Midterm review of the ICANN/DoC Joint Project Agreement

The Number Resource Organisation (NRO) is pleased to submit this attached document in response to the Notice of Inquiry by the Honorable John M. R. Kneuer, related to the midterm review of the ICANN/DoC joint project agreement (Docket No  071023616-7617 -01).

The NRO believes that the Joint Project Agreement between the DoC and ICANN should be concluded and to this end, call on ICANN and the DoC to work actively together to complete the comprehensive transition to private sector coordination of the Internet as soon as possible.

We look forward to contributing to any further consultation related to the Joint Project Agreement evolution toward its conclusion.

The letter is available at the following URL:

December 2007 Letter from NRO to ICANN

Kind regards,

Adiel A. Akplogan
Secretariat (2008)
NRO Executive Council

Last modified on 27/10/2015