NRO Communication to ICANN on RPKI Global Trust Anchor

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De: Raul Echeberria
Fecha: 28 de agosto de 2011 17:45:24 GMT-03:00
Para: Elise Gerich
Asunto: RPKI Global Trust Anchor

Dear Elise:

On behalf of the NRO, I’d like to request a meeting with you, and with ICANN management, regarding future steps towards an ICANN-hosted global trust anchor for the RPKI system. In our last correspondence with ICANN, the NRO stated that we wished to enter such discussions, however it is important to understand that these discussions, and their outcomes, should precede any further public announcements or implementation steps undertaken by ICANN.

We must emphasise that the success of the RPKI system relies on recognition and participation by the ISPs who are responsible for creating and operating the Internet’s routing infrastructure. At this stage while the system is well supported in principle, there is a range of concerns regarding implementation details, and various implications for Internet operators. These concerns relate to a range of issues, including the degree of trust which can be vested in, and the extent of control that may be exercised by, the various candidate points of trust in the RPKI; as well as questions of practicality, robustness, return on investment etc of the RPKI. These concerns are very real and cannot be ignored by the RIRs themselves, let alone by ICANN or any other body which may be interested in the perceived benefits of an eventual, fully-operational RPKI.

We cannot stress strongly enough that the continuing support of the operational communities is absolutely required before the RPKI will be widely adopted. Any premature and presumptive moves by either the RIRs or by ICANN carries the risk of misinterpretation by our communities, which may compromise their support.

We do wish to meet to discuss this matter further, but in the meantime ask that ICANN take no immediate steps towards RPKI implementation until we can meet to coordinate our efforts on this important project. The NRO remains interested in continuing working with ICANN toward the implementation of a Global Trust Anchor and believe that our working together towards this goal is in the best interest of the global Internet community.


Raúl Echeberría

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