Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 121218


December 18, 2012 at 11 00 UTC

Executive Council Attendees:

Chairman: John Curran (JC) ARIN
Secretary: Paul Wilson (PW) APNIC
Treasurer: Adiel Akplogan (AA) AFRINIC
Member: Axel Pawlik (AP) RIPE NCC
Member: Raul Echeberria (RE) LACNIC


Mark Kosters (MK) ARIN
Scott Bradner (SB) ARIN
Susan Hamlin (SH) ARIN
Pablo Hinojosa (PH) APNIC
Hartmut Glaser (HG) LACNIC
Ernesto Majo (EM) LACNIC
Arturo Servin (AS) LACNIC


German Valdez (GV) APNIC
Ernest Byaruhanga (EB) AFRINIC
Guylaine Mootoo (GM) AFRINIC Recording Secretary

 1.0 Welcome, Apologies, Agenda Review

The Chair, John Curran (JC), welcomed the Executive Council and Observers present online and proceeded with a roll call to confirm quorum. It was noted that Paul Wilson (PW) has not joined the meeting yet and the Chair was to proceed with the meeting on an informal basis with no decision to be taken. However, PW was able to connect in at 11 16 UTC due to some technical problems to access WEBEX and the meeting started at 11 17 UTC.

2.0 Approval of the last Minutes dated 20 November 2012

There was no objection to the approval of the minutes of the last NRO EC teleconference dated 20 November 2010 as read and approved.

3.0 Review Action Items

A review of the Action Items pending to date were carried out and discussed as follows:

Action Item 120717-04: Chair to send to the NRO EC mailing list, specific recommendations for next steps for the NRO to undertake in response to the ASO Review Report.

Status: Above Action Item to be kept ‘Pending’.

New Action Item 121218-01: The Chair to circulate the spreadsheet/ compilation of recommendations for the next steps the NRO to undertake in response to the ASO Review Report and will circulate to the Executive Council for review later this week.

Action Item 120821-05: In regards to redundant Global Policy Proposals, JC to send a note to ASO AC Chair explaining that the ASO procedures only have formal requirements if it advised that a policy has been passed in all regions. The decision to track a policy prior to this is autonomous, so can autonomously be reversed.

Status: Above Action Item to be ‘Closed’.

Action item 120907-02: JC will send a message to chair of ASO AC, with the suggestion to meet every other month and a reminder of the commitment of AC members to participate. Starting in 2013, the ASO-AC will be encouraged to publish its attendance statistics to the community.

Status: Above Action Item to be ‘Closed’.

Action Item 120907-03: JC to draft a communication to the Chair of the ASO AC to follow up ITEMS report recommendations 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 18, 19, 23 and Rec #1

Status: Above Action Item to be kept ‘Pending’.

Action Item 121016-05: JC to coordinate the EC to revise and approve the position description for the Executive Secretary role followed by a selection call for filling the position (involving ARIN, LACNIC and AFRINIC).

Status: Above Action Item to be kept ‘Opened’.

Action Item 120106-08: PW to prepare a final draft for the NRO Response to the IANA’s proposed implementation of the Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation and send it back to the list.

Status: Above Action Item to be ‘Closed’.

New Action Item 121120-01: NRO EC to review CCG2013 work plan.

Status: Pending and will be addressed during current meeting.

New Action Item 121120-02: NRO EC to review the ECG 2013 work plan.

Status: Pending and will be addressed during current meeting.

New Action item 121120-03: PW to draft a statement to the UN General Assembly about the NRO position that Enhanced Cooperation should not be delegated to a new working group, to be circulated to other I* members.

Status: Above Action Item to be kept ‘Opened’.
The Secretariat to make the update of the list Action Items as per above discussion.

4.0 Debrief WTSA & WCIT.

The Chair (JC) informed that he was not present at the WTSA and invited comments from those who attended the meeting.

Adiel Akplogan (AA) informed that Cathy Handley was at the WTSA but she is not present on the teleconference call today. The main issue which comes out from the WTSA is the resolution 64 that request the ITU to continue studying the issue of becoming an RIR.

There is once again an IPv6 Study Group to deal with mainly within the ITU-T Study Group 2 and 3 (SG-2, SG-3). There is a need to be prepared to participate in these activities.

The WCIT had some internet implication despite the declarations and engagement of the ITU Secretary General. There was some good dialogue and a productive outcome; the provisions of the ITR were relevant to its general scope in areas such as roaming. It is the fact that there was a Resolution addressing Internet matters attached to the ITRs that reverted the original promises for a consensus approach to a call for a vote. As a result there was a group approximately 12 countries which expressed objections, and about 20 – 30 countries which either took reservations or call for consultation with their countries. The result was no consensual at the end.

Axel Pawlik (AP) agreed with JC’s summary.

Raul Echeberria (RE) and AA commented on the observations their respective region made on the WCIT and steps to be taken out of the outcomes.
The other thing that happened in Dubai is the interaction between ICANN and us, and the proposal for the creation of an Arab RIR. There is also the need to discuss how to coordinate our participation to the forthcoming meeting ICANN is organising in February in the region. We will be speaking about the RIR system since it is a component of ICANN mission.

5.0 Translation of ASO document as per review suggestion.

Susan Hamlin (SH) briefed on the translation proposal into 6 languages. The cost of translation will be considered as a joint NRO expense.

JC,PW, AA and RE have no objection and approved the translation. It was noted at 12 03 UTC that AP was not present online for quorum and the Chair JC proposed to send an email to AP for his approval so that the CCG can proceed further on this item.

New Action Item 121218-02: The Chair to send an email to AP for his approval to translate the MoU and related policies documents in 6 languages at cost of over USD 8000 as joint NRO expense.

6.0 CCG Report. (CCG Chair to lead)

6.1 CCG Work Plan 2013

SH made a brief on the contents of the CCG Work Plan 2013 and future projects namely;

(i) Community events
(ii) 10th anniversary of the NRO next year
(iii) Outstanding items and reports
(iv) Meetings

The Chair invited comments on the CCG working plan and questions.

It was agreed that the strategy in term of communication will be impacted in some way as a result of the WCIT and it will be appropriate to consider this aspect in approving the CCG Work Plan for 2013.

The EC discussed the proposal to change the NRO logo in line with the NRO 10th anniversary. It was agreed that the proposal will be reconsidered if it is associated with the relaunch of the NRO in a significant way and the new form the NRO will take in the future.

The EC also considered the issue of incorporation of the NRO, the recruitment of a dedicated Executive Secretary and the benefits in interacting with international organisation like the ITU.

New Action Item 121218-03: The NRO EC to discuss the incorporation and future form of the NRO in the next face-to-face meeting.

The CCG Work Plan 2013 was approved by JC, AA, RE and PW, except for AP not available online. The Chair will also put the CCG report and travel authorisation to the mailing list for the approval of AP.

New Action Item 121218-04: The Chair to send an email to AP for his approval of the CCG Work Plan 2013 and authorisation to travel in February.

7.0 PACG Report. (PACG Chair to lead)

Cathy Handley was not present to give the report.

8.0 ECG Report. (ECG Chair to lead)

8.1 ECG Work Plan 2013

Mark Kosters (MK) briefed on the ECG Report and Work Plan for 2013. There are 7 points in their 2013 goals as follows:

(i) Document describing RPKI architecture and interactions between RIRs and ICANN.
(ii) Delegated status, formerly known as up/down
(iii) Finishing extended-statistics implementation
(iv) RPKI repository data quality
(v) Tracking work in the IETF WEIRDS working group
(vi) RESTful interfaces
(vii) Coordination meetings with the IETF meetings and one meeting in Mauritius first week of December.

The Chair JC invited questions on the ECG work plan.

RE reiterated that he will like to see a different approach to RPKI and more commitments from the RIRs to complete the project. The EC agreed to move the RPKI as a key priority for the ECG.

The Chair JC will put the ECG Working Plan 2013 to the mailing list for AP to approve and the ECG to proceed on accordingly.

New Action Item 121218-05: The Chair to send an email to AP for his approval of the ECG Work Plan 2013.

9.0 RSM Report. (RSM Chair to lead)

9.1 RSM Work Plan 2013

Leslie Nobile was not present to give the report.

10.0 Contribution to the GNSO ‘thick’ WHOIS Policy Development Process

We received a request from ICANN with respect to the work being done on the DNS regarding GNSO ‘thick’ WHOIS Policy Development Process. The EC was requested to look into this project and to discuss at a future call.

New Action Item 121218-06: The NRO EC to look at the ICANN project regarding the GNSO ‘thick’ WHOIS Policy Development Process and to discuss the outcomes in the next teleconference call.

11.0 AOB

RE requested if the Agenda of the EC meeting in Singapore could be drafted in advance and seized the opportunity of this last EC meeting for this year to thank JC for his good work as NRO EC Chair for 2012.

12.0 Adjournment

Meeting ended at 12 45 UTC

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