NRO EC Meeting Minutes: July 2017

Minutes of the NRO EC Teleconference held on Tuesday 18 July 2017 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council:

John Curran (JC) ARIN Chair
Alan Barrett (AB) AFRINIC Treasurer
Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC
Oscar Robles (OR) LACNIC


Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Hollis Kara (HK) ARIN
John Sweeting (JS) ARIN
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Sanjaya (SS) APNIC
Izumi Okutani (IO) APNIC
Ernesto Majo (EM) LACNIC
Athina Fragkoulli (AF) RIPE NCC
Tom Mckenzie (TM) ITEMS


Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC Secretary – Vice Chair


German Valdez (GV) NRO

Draft Agenda NRO EC Teleconference 18 July 2017

0. Welcome
1. Agenda Review
2. Minutes Review
a) May 16
b) June 20
3. ASO Review
4. CCWG S2
a) ASO Interim Procedures for use of Empowered Community powers
b) ASO Decisional Participant response re: ICANN Proposed Fundamentals Bylaws Change
c) Proposed ASO AC subgroup initiative
5 ICP-2 Consultations
6. CG Input / Consultation
7. Review Open Actions
8. Next Meetings
a) Teleconference Tuesday August 15
b) Teleconference Tuesday September 19
c) face-to-face meeting 27 October Dubai
9. AOB
10. Adjourn

0 Welcome

JC welcomed all participants and started the meeting at 11:05 AM UTC

GV said that PW sent his apologies but confirmed that there were APNIC representatives in the call.

1 Agenda Review

No changes in the proposed agenda.

2 Minutes Review

GV reported that ARIN was pending to send his comments for May and June minutes and RIPE NCC for June minutes only.

3 ASO Review Update

TM reminded that the final draft ASO review document was currently open for comments. TM said that after Johannesburg meeting ITEMS have been working on the comments received making factual corrections, adding more information and rational in the conclusions and recommendations section.

TM said that they would expect to have the final report ready by the established deadline. TM suggested to have a final preview of the report for last minute comments from the ASO AC and NRO EC.
TM said that the final document will have a better and clearer structure with a new section containing the results of the last review including the implemented recommendations. TM added that ICANN requires including result of previous reviews in the documentation.

TM reported that they introduced in the report the idea to present the ASO as a bi-camera supporting organization with two councils or bodies, the policy house, essentially the ASO AC and the registry house that would be the NRO EC. TM explained that this was not a reorganization or restructure of the ASO, the intention was to create a better understanding of what the ASO is and does.

TM added that the report confirms the ASO is an efficient organization. TM said that the idea of the two chambers would help to have better understanding of the ASO and improve its accountability.

JC thanked TM for the report.

AB and JC asked for further clarification in the bi-camera concept.

TM stressed that such idea didn’t represent a change of the structure but it was intended to have a better representation of the functions of the ASO.

JC thanked TM for his report.

4. CCWG S2 Update

a) ASO Interim Procedures for use of Empowered Community powers

JC reminded about the second version of the document originally drafted by the legal team on interim procedures in the use of the new powers of the ASO community. JC said he elaborated more in the document and there was still pending the decision whether use individual RIR or a common NRO list for notifications. JC asked to the NRO EC what was their preference.

AP and AB suggested the use of single list.

No objections raised.

JC suggested that the name of the list be discussed in the NRO EC mailing list.

JC moved to approve the interim procedures for use of ASO empowered community powers document with the inclusion of a single list for notification purposes, the list would be named later.

All agreed.

AF asked the last version of the document be sent to the legal team.

JC asked AF that the legal team review the document in case this requires legal changes.

New Action Item 170718-01 AF and RIR legal team to give a legal review to the interim procedures for use of ASO empowered community powers document and proposed changes, if any.

b) ASO Decisional Participant response re: ICANN Proposed Fundamentals Bylaws Change

JC reminded about the proposal to rename the Board Governance Mechanisms Committee to the Board Accountability Mechanisms Committee. Actual changes in the ICANN bylaws are summarized in the following url

JC asked if the NRO EC, in this case the ASO, approved the changes.

All agreed.

New Action Item 170718-02 JC to confirm to the ICANN empowered community administration the ASO support to the fundamental bylaws changes in the name of the Board Accountability Mechanisms Committee.

c) Proposed ASO AC subgroup initiative

JC reminded about the ASO AC request to provide legal support to the ASO AC subgroup to work in the procedures related to the ASO AC ICANN empowered community powers.

JC considered that the scope of the subgroup is not clear as there are suggestions that the subgroup should work in the drafting of responses to ICANN calls.

AP said that according to the meeting in Johannesburg the subgroup would be working on drafting the ASO AC part of their community power procedures but he has no recollection that they would work in drafting responses to ICANN

JC suggested that before committing legal resources the subgroup should provide a charter with a clear scope.

New Action Item 170718-03 JC to request to the ASO AC to draft a charter for the subgroup on ICANN EC before committing legal resources to it.

5. ICP-2 Consultations

JC reminded about the enquiry on how ICP-2 rules and principles apply to the current RIRs.

JC suggested to review the ICP-2 document and discuss the topic in the EC mailing list. Meanwhile JC said he would respond to ICANN that the NRO EC will take the enquiry into consideration.

AP, OR ad SS agreed with the course of action.

New Action Item 170718-04 JC to respond to ICANN that the NRO EC would be taken into consideration the inquiry on ICP-2.

6. CG Input / Consultation

HK reminded the NRO EC about the ITHI draft consultation document was open for review and input.

JC suggested to the NRO EC to send their comment to the ITHI consultation draft by Friday July 21st.

7. Review Open Actions

Action Item 170620-01 JC to work with the RIR legal team to finalise the drafting of the ASO Empowered Community procedures.


Action Item 170620-02 JC to communicate with ICANN EC support staff the temporary appointment of Paul Wilson as representative of the ASO EC between June 21st through July 1st.


Action Item 170620-03 JC to draft a message for the approval of the NRO EC regarding the change of status on the AS registry. The message to IANA should say that the NRO EC in general support the changes from reserve to unallocated but the change should be reviewed with the IETF to confirm they agree with the change, once this the NRO EC have no objection to the second change for the indication of intent of future allocation.

JC confirmed that he circulated the draft in the NRO EC list.

All agreed in the draft message.


Action Item 170620-04 JC to draft a message for the approval of the NRO EC informing IANA about the RSCG proposal to reduce the level of detailed in the AS registry.


Action Item 1706210-05 JS to work in a community consultation plan for the ITHI.


Action Item 1705016-05. HK and MK to work in a technical announcement in preparation to the deployment of 0/0 RPKI service in the 3rd quarter of this year.  The announcement should be coordinated with the new RPKI content in the NRO website (action item Action Item 170418-07)


Action Item 170516-08 JC finalise draft from Action Item 170418-03 in consultation with the NRO EC and send it to Rinalia.


(New Action Item 170418-03 GV draft a response to Rinalia accepting the offer of ICANN hosting a wiki page with the ASO review status information but make it quite clear that the community input would be managed by the RIR through a community consultation process.)

Action Item 170516-09 OR to send an initial review about RIR participation in ICANN groups with recommendations on what groups participation is relevant.


Action Item 170516-10 JC to ask the ASO AC if the consultation of the scope of editing global polices refers to abstract cases or for particular cases.


JC suggested to close the action and respond to the ASO AC that the NRO EC would work in a process.

New Action Item 170718-05 JC to draft a response to the ASO AC regarding editorial changes to global number policies.

Action Item 170418-07 AB in coordination with the CCG draft new content for the rpki section in the NRO website.


Action Item 170316-02: JC to draft a message to CCWG S2 representatives clarifying the engagement with this group (observers by default, no position unless instructed by the NRO EC)


Action Item 170316-16 GV to investigate an NRO EC wiki for document management with RIPE NCC


8. Next Meetings

a) Teleconference Tuesday August 15

b) Teleconference Tuesday September 19

c) face-to-face meeting 27 October Dubai

All meeting remained as scheduled.

9. AOB

No other topics were discussed.

10. Adjourn

JC adjourned the meeting at 12:30 PM UTC

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