NRO EC Meeting Minutes: July 2016

Minutes of the NRO EC Teleconference meeting held on Tuesday July 19th 2016 at 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council:

Oscar Robles (OR) LACNIC Chair
John Curran (JC) ARIN Secretary
Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC Treasurer
Alan Barrett (AB) AFRINIC
Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC


Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Carlos Martinez (CM) LACNIC
Ernesto Majo (EM) LACNIC
Kevon Swift (KS) LACNIC


German Valdez (GV) NRO

Agenda NRO EC Teleconference July 19th 2016

0. Welcome
1. Agenda Review
2. Minutes Review
a) May 2016
b) June 2016
3. IANA Stewardship Transition Status
a) SLA
b) ICANN Bylaws
c) IPR
4. CCWG Stream 2
5. NRO EC – SSAC Meeting Report
6. RIR Accountability Review Status
7. RPKI 0/0 Status (After Berlin IETF meeting)
8. CG / Input Consultation
a) PACG status
9. Clarification of ASO AC and NRO EC roles
10. ASO Review
11. Review Open Actions
12. Next Meetings
a) Teleconference Scheduled on Tuesday August 16th
b) Next NRO EC f2f Meeting – Monday December 5th (Guadalajara Mexico)
13. AOB
14. Adjourn

0 Welcome

OR welcomed and opened the teleconference at 11:05 AM UTC

1 Agenda Review

No items were added to the agenda.

PW advised that he had to leave the meeting around 12 PM UTC

2 Minutes Review

GV said that pending minutes were attached to reminders of this teleconference. GV reported that AP, JC, PW and AB were pending to comment on June minutes and AP, JC and PW on May minutes.

PW confirmed through webex chat he was ok with June and May minutes.

GV to follow up pending minutes approvals.

3 IANA Stewardship Transition Status

a) SLA

OR reminded that the NRO EC should decide about the appointment of the Review Committee members as this was included in the CRISP principles

b) ICANN Bylaws

JC mentioned that high-level bylaws have been approved. JC said that the current discussions are focused in the articles of incorporation with a deadline for August 12 to receive comments. JC considered that current discussions don’t affect the RIRs

c) IPR

GV said that the IPR is currently reviewing the IPR agreement. GV mentioned that legal staffs from all operational communities are part of the discussions.


OR reported that current discussions are focused on the Root Zone Review Charter.

OR asked to discuss about the Review Committee (RC) and the subcontracting agreement.

OR asked that if the RC announcement should be coordinated as NRO or as individual RIR. OR suggested to define the announcement approach as soon as possible.

AP agreed with OR, he reminded all that the RIPE Community had selected the Review Team members for the RIPE region.

JC and PW said they were ok with the coordinated approach.

JC advised to prioritize all activities related to support ICANN transition and avoid distractions. JC suggested holding this task until August 12th.

New Action Item 160719-01 after August 12th, GV to follow up and coordinate with all RIR the publication and announcement of the RC members in the NRO website and RIR websites.

OR reminded that ICANN sent the subcontracting agreement for the NRO review.

JC agreed to ask the legal team to review the subcontracting agreement and advise ICANN if there is something wrong. JC said that ICANN should not be released of the responsibilities.

All agreed.

4 CCWG Stream 2

OR reminded that this agenda item has to do with the appointees to the CCWG Stream 2

JC said that at high level the work has not started yet. JC briefed about the CCWG chairs proposal to limit the external legal consult.
AB joined the meeting at 11:40 AM UTC.

PW suggested discussing about the role and responsibilities of the members appointed to the CCWG stream 2. PW added that broader discussion is required to clarify the role of the ASO. PW reminded that the ASO review is due for this year and it could be a good opportunity to sort out some of the issues like ASO participation and accountability that sometimes are not clear.

OR pointed out that current discussion was related to points 9 and 10 of the agenda.

OR suggested to coordinate with ASO AC appointees by inviting them to the EC teleconference and allocate 10 or 15 minutes to align on the topics.

JC said that current discussions are about administrative aspects for better control of the assigned ICANN CCWG legal budget. JC added that CCWG chairs proposal to review external legal consultation requests are part of this. JC said that Athina Fragkouli sent to the EC list details about the proposal, JC said he was ok with the proposal and saw no reason to object.

All agreed.

In order to improve communications with the ASO representatives in the CCWG Stream 2, OR suggested to have a chair for this group.

JC suggested asking the ASO representatives to designate a contact for communications purposes with the NRO EC.

OR agreed

New Action Item 160719-02 OR to draft a message to the ASO representatives in the CCWG stream 2 asking them to designate a point of contact for the NRO EC.

PW reminded he had to leave the meeting soon.

OR asked to discuss point 9 and 10 of the agenda before PW leave the call.

9 Clarification of ASO AC and NRO EC roles

PW suggested to reissue a clear statement of the role and responsibilities of the NRO NC. PW stressed that there is constant confusion in treating the ASO AC as a governance council representing the RIR. PW pointed out that during the coming ASO review there is a good opportunity to address this and other issues.

JC agreed with PW. JC asked to add this topic to the next NRO EC face-to-face meeting.

AB said that the ASO MoU is clear about ASO AC activities, and there is no provision for any additional work. AB suggested that it might make sense to add “any additional work assigned by the NRO EC” to the NRO NC’s charter.

OR suggested to continue work on this and draft a message to the ASO AC chairs to clarify some of this points.

10 ASO Review

PW reminded that last June was 5 years since the launch of the last ASO review.
AB said that according to the ASO MoU the NRO is responsible to run the ASO review.

PW said that the actual report was delivered in December 2011. PW suggest to start working in the preparations so a report could be ready by the end of the year.

JC agreed that the NRO should make the arrangements for the review. JC added that the NRO could hire an independent party.

PW reminded that the last review was commission to ITEMS after a request for proposals.

OR volunteered to review the last request for proposal and prepare the call.

New Action Item 160719-03 OR to prepare the call for proposal for the ASO review.

PW left the meeting 12:10 UTC

5 NRO EC – SSAC Meeting Report

OR reported on the session with the SSAC group during last ICANN meeting in Helsinki. OR said that the RIR provided feedback in the malicious use of IP addresses. OR considered that the meeting was useful.

JC agreed.

6 RIR Accountability Review Status

OR reminded that GV sent the comments back to legal company that drafted the report.

JC confirmed they were fine about the changes and re address the report to the NRO EC chair.

7 RPKI 0/0 Status

CM reported that the ECG met during the IETF in Berlin, CM said that the ECG doesn’t foresee any negative impact of the new model but testing will be needed. CM agreed that communication would be important for all participants in the RPKI. CM added that the implementation efforts would depend on the planning cycles of each RIR.

OR asked if the ECG has defined an implementation plan.

CM said that according to the ECG the implementation would depend on each RIR.
OR clarified that the NRO EC is expecting a joint implementation plan including dates and relevant phased.

CM implementation is RIR independent. CM said that the ECG considers that the implementation could take 2 to 3 months but it’d depend on available resources in each RIR.

OR asked if the activities in the implementation plan could have an impact in the RIR operations.

CM said that the ECG considers that there would be no impact in the operation. CM added that consultation should be based on transparency instead of a possible impact.

JC said that assuming the project goes ahead the ECG should be able to prepare a high-level plan aiming to a particular quarter for final implementation.

CM agreed in passing the NRO EC feedback to the ECG.

CM reported that the “Validation Reconsidered” draft has moved forward with good possibilities to succeed. CM added that the ECG is working with the RSM in a transfer resources log to be published similarly to the delegated stats files.

8. CG / Input Consultation

a) PACG status

KS reported about the change of status of the PACG. KS said that the new group would change from Coordination Group to Information Sharing Group with no impact in the change of domain or collaboration in the list.

All agreed.

11 Review Open Actions

Action Item 160621-01 All RIR CEOs to confirm the appointment to the CCWG stream 2 before the end of June 2016.


New Action Item 160621-02 GV to follow up with ARIN legal firm to circulate the RIR joint Accountability Review report within the NRO EC before its publication.

COMPLETED. Report was sent to the NRO EC last week.

Action Item 160621-03 OR to request to the ECG to work in a implementation plan for the RPKI 0/0 project considering each RIR approach and timelines

OR asked for confirmation from the NRO EC if they still want to see an overall implementation plan based on the ECG feedback that the implementation plan are local to each RIR.
CM said that the ECG could work in general phases rather than specific deadlines.

AB agreed that the detailed implementation plan would differ in each RIR. AB suggested to have a high-level plan that could be published in the NRO website.

CM agreed to pass the request to the ECG.

Action Item 160621-04 GV to set a doodle poll to define a NRO EC face-to-face meeting after September 2016.

COMPLETED. Tentative meeting would be on Monday December 5th during IGF in Guadalajara Mexico.

Action Item 141018-03: PW and RIR Legal Team to include Governing Board Structure, Budget and Activity Approval, Fee Approval and Bylaw/Operational Document Control information to the RIR Governance Matrix.


Action Item 141018-04: PW and RIR Legal team based on the RIR Governance Matrix propose to the NRO EC those areas where could be consolidation or harmonization among the RIR.


GV reminded that a progress report drafted by Athina Fragkouli was sent to the EC list.

Action Item 160419-02 OR to contact to CRISP Team chairs to coordinate a joint announcement declaring the CRISP Team closed.


Action Item 160316-01 OR to ask Elise Gerich regarding the IANA communications to any technical coordination list about special allocations to the IETF that could be used by the RIR to inform their communities.


12. Next Meetings

a) Teleconference Scheduled on Tuesday August 16th

OR suggested to keep the date as planned.

b) Next NRO EC f2f Meeting – Monday December 5th (Guadalajara Mexico)

OR suggested to reserve the full day for the f2f meeting.

13. AOB

No other business were included or discussed.

14. Adjourn

OR thanked all participants and adjourned the meeting at 1:05 PM UTC

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