Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 130917


September 17, 2013
Teleconference 11:00 AM UTC

Executive Council Attendees:

Chairman: Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC
Secretary: Adiel Akplogan (AA) AFRINIC
Treasurer: Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC
Member: John Curran (JC) ARIN
Member: Raul Echeberria (RE) LACNIC


Byron Ellacott (BE) APNIC
Bhadrika Magan (BM) APNIC
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Maemura Akinori APNIC
Ernesto Majo (EM) LACNIC
Arturo Servin (AS) LACNIC
Andrew de la Haye RIPE NCC
Nate Davis ARIN
Neriah Sossou (NS) AFRINIC


German Valdez  (GV) NRO


Guylaine Mootoo (GM) AFRINIC Recording Secretary

1. Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Review

The Chair, Paul Wilson (PW) welcomed the Executive Council and the Observers present online and opened the meeting at 11 09 UTC.  He noted apologies from the Executive Secretary, German Valdez who is presently on vacation.

2. Approval of Last Minutes – August 2013

 Raul Echeberria, RE pointed out that the minutes and related documents were circulated during the night according to his time zone and has not been able to read accordingly.  The Chair PW to complete the approval of the minutes on the NRO EC mailing list, any addendum or correction to the minutes to be forwarded accordingly on the list.

3. Review Action Items

New Action Item 130820-01: Secretariat to post in the NRO website NRO EC minutes of July 16th 2013 meeting.

Status: Completed

New Action Item 130820-02: AP to request to the CFO to work in a NRO expenses projection for 2013 and present a 2014 budget with proposed budgeting methodology by the time of NRO EC Retreat in October in Montevideo.

Status: Completed

4. Preparation for I* Meeting

NRO agenda items

RE noted that the EC should consider the 3 meetings separately, namely the I*, the NRO Workshop and the EC meeting.

Adiel Akplogan AA agreed with RE and briefed that the aim of the above Agenda Item no 4 is about the I* and the Agenda Item No 5 is for the EC Retreat, and then to define the agenda for the EC meeting.  The EC to propose and agree on any points to be added to the agenda of the I* meeting.

RE stated that Lynn St Amour will send the draft agenda shortly and some issues to be considered are the IGF funding, coordination among Internet organizations and Internet survey launch.

AA proposed to add the NRO interaction and preparation for the upcoming ITU events. AA explained that his view that is to look at how the NRO can improve its collaboration and cooperation with regards to ITU events and to make sure that the RIRs participation with ITU is well coordinated in advance.

5. EC Retreat Agenda Review.

PW summarised the programme for the NRO Workshop/Retreat (Monday & Tuesday) and EC meeting.  He highlighted that Andre O’Callaghan, the facilitator has circulated details of the retreat and a questionnaire to be completed by the CEOs accordingly.  The list of attendees is also finalised.

PW noted that we have not yet scheduled on the preparations among the NRO for the I* meeting on Wednesday and Thursday.  He also pointed out the NRO Workshop is an opportunity for the EC to establish and discuss a joint NRO mission and vision, together with the opportunities, strengths and weaknesses in its external environment.

PW proposed to consider some time on Monday or Tuesday for the preparations of the I* meeting. The workshop itself is not a preparation for the I* itself.

RE was of the view that we may not have time to discuss on the I* Retreat during the workshop.

RE proposed that the preparations and discussion of NRO matters could be done on Sunday evening or 1 hour before the formal meetings.

John Curran JC said that it is good to discuss about some issues of the internet governance institutions and updates made by ICANN & IETF before having a coordinate position.  It is important for the RIRs leaders to share questions and thoughts, since there may be major restructuring proposals that will affect the core functions of the RIRs.

AA proposed that we can wait for the agenda of the I* Retreat and identified topics that may need a common position of the RIRs.  He also pointed out the RIRs though represent different regions, are also NRO as ASO and some issues could affect the business globally and hence the need to have a common position to the I*.

RE agreed to AA and said that he has sent an email to Lynn St Amour to have the draft Agenda and to assist if needed.

The EC agreed to wait for the draft agenda for the I*, and Sunday evening to have a brief, and suggested to have thoughts and prior position for the I* to come out of the workshop on Monday and Tuesdays and to consider the agenda for Friday at a later stage.

6.  Decision on NRO vs ASO 10th anniversary

The Chair PW briefed that the above Agenda Item is to recap discussions on potential celebration the NRO vs ASO 10th anniversary at IGF or ICANN meeting.  There is no planning presently for such celebration at IGF, and it could be done at an RIRs meeting and if ICANN event, then the ASO 10th anniversary, the EC to decide on the way forward.

AA added that according to him, it is the NRO’s anniversary that could be celebrated, the ASO existed before and the only issue was to renew the MoU through the NRO. JC also confirmed that the ASO existed before.

AP agreed that we may celebrate the ASO next year.

After discussion, the EC agreed to leave the anniversary discussion to some later stage and the CCG to look at the various options and decide which one is most appropriate.

7. Outcomes of IGF Donors Meeting

JC informed that he and RE attended the IGF Donors meeting in New York and briefed on the outcomes of the discussion held. The IGF Secretariat committed for more transparency on the budget. There was also discussion on alternatives for raising fund and constraints encountered to spend and help developed countries. More donors meeting will be held in the future.  However, it is noted that Indonesia has not signed the host country agreement yet.

 8.   Bali IGF status

–   Preparations for Bali including attendance and NRO booth staffing

The Chair PW reminded that German posted a request on the EC mailing list for the list of RIRs staff attending the IGF in Bali, the information will enable the CCG to schedule a roaster for attendance to the NRO Booth.

Bhadrika Magan (BM) confirmed that the CCG has received the attendance and will shortly circulate the schedule on the NRO EC mailing list.

9.  “New gTLD Collision Risk Mitigation” – NRO position

JC briefed the EC on the procedures proposed by ICANN that organisations running gTLDs could monitor DNS queries and look for significant block of DNS queries from IP addresses and the impact that could have in the operations of the RIR and the Whois.

The issue for the NRO is to consider how the policy was originated and whether the policy should have been forwarded to the ASO for consultation.  According to the ICANN Bylaws, it is an obligation for the DSN community and ASO to coordinate.  JC said that ARIN has no position but it may raise a coordination issue that can be raised to ICANN.  There has been no formal request for the NRO to look into it.

AP informed that he sent an email to the CEO of ICANN and highlighted some issues face on the coordination of requests by ICANN staff.

PW proposed that the issues could be raised with Fadi Chehade and Elise Gerich in Montevideo.  PW to write a message to request a meeting either Tuesday after the Retreat or Friday after the I * Retreat.

New Action Item 170913-01 PW To write a message to ICANN and IANA (Fadi and Elise) to request a meeting either Tuesday October 1st or Friday October 4th in Montevideo to talk on the proposal for New GTLD collision risk mitigation.

10. NRO contribution to ATRT2 Questionnaire

AA briefed that he added the Agenda Item following the report of German on the meeting re ATRT2 Questionnaire.

The Chair, PW said to add to NRO Retreat Agenda for discussion.

11.     Internet Technical Community Principles – NRO position

AA noted that that he added the Agenda Item following the email of Paul Rendek and discussion on the Internet Collaboration mailing list and documents to define global principles.

RE proposed to include the point for further discussion at the I* Meeting.

12.  Appointment to the ICANN Glossary Update Group

The Chair PW stated that the ICANN Glossary Update Group is within the scope of the CCG work and proposed to have the Chair of the CCG, Bhadrika Magan appointed to the group and German for continuity.

The EC approved the appointment.

13. CG Reports

 a. CCG

BM reported that the CCG has sent updated information with regards for preparations of the IGF Bali on the EC mailing list for approval and further reports on IPV6 round world will be sent to the EC mailing list

She highlighted that the CCG is presently awaiting for information from the IGF on the booth setting before deciding on the promotional materials.

The Chair PW requested that the CCG report to be done at the beginning of the agenda because of the time zone difference.

 b. ECG

Byron Ellacott BE updated the EC on the ECG work plan. He briefed on the status to date of the RPKI Infrastructure, extended statistics implementation, IETF as per the ECG report circulated on the mailing list.

BE stated that the next face-to-face meeting will be held in the first week of December in Mauritius.

c. IPv6

Nate Davis explained that the IPv6CG have drafted a document with appropriate  colour coding to drive and coordinate the activities.

 d. PACG

Pablo Hinojosa PH stated that RIPE NCC provided an answer to the enhanced coordination questionnaire.  There was the IPv6 symposium in Geneva organised by the ITU and will circulate the notes to the PACG and EC.

 e. RSM

Leslie Nobile has sent an update on the EC mailing list and has faced some technical difficulties to be present in the meeting online.

ND provided a brief overview on her behalf.

14.  Adjourn

Meeting ended 13:04 UTC


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