Message From the NRO Regarding the First Anniversary of the World IPv6 Launch

The Number Resource Organization (NRO), representing all five of the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), joins the Internet Society (ISOC) in celebrating the first anniversary of World IPv6 Launch. The NRO continues to directly support the efforts of the Internet community at all levels to facilitate global adoption of IPv6.

In recognition of the anniversary, the NRO would like to highlight some notable achievements with regards to global IPv6 deployment, including:

  • Across all five RIR regions, IPv6-enabled networks continue to rise significantly1
  • The African networks visible over IPv6 have grown from 8.11% (as of the 8 June 2011 v6 day) in 2011 to almost 14% today (one year after v6 world launch). This compares favourably with a world rate of 16.12%
  • Many operators in Africa now provide IPv6 connections to their customers
  • In South Africa, the Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa (TENET) has managed to increase IPv6 traffic in the country. The University of the Free State has rolled out IPv6 across its entire network as part of a larger network redesign project
  • Peruvian IPv6 traffic has grown to about 1.8% of all traffic
  • Costa Rican and Colombian governments have declared that all networks and websites must be IPv6-ready by 2015
  • Within the Asia Pacific region, there is a high level of IPv6 readiness among core providers2
  • Within the RIPE NCC region, there has been significant progress for residential IPv6 access in Romania and Switzerland
  • The ARIN community has adopted policies making it easier for organizations to qualify for IPv6 space, thus enabling the continued growth of IPv6 deployment
  • Many of these activities can be linked to World IPv6 Launch in conjunction with the long-term strategy and independent activities conducted by the five RIRs to encourage the entire global Internet community to implement production-ready IPv6.

Recently, at the World Telecommunications Policy Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, NRO Chair Paul Wilson called for a greater investment in IPv6 adoption.3  The need for proactive efforts by all Internet stakeholders to encourage IPv6 adoption and build on the progress already achieved cannot be overstated.  Paul Wilson reflects on the anniversary of World IPv6 Launch Day, “The NRO congratulates our colleagues at ISOC on their efforts to raise awareness of the importance of IPv6 deployment. We look forward to close and continued cooperation with ISOC and all relevant partners in ongoing efforts to promote and facilitate the deployment of IPv6.”

RIPE NCC – IPv6 Enabled Networks

2 APNIC input to the Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications ICT Journal on IPv6

3 NRO Calls for Greater Investment in IPv6 Deployment

Last modified on 27/10/2015