Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 100119


Teleconference 19 January 2010, 1100 UTC

Executive Council Attendees:

  • RIPE NCC: Axel Pawlik (AP, Chairman)
  • LACNIC: Raul Echeberria (RE, Secretary)
  • ARIN: John Curran (JC, Treasurer)
  • AFRINIC: Adiel Akplogan (AA, Member)


  • RIPE NCC: Andrei Robachevsky (AR)
  • RIPE NCC: Paul Rendek (PR)
  • LACNIC: Ricardo Patara (RP)


  • 1. Welcome and Agenda review
  • 2. Adoption of last meeting’s minutes
  • 3. Review Action Items without associated agenda item
  • 4. Report from the IAB call
  • 5. Update from the CCG / PCG
    • 5.1. RIR presence at LEA meeting in London, 17 March.
  • 6. Update from the ECG
  • 7. NRO Incorporation
  • 8. ICANN
  • 9. ITU liaison
  • 10. AOB
    • 10.1. Update on Retreat Planning
  • 11. Adjournment

1. Welcome and Agenda review

The chairman welcomed everybody and called the meeting to order at 1110.

No new agenda points were brought forward.

2. Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

AA moved to approve de minutes.

RE seconded.

Minutes were approved by unanimity.

3. Review Action Items without associated agenda item

Action item 200907-05: AA will look at Terms of Reference as well as a process model for the ASO review, and propose them to the NRO EC.
AA to report something in the coming days.

Action item 200908-001: JC to draft statement to ECG to reflect “unidentified TA
plus 6th (IANA-)TA” model.
JC couldn’t do it because he didn’t participate in the call with the IAB and there are no minutes of it. RE will give a report of the call in the next point of the agenda.

Action item 200908-03: All to propose one optional board observer to NRO EC meetings and to communicate back to NRO EC.
AA under consideration
AP no appointment yet
RE LACNIC Board has appointed Hartmut Glaser (HG)
JC there will not be observer from ARIN. They recognize the fact that they can appoint an observer and at some time it would be possible that ARIN does it. But buy now there will not be any observer from ARIN Board.

All to communicate appointments for inclusion in list. All agreed to invite Board observers for the next EC meeting.

Action item 200906-04: NRO to start the preparation of the incorporation process with immediate effect.

Action item 200906-06: All to report to their respective board on the EC position with regards to the incorporation of the NRO
Some has already do it. The action remain OPEN.

Action item 200906-02: CCG to prepare an overall strategy to improve NRO communications (OPEN) and on a
possible distribution of Communication & Administrative tasks (DONE, to be

Action item 200907-01: PR to send list of issues and timelines for preemptive
writing of position statements.

Action item 200906-17: CCG to work on an awareness campaign for ASN 2 byte exhaustion

Action item 200908-07: CCG to prepare activity plan 2010.

Action item 200906-09: Chair to arrange a meeting with Dr Touré to discuss NRO position to enhance collaboration with the ITU and address ITU position on having a global IPv6 Registry
SHELVED until after the IPv6 group meeting.


Action item 200910-01: All top read RPKI roadmap as prepared by ECG, to answer
two main questions.
AP resend the roadmap and the questions to the list. The isssue will be discussed in Brisbane in the upcoming NRO retreat.

Action item 200910-02: JC to coalesce NRO EC opinion on RPKI roadmap as prepared
by ECG.

4. Report from the IAB call

RE reported from the call and said that it was very productive. It is the first time that we have such kind of interaction with the IAB. The NRO has to continue proposing this kind of meetings.

All shared RE’s opinions about the meeting.

5. Update from the CCG / PCG

AP mentioned that the CCG has done all the action items and that the PCG will meet before the NRO EC meeting and the CCG will meet after the NRO EC meeting.

5.1. RIR presence at LEA meeting in London, 17 March.

AP informed that on 17th March there will be a meeting of various Law Enforcement Agencies in London and that they have requested attendance from, if possible, all the RIRs.

PR mentioned that they are currently coordinating this LEA meeting amongst the ECG people and gave general information about the meeting. There will be a long meeting during that week and we basically will have a half-day to work with. They want to have presence from all the RIRs because their event is actually not European but global.
AA informed that they are having next week in Mauritius the kind of same meeting for Law Enforcement in their region and they are expecting to have about 25 representatives from different Law Enforcement Agency from Africa region.

6. Update from the ECG

AR gave an extensive update from the ECG. Regarding SLA between the RIRs and ICANN, RPKI and DNSSEC.
There was a discussion about where the proposals regarding the SLA should be included and in which document.

Action item 201001-01: AR to resend the SLA that ECG has signed off.

Action item 201001-02: All to give AR a joint answer by the end of the week.

7. NRO Incorporation

RE commented that he has re-circulated the documents and gave information about the time frame for doing the incorporation.


JC, AP and AA will be attending the meeting in Nairobi.

9. ITU liaison

RE mentioned that he will be in the March meeting in Geneva, JC and AP said that they will also be at the meeting.

JC reported the activities that ARIN is having with their countries.

Action item 201001-03: JC to send information about ARIN activities regarding ITU IPv6 plans, to the EC and the PCG lists.

All shared opinions about how to act. This point will be extensively discussed in Brisbane during the NRO retreat.

10. AOB

There were no items discussed in the AOB.

10.1. Update on Retreat Planning

There was no update (no one from APNIC participated in the teleconference).

11. Adjournment

The Chair moved to adjourn the meeting at 1233 UTC. There were no objections and meeting was adjourned.

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