Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 141031


October 31st, 2014
Teleconference 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council:

Adiel Akplogan (AA) AFRINIC Chair
Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC Secretary
Ernesto Majo (EM) LACNIC Treasurer
Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC
John Curran (JC) ARIN


Neriah Sossou (NS) AFRINIC
Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Leslie Nobile ARIN
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Andres Piazza (API) LACNIC
Antony Gollan (AG) RIPE NCC
Paul Rendek (PR) RIPE NCC


German Valdez (GV) NRO

Draft Agenda

0) Welcome
1) Agenda Review
2) Minutes Approval
3) Review Action Item
4) CG Consultation
5) IANA Stewardship Transition Update
a) Wednesday October 29th ICG Call
b) LACNIC IANA Consultation Session – MONC Proposal
6) Accountability CCWG Update
7) Plenipot 14 Developments
9) Policy Comparison Document
10) AOB
11) Adjourn

0) Welcome

AA welcomed attendees and started the meeting at 11:10 AM UTC. AA noted that PW was going to join a bit late to the teleconference.

1) Agenda Review

AA asked for any additions or changes to the agenda.

No additions were made and agenda was adopted as above.

2) Minutes Approval

GV mentioned that he’d send pending minutes to the EC list.

PW joined the meeting at 11:15 AM

3) Review Open Actions.

Action Item 140714-03: AP and PR to draft an informative and educational document to be incorporated to the accountability review process on RIR whois db.

The document has been circulated in the EC list for comments.

Action Item: CLOSED.

Action Item 180214-05: AA and GV to work with the CFO to determine the indirect cost from each RIR in their support to NRO activities.

GV reported that the he met with CFOs in Montevideo last week and the point was discussed. GV mentioned that they reviewed the activities that are not recorded in the NRO budget and the CFO would collect the information by mid November.


Action Item 181014-01: GV to update the CRISP proposal as agreed by the NRO EC in their f2f meeting in Los Angeles

GV reported that the changes agreed in LA meeting for CRISP proposal are now updated in the NRO Website.

Action Item: CLOSED.

Action Item 181014-02: NRO EC to finalize CRISP charter by the end of October.

Action Item: CLOSED

Action Item 180114-03: PACG to include Governing Board Structure, Budget and Activity Approval, Fee Approval and Bylaw/Operational Document Control information to the accountability and governability matrix.

Action Item: OPEN

Action Item 180114-04: PACG based on the accountability and governability matrix propose to the NRO EC those areas where could be consolidation or harmonization among the RIR.

GV said that Paul Rendek has notified the PACG on this action.

Action Item: OPEN

Action Item 181014-05: GV to liaise with ICANN staff to ensure AP participation in the ICANN Accountability review.

GV asked that if the action was still relevant having now Izumi Okutani and Athina Fragkouli in ICANN Accountability Cross Community Working Group

AP mentioned that Izumi and Athina were doing an excellent work in the drafting working group.

GV agreed. He said that they are being active and reporting thoroughly and timely to the ASO AC and the EC.

PW said that it was not clear if we need executive representation in the accountability.

AA reminded that when the EC appointed AP to the CCWG in LA meeting it was not clear that Izumi and Athina were part of the group already

AP suggested to review the need of executive representation once concluded drafting phase.

AA agreed

Action Item: CLOSED.

Action Item 181014-06: GV to include in ASO presentations information on the implementation of the recommendations made in the independent ASO Review.

GV reported that it’s now in the ASO presentation and it was used in the LACNIC 22 meeting.

Action Item: CLOSED

Action Item 181014- 07: AA to request ECG Chair that the 2015 work plan and report on 2014 work plan be developed on time for the EC f2f meeting in Mauritius

AA mentioned that it was requested to NS.

Action Item: CLOSED

4) CG Consultation.

NH said that ECG has nothing in particular to report except they were preparing their 2014 activity report and f2f meeting in Montevideo the first week of December.

LN reported that Geoff Huston is going to meet with the RSCG during their face-to-face meeting in London to discuss the future management of 2 bytes ASN registry. LN added that the RSGC would also meet with IANA staff to discuss a similar point of ASN management and inter RIR transfer. LN said that the RSCG would report to EC after the conclusion of the meeting.

API said that staff of Internet related organizations are monitoring the Russia proposal submitted in the ITU plenipotentiary meeting. API said that the proposal asks for the creation of an Internet Number Registry inside the ITU. API considered that the proposal is not having traction.

API mentioned about LACNIC proposal to the IANA transition consultation but he’d wait to reach the point of the agenda to give further details.

GV reported on behalf of the CCG that they are preparing content for ICANN annual report and ICANN quarterly stakeholder meeting. GV added that these tasks would be added to CCG work plan for 2015.

GV said that LACNIC staff would take over secretariat functions by December 1st. GV added that LACNIC staff is already part of mailing list and started to participate of ASO meetings.

5) IANA Stewardship Transition Update

a) Wednesday October 29th ICG Call

AA reported that last ICG teleconference focused in the selection process of independent secretariat for the ICG. AA added that the ICG would possibly change their next face to face meeting to be in the new venue to be selected by ICANN now that Marrakesh meeting has been cancelled. Finally AA said that the ICG also discuss about the interaction with ICANN Board.

b) LACNIC IANA Consultation Session – MONC Proposal

EM mentioned that during LACNIC 22 meeting, they decided to organize two panels regarding the IANA transition consultation. EM explained that the first panel was organized to introduce the topic to the audience. The second panel was to discuss the LACNIC proposal. EM said that based on APNIC proposal, LACNIC integrated a new body called MONC, Multistakeholder Oversight Number Council.

EM said that MONC proposal was discussed at a principle level leaving discussions of the details for later. EM added that LACNIC proposal included the intention of sign an affirmation of commitments with ICANN where the details of MONC body would be included.

EM mentioned that the MONC body is inspired by the LACNIC fiscal commission. EM explained that the fiscal commission is integrated by LACNIC members and chosen by the LACNIC General Assembly in order to audit and review financial activities and raise recommendations to LACNIC Board if need it. EM added that MONC should be a light body using few resources and meeting through teleconferences. EM said that the group scope should be only in processes and avoid operational or policy discussions. EM said that a new version of the proposal would be sent soon to the list considering the input given by the community during LACNIC meeting.

AA asked EM if the LACNIC representatives to CRISP Team would be the same group of people driving the consultation in LACNIC

EM said that Esteban Lezcano would be appointed to CRISP. EM mentioned that LACNIC board would confirm the other members to CRISP Team soon.

JC advised to work in the clarity of any new body when moving from the general to the specifics. JC said that it should be very clear to understand how the new body would interact, its role, authority, accountability etc. JC noted that the MONC idea is now mention in other RIR mailing list so JC is expecting interesting discussion in the coming weeks.

PW asked AP what are they expecting of the discussion during RIPE meeting next week.

AP said that they have planned a report of the status of the discussions, including LACNIC proposal and the MONC idea. AP said they are working in principles statement that will be discussed in the meeting and hopefully a review version could be ratified by the plenary on Friday. AP added they are working in manning RIPE NCC representatives to the CRISP team. AP said that he expected to have confirmation of this at the end of RIPE NCC meeting.

EM thanked JC and PH for traveling to Santiago and participate of the panels.

EM said that their contribution were very valuable.

6) Accountability CCWG Update

AA reminded of the report sent to the EC list by Athina Fragkouli and Izumi Okutani. AA also reminded that based on EC f2f meeting in Los Angeles they have to check the link between the ICG and the CCWG. AA wondered if the stream one should restrain to the IANA functions only or should go beyond

AP said that there is a consensus in the CCWG to work in the charter of the WG and they would work in 2 streams the first related to the IANA transition process and the second in the ICANN accountability overall. AP said the CCWG in the first stream would work in a timeframe to put forward to the ICG.

AA recommended to keep monitoring the development of the CCWG

AP agreed with AA

JC Said the CCWG should focus the work for the DNS community. JC mentioned that is not whether IANA is performing correctly but is about ICANN performing correctly and being accountable to the DNS community as it’s ICANN the authority for DNS policy definition.

AA suggested that the EC should not restrain the CCWG stream one scope.

7) Plenipot 2014 Developments

PW reported that Houlin Zhao was recently elected as new Secretary General of the ITU and Malcom Johnson as deputy director. PW said that the start of the second week of the meeting would comprise the review of resolutions including the Indian proposal however PW said that the proposal is not having much traction.

PW said that the Internet issues will be discussed in the coming days including the Russian proposal that include a resolution to create an IPv6 registry in the ITU. PW mentioned they met the Russian delegation. PW said that the Russian delegation explained that their main concern is to secure Internet number resources and avoid possible sanctions. PW mentioned that they were advised about the recent RIPE NCC resolution on this matter but apparently is not enough for them.

PW added that there wouldn’t be any amendments to the ITU constitution however there is under discussion an ICT definition proposed by Iran. PW mentioned there are some concerns that could be a backdoor to extend the ITU mandate.

8) Policy Comparison Document

PW mentioned that by recently reviewing the policy comparison document in the NRO website there are information missing that could be useful to have. PW said that information like membership criteria, transfers registration, allocation criteria, etc. is not clearly integrated.

PW suggested to have a workshop approach in reviewing the document and propose improvements

AP agreed.

9) AOB

There were no AOB

10) Adjourn

AA adjourn the meeting at 12:45 UTC

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