017
  3. . ASO Review Update
  4.  ICANN 61 Activities
  5.  CG Input / Consultation
  6. Review Open Actions
  7. Next Meetings
    1. Teleconference Tuesday 20 February 2018
    2. f2f Meeting Friday 16 March 2018 San Juan PR (Right after ICANN 61)
    3. Teleconference Tuesday 17 April 2018
    4. Second NRO EC F2F Meeting of 2018
  8. AOB
    1. Sign off on NRO Website
  9. Adjourn


No Resolutions were passed at this meeting.

New Action Items 

  • NEW ACTION ITEM 180123-1: PW to update the Consideration of the 2017 ASO Review Recommendations and the ASO Review Consultation 2018 and send to the ASO AC for comment.
  • NEW ACTION ITEM 180123-3: NRO EC to review the latest version of the ASO Procedures for Empowered Community Powers document and subsequently approve it in February Teleconference.

0. Welcome

PW welcomed the attendees and declared quorum.

1. Agenda Review

Items 7d. Second NRO EC F2F Meeting of 2018 and 8a. Sign off on NRO Website were added to the agenda.

2. Minutes Review

a) 27 October 2017 (F2F)
b) 21 November 2017
c) 19 December 2017

All three sets of minutes were approved.

3. ASO Review Update

JC explained that the Consideration of the 2017 ASO Review Recommendations document should be published soon and that the NRO EC should decide whether to issue it from the NRO only or jointly with the ASO AC.

There was some discussion on this. The NRO EC concluded that publishing the document jointly with the ASO AC is preferable. Parts of the document would need to be rephrased as it currently reads as if it is an NRO statement. It also needs to be made clearer that the recommendations are being considered, rather than accepted. The document will be edited and sent to the ASO AC for comment.

NEW ACTION ITEM 180123-1: PW to update the Consideration of the 2017 ASO Review Recommendations and the ASO Review Consultation 2018 and send to the ASO AC for comment.

PW noted that both documents should be published as soon as possible as the APNIC meeting takes place in less than a month.

  • Consultation Process (Recommendation 18)

The NRO EC discussed how the consultation process might work and how to process feedback received from the community.

JC noted that a mechanism to process the comments from the community should be defined. He suggested that a group similar to the CRISP Team could be chartered for this purpose. He added, however, that the community should first be given time to consider the questions raised in the ASO Review Consultation 2018 document. A team doesn’t need to be chartered if the feedback received from the community does not change the scope of the ASO/NRO’s work with ICANN.


  • Timelines

The NRO EC discussed tentative timelines for the consultation period.

PW explained that the upcoming APNIC meeting is the second chance for the community to consider the ASO Review; an information session on the review was held at the previous meeting. During that session, the community was asked to consider, although not directed to consider, the APNIC EC’s suggestion of exploring non-status quo options. He continued that the community accepted this. Two conveners, Izumi Okutani and Aftab Siddiqui, were selected.

OR noted that the first formal discussion on this will take place at the upcoming LACNIC Meeting in May. He added that LACNIC would launch information about the consultation several weeks before the meeting to help the community understand what is being addressed.

JC commented that ARIN would hold a session at the ARIN Meeting in April. The plan is to raise the future of structure of the ASO as noted in the ASO Review Consultation 2018 document and gather feedback.

AB noted that AFRINIC would use the ASO Review Consultation 2018 document to gather feedback on the mailing list and that a dedicated session would be held at the next AFRINIC meeting in May.

AP commented that the ASO Review Consultation 2018 document would be presented during the upcoming RIPE meeting in May to launch the process.

PW concluded that discussions during the RIR meeting in each region would take place during the first six months of the year. He added that until input from the community is received, the next steps in the consultation process couldn’t be defined.

4. ICANN 61 Activities

GV explained that the ASO AC would hold its F2F meeting during ICANN 61 and this would consist of a public and a private session. The ASO AC would like to hold a public session, the content of which will need to be coordinated with the NRO EC. He outlined the proposed dates and times of each of these sessions.

PW confirmed that there is the option to hold three public sessions during ICANN 61: the ASO AC Public Session, the Joint ASO/ICANN Board Meeting and the ASO AC F2F Meeting. He wondered whether the proposed three-hour slot for the ASO Public Session was too long.

GV noted that the ASO AC had not yet discussed length of the sessions but that the length could be adjusted as necessary. He added that meeting rooms for private sessions, including the NRO EC F2F meeting, had also been requested.

PW proposed that the NRO EC agrees to the sessions and activities for ICANN 61 as outlined by GV. There were no objections.

5. CG Input / Consultation

PW explained that, as the NRO EC Teleconferences take place late in the evening in the APNIC region, he had relieved the CG Chairs from attending unless their input was specifically needed. He proposed moving the CG Input section closer to the beginning of the agenda to enable staff to leave the call as early as possible. There were no objections.

PW gave a short update from two of the CGs:

  • ECG:
    • The ECG’s 2018 work plan was approved by the NRO EC in 2017 and there have been no substantial developments so far.
    • The ECG will meet in Brisbane 12-14 February.
  • RSCG:
    • The RSCG has submitted its 2018 work plan but the NRO EC has not yet approved this.
    • The RSCG will meet during the upcoming APNIC meeting, where most of the items on the work plan will be discussed.
    • The group is working on a new Statistics presentation, which is not yet complete. The current one will be used during the upcoming APNIC meeting.
    • RPKI statistics are still being discussed with the ECG.

PW proposed that the NRO EC approves the RSCG’s work plan. There were no objections. The RSCG 2018 work plan was subsequently approved.

PW noted that the RSCG work plan assumes that the NRO wiki is available to the group.

SG noted that the RSCG space had already been created and is ready for the group to use.

TS gave an update on the CCG’s activities:

  • CCG:
    • A copy of the CCG 2018 work plan has been submitted to the NRO EC. The core activities are the same as in 2017 and work on the NRO website project will continue.
    • There has been discussion about making improvements to the ASO website but it was decided to put this on a watching brief until the outcomes of the ASO Review consultations are known.
    • The CCG is working with the ECG to coordinate communications on RPKI and the implementation of the ITHI.
    • The CCG will again support the IGF presence in 2018 as it does each year. The location for the 2018 IGF is still to be confirmed so planning for this has also been placed on a watching brief.
    • The CCG discussed holding an F2F meeting during the ICANN 61 meeting but, due to the uncertainty on the IGF’s location and on the ASO Review activities as well as the short turnaround time, it is proposed that the F2F meeting takes place later in the year. The EC will be consulted regarding the planning of this in due course.

PW commented that the NRO EC would have more input from the CGs to consider after the ECG and RSCG F2F meetings and once the CCG had more information on the IGF 2018 and the ASO Review consultations.

6. Review of Open Action Items

Action Item


ACTION ITEM 171219-1: All to review the October and November minutes and approve or send comments.


ACTION ITEM 171219-5: All to review and approve the revised RSM work plan.


ACTION ITEM 171219-6: SG to re-send proposed menu structure and design.


ACTION ITEM 171219-7: PW to draft a note regarding NRO participation in future ISOC/ICANN social events at IGF for discussion at the next teleconference.


ACTION ITEM 171117-2: JC to update the Interim Procedures to reflect the legal team’s input and the request from the ASO AC. The document should be sent to the legal team for final review before being sent to the ASO AC.

JC noted that the latest version of this document had been circulated to the NRO EC. He added that this version has the word ‘Interim’ removed from ‘Interim Procedures’.

PW asked if this had been sent to the Legal Team as per the action.

JC noted that the document reflects the Legal Team’s input but that this version can be sent to them as necessary.

NEW ACTION ITEM 180123-3: NRO EC to review the latest version of the ASO Procedures for Empowered Community Powers document and subsequently approve it in February Teleconference.


ACTION ITEM 171117-11: PW and OR to draft a background document/list of questions for a future ASO Structure and send to the EC mailing list for further discussion.


ACTION ITEM 171117-13: Secretariat to create documentation on users, permissions and access for the NRO Wiki.

SG noted that this has been drafted and would be circulated shortly.


ACTION ITEM 171027-3: JC to draft the processes for a future ASO and send to the NRO EC mailing list.

This item to be re-opened after community consultations have taken place.


ACTION ITEM 171027-6: ALL to review what indemnification, if any, their respective RIR provides, or wishes to provide, to its ASO AC appointees in case of lawsuits against them arising from a director removal.

PW noted that APNIC has not completed this.

AP noted that RIPE NCC needs to re-open this.

JC noted that ARIN is in the process of changing its indemnification to include its ASO AC representatives.


Action Item: 170919-06: GV to update OR’s initial document listing the NRO/ASO’s current appointments/liaisons to the various ICANN groups and committees.

GV noted that work on this was ongoing: updates reflecting the new ASO AC representatives need to be made.

PW asked for the document to be uploaded to the NRO wiki.


7. Next Meetings

    1. Teleconference Tuesday 20 February 2018
    2. F2F Meeting Friday 16 March 2018 San Juan PR (Right after ICANN 61)
    1. Teleconference Tuesday 17 April 2018
    2. Second NRO EC F2F Meeting of 2018

The NRO EC discussed the date and location for a second F2F meeting. It was tentatively decided to hold the meeting during the RIPE 77 in Amsterdam in October.

8. AoB

    1. Sign off on NRO Website

PW explained that the NRO EC is being asked for feedback on the proposed new design and navigation for the NRO website. Mock ups and the navigation overview had been circulated. He proposed that the NRO EC gives the go-ahead for this, subject to further review and revision before being published. There were no objections.

  • Incoming Chair

JC thanked PW for chairing this first meeting of the year. The EC seconded this.

PW thanked the NRO EC for its participation.

 9. Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 12: 24 UTC.

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