NRO EC Meeting Minutes: August 2016

Minutes of the NRO EC Teleconference meeting held on Tuesday August 16th 2016 at 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council:

Oscar Robles (OR) LACNIC Chair
John Curran (JC) ARIN Secretary
Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC Treasurer
Alan Barrett (AB) AFRINIC
Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC


Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Carlos Martinez (CM) LACNIC
Ernesto Majo (EM) LACNIC


German Valdez (GV) NRO

Agenda NRO EC Teleconference August 16th 2016

0. Welcome
1. Agenda Review
2. Minutes Review
a) July 2016
3. IANA Stewardship Transition Status
a) SLA
b) ICANN Bylaws
c) IPR
4. CCWG Stream 2
5. RIR Accountability Review Status
6. ASO Review
7. RPKI 0/0 Status (After Berlin IETF meeting)
8. Review Open Actions
9. CG / Input Consultation
10. Next Meetings
a) Teleconference Scheduled on Tuesday August 16th
b) Next NRO EC f2f Meeting – Monday December 5th (Guadalajara Mexico)
11. AOB
12. Adjourn

0 Welcome

OR welcomed and opened the teleconference at 11:01 AM UTC

1 Agenda Review

No items were changed or added to the agenda.

2 Minutes Review

GV confirmed that only July minutes was pending for approval and thanked comments from AB and PW.

OR asked GV to have a list of agreements and actions as soon as after 24 hours after the EC teleconferences.

GV agreed to provide the rough actions and decisions after the meetings.

3 IANA Stewardship Transition Status

a) SLA

OR reminded that ICANN still needs to concur in the PTI agreements, additionally OR said that ICANN was still pending to request formal comments for the subcontracting agreement.

GV asked if the RIR should prepare in advance and coordinate communications activities for the IANA transition date.

OR said that LACNIC meeting would end on September 30th and they were preparing some PR activities during the meeting but those plans were still in early stages. OR said that he was expecting some coordination with ICANN.

PW agreed that it’d be nice to have some coordinated plan. PW asked if there was some sequent of events the NRO should expect. PW said that an email to the I* list could help to start a possible coordinated communication activity.

JC agreed.

New Action Item 160816-01 PW to send an email to the I* list asking for possible coordinated communication activities in preparation for the IANA transition date.

b) ICANN Bylaws

JC confirmed that ICANN Bylaws and the articles of incorporations are now ratified by the Board and would become effective on September 30th.

c) IPR

AB reported that there were three agreements posted for public comments in the ICG website. AB added that JC posted the call for comments in the IANAxfer mailing list

AB reminded that such agreement requires the appointment of three representatives to the Community Coordination Group (CCG), and that the NRO Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer could potentially be appointed. AB advised that the formal appointment should be made when the agreement is signed at the end of September.


OR reported that the IOTF is keeping track of around 12 activities with another set of sub activities all them are on time or completed according to the information shared by ICANN. OR considered that at the time there is no sign of delay or something to be missed.

4 CCWG Stream 2

JC reported that the WS2 has around 7 working group that mostly at the moment are discussing their charters and mode of operations.

JC considered that current ASO representatives are doing a good and prompt job. JC said that the numbers community has their unique agreement with ICANN different of the IETF and the names community. JC added that the ASO AC needs to do some education process internally so the specific relations between ICANN and the ASO are well understood during WS2 discussions.

OR suggested to keep the option of a joint call with ASO representatives in the future if this help to improve the ASO coordination and representation in the CCWG WS2. OR recommended to keep the topic as part of the NRO EC agenda.

5 RIR Accountability Review Status

GV reported that the last version of the joint report was sent by ARIN’s legal firm and distributed in the NRO EC mailing. GV said that AFRINIC and APNIC might need to confirm their last version of their reports.

PW said that APNIC report needs only a correction in the number of members.

OR said that each RIR was responsible to prepare its own public report.

JC confirmed that Caplin & Drysdale would only edit the joint statement.

New Action Item 160816-02 GV to follow up with each RIR the confirmation of their last version of the public accountability report and coordinate the joint report publication.

6 ASO Review

OR reminded about the request for proposal document for the new ASO review was sent to the NRO EC mailing list. OR asked all NRO EC members to review and provide comments.

JC said that the ASO review should be focused on the specific relationship the ASO has with ICANN, including the development of global policies, the appointment to ICANN Board and other ICANN bodies and the support in recognizing new RIR.

JC volunteered to review the document and comeback with comments.

GV asked the NRO EC to have in mind the cost of the ASO Review as part of the plan.

PW asked if there was any major problem in the delay in running the ASO review.

JC said that other reviews are in similar situation waiting for the conclusion of the ICANN accountability review. JC suggested being transparent about the NRO plans regarding the ASO review with ICANN Board.

New Action Item 160816-03 JC to provide comments to the ASO Review RFP document so this is aligned with ASO specific relationship with ICANN

New Action Item 160816-04 OR once the ASO review RFP is published to send an email to ICANN board informing them about the NRO plan for the ASO review.

7 RPKI 0/0 Implementation Status

CM reported that the ECG is working in a high level RPKI implementation plan where the implementation window is around Q3 and Q4 2017.

CM also reported that the applicability statement and the validation reconsider document both are moving forward in the IETF comunity. CM said that they would need to request IANA to assign a new validation algorithm id to be used in the validation reconsider.

JC asked if the validation reconsider would be run as a separate project.

CM considered that it should be run as a different project. CM confirmed that the plan for the validation reconsider doesn’t affect the CA software.

CM mention that 2 parties working as reference in the validation reconsider are out of resources being the and BBN initiatives. CM suggested that in addition to RIPE efforts at least a second reference should be running.

8 Open Actions.

Action Item 160719-01 after August 12th, GV to follow up and coordinate with all RIR the publication and announcement of the RC members in the NRO website and RIR websites,.

On hold after 12/08

GV reported that he would have a teleconference with the heads of the CCG where he would discuss the action.

Action Item 160719-02 OR to draft a message to the ASO representatives in the CCWG stream 2 asking them to designate a point of contact for the NRO EC.


Action Item 160719-03 OR to prepare the call for proposal for the ASO review


New Action Item 160621-03 OR to request to the ECG to work in an implementation plan for the RPKI 0/0 project considering each RIR approach and timelines


Action Item 141018-03: PW and RIR Legal Team to include Governing Board Structure, Budget and Activity Approval, Fee Approval and Bylaw/Operational Document Control information to the RIR Governance Matrix.

Action Item 141018-04: PW and RIR Legal team based on the RIR Governance Matrix propose to the NRO EC those areas where could be consolidation or harmonization among the RIR.

The NRO EC agreed that GV would follow up with Athina the advances of both previous actions.

Action Item 160316-01 OR to ask Elise Gerich regarding the IANA communications to any technical coordination list about special allocations to the IETF that could be used by the RIR to inform their communities.

OR said that Elise would report after the IANA Transition date.


9. CG / Input Consultation

OR reminded about the CCG report from their meeting in Helsinki and their suggestion to hold a joint NRO CG meeting at the start of 2017. OR asked all NRO EC members to review the report and the background information for the proposed joint CG meeting. OR asked to add this topic in the next NRO EC teleconference.

OR mentioned that ARIN would take over the role of chair in the CCG in September.

GV reported that the annual payment to ICANN was completed.

10. Next Meetings

a) Teleconference Scheduled on Tuesday September 20th

OR suggested to keep the date as planned.

b) Next NRO EC f2f Meeting – Monday December 5th (Guadalajara Mexico)

OR said that are no changes in face-to-face meeting plan.

11. AOB

No other business were included or discussed.

12. Adjourn

OR thanked all participants and adjourned the meeting at 12:25 PM UTC

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