Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 131227


December 27, 2013
Teleconference 11:00 AM UTC 

Executive Council Attendees:

Acting Chairman: Adiel Akplogan (AA) AFRINIC
Treasurer: Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC
Member: John Curran (JC) ARIN
Member: Raul Echeberria (RE) LACNIC


Anne Rachel Inne (ARI) AFRINIC
Neriah Sossou (NS) AFRINIC
Nate Davis (ND) ARIN
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Ernesto Majo (EM) LACNIC


Guylaine Mootoo (GM) AFRINIC
German Valdez (GV) NRO


Chairman: Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC

0) Welcome

AA, in absence of PW who sent apologies in advance, started the teleconference at 11:15 AM UTC.

1) Agenda Review

RE suggested changes in the proposed agenda to focus in the most important items and postpone the rest for next EC Meeting.

AA, JC and AP agreed with RE changes. Next agenda was adopted

0) Welcome
1) Agenda Review
2) Brazil Meeting Preparation Update – /1net Steering Committee
3) Design Team Update
4) RIR Staff Travel Cost Management
5) COO Group
6) Secretariat Transition Report
7) NRO EC Coming Meetings (Teleconference – f2f)
8) Adjourn

2) Brazil Meeting Preparation Update – /1net Steering Committee

Adiel Akplogan (AA) updated the EC on the progress made with respect to the Brazil Meeting Preparation and the 1net Steering Committee.

AA briefed that the 1net Steering Committee’s mailing list is subscribed now by people already appointed by the some stakeholders to the Committee. AA said that The Steering Committee is not a decision making body and It’ll work as a bridge between 1net and the different stakeholders which have expressed their interest to participate.

AA said that he will try from his side to share as much feedback as possible to the EC, and apprised the EC to revert back to him if there are any issues to be clarified or questions.

JC mentioned that once the Steering Committee becomes fully operational their activities should be visible and transparent.

ARI asked if the Steering Committee would start business without technical community representatives.

AA answered that the Steering Committee will start business next week and the technical representative will join later. AA has notified this to the Committee.

3) Design Team Update

JC mentioned that the Design Team’s scope has definitely narrowed to the IANA-related agreements and roles, and the political aspects have been judged out of scope. He proposed to raise the issue during the next I* meeting.

AA agreed with JC that apparently the urgency does not seem to be shared by the others in the team. AA stated that is critical to move forward.

JC proposed if there is no positive feedback or change a note should be sent from the NRO to ICANN.

AP Agreed with JC proposal.

RE said that there is the need for deeper discussion on the possible scenarios and consequences on each action that is taken and be clearer in what we want to achieve.

AA agreed to the points raised and proposed that a small team at the NRO level can be constituted to make a deeper analysis of the case scenarios.

JC stated that ARIN Board doesn’t find favorable any agreement with ICANN that doesn’t also reference the IETF. The agreement should include the IETF, as the creator of the protocol, so collectively we can say we agree that we have the authority to sign an agreement. JC stated this is an important discussion and suggested that the 5 CEO be in a call to discuss specifically post IANA strategy

PH reported on the progress of the Design Team. PH mentioned about the inclusion of representatives of the GNSO, CCNSO and RSSAC and that was agreed in the last I* meeting.

PH added on behalf of PW that there are many process in parallel and the PW we’d like to see progress in the processes not looking necessarily to converge them. As example PH mentioned the discussion on NRO contract could be advanced independently from the output of the Design Team.

AA lost connection @ 11 50 AM UTC

RE asked AP to chair the meeting while AA tried to reconnect.

AP asked for more aspects for discussion on this agenda item or move ahead

RE stated that informal conversation already happened with ICANN on the contract. RE mentioned he’d like to hear the views of some of the ICANN actors. RE said that he’ll look for such informal input at an individual level.

JC stated the he won’t support NRO talks to board members without including Fadi. JC added that it was ok if RE do such conversations on his own.

AP suggested the EC have a teleconference in January to talk about relationship with ICANN, IETF and bigger I* environment.

AA rejoin the meeting @ 12 06 PM UTC

4) RIR Staff Travel Cost Management

The EC discussed the RIR Staff Travel Cost Management and agreed that it should be better coordinated and optimized to some extent.

AA stated that some priorities should be placed in the travel, to reconsider the travel policy, to have face-to-face CG meetings together with other RIRs meetings and to use the video conferencing as far as possible.

GV highlighted that the CCG for instance do have teleconferences to follow up their annual work plan and projects they have. Additionally the ECG meets three times per year during the IETF where most of the ECG members have to participate anyway.

The EC agreed that it is important to have appropriate follow up on the travel plan and that should be included in CG work plans.

5) COO Group

GV informed the EC that still is pending the confirmation of some of the members for the COO group. GV advised that based on feedback received in the last RSCG and ECG meeting in Mauritius the new group should not mean another layer of internal bureaucracy and the CCO group should be empowered to make decisions on behalf of the EC.

RE confirmed Ernesto Majo to be part of the COO. RE offered to support GV in the process to define the COO group.

AP asked whether the original decision was to set up a coordination group with all the formalities, or to empower the COOs to work a little bit closer with the CEO and help us with our day to day NRO related workload.

RE agreed with AP interpretation that it’s not a new formal coordination group.

AA agreed that the operational aspects of the agenda have to been reconsidered and suggested that GV and RE work in very light charter that define what the COO group are supposed to do.

New Action Item 271213-01 GV and RE to work in a light charter to define the role and scope of the COO group.

6) Secretariat Transition Report

GV reported that have coordinated with RIPE NCC and AFRINIC staff the transition of the secretariat services for 2014 yaer. GV will update NRO and ASO websites and mailing list at the end of year. GV mentioned that he has now access to a webex account so he will be the point of contact to set up meetings henceforth.

GV thanked AP for facilitate RIPE NCC staff to receive the secretariat, he also thanked AA and AFRINIC staff for their support during 2013.

AA Thanked AFRINIC staff that participated in the secretariat role this year.

7) NRO EC Coming Meetings

GV suggested to keep the same date and time for monthly NRO EC teleconferences. This is the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 11:00 AM UTC

JC agreed

GV mentioned he’ll set up the webex information that will be the same information for each EC scheduled monthly meeting.

RE suggested that for face-to-face meetings to avoid organizing them back-to-back with I* meetings. RE said that it happens we put more attention on the I* business that our own meeting. He recommended to consider stand alone EC meetings.

GV said that could mean more trips.

RE said it was not the objective but the NRO EC needs to be concentrated in EC matters and avoid being distracted with the meetings around.

AA suggested to have one back to back and one stand alone. AA added that the EC should take the opportunity to meet f2f if we coincide in an event.

AP agreed as good compromise

AA suggested to run a doodle poll. AA raised an invitation to the rest of EC to meet in Mauritius for an EC stand alone meeting.

The rest of the member of the EC present in the call agreed in principle with the meeting in Mauritius.

New Action Item 271213-02 GV to set up a doodle poll to decide for the f2f stand alone NRO EC meeting.

8) Adjourn

JC asked for a special resolution.

JC moved to recognize PW for his exceptional role as chairman of the NRO EC during 2013.

AA seconded.

All agreed.

Meeting ended at 12:29 UTC.

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