Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 090826


Conference 26 August 2009, 0100 UTC – Grand Hyatt Beijing

Executive Council Attendees:

  • AFRINIC: Adiel Akplogan (AA)
  • APNIC: Paul Wilson (PW) GV
  • ARIN: John Curran (JC)
  • LACNIC: Raúl Echeberría (RE) (remotely, until 0230)
  • RIPE NCC: Axel Pawlik (AP) PR


  1. Welcome and Agenda review
  2. Adoption of last meeting’s minutes
  3. Review Action Items without associated agenda item
  4. RPKI discussion status
  5. Proposal “Board Observers to NRO EC”
  6. Coordination Groups
  7. Update from the CCG / PCG
  8. NRO incorporation
  9. Meeting and followup with ITU on IPv6 allocation
  10. Agenda for meeting with ICANN CEO in Seoul
  11. Approval of SLA with IANA/ICANN with regards to zone
  12. Global policy on last ASN blocks
  13. AOB
  14. Adjournment

1. Welcome and Agenda review

The Chairman opened the meeting at 0128.

Move previous item 12 (RPKI discussion) up in agenda.

2. Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

Pushed to the mailing list.

3. 1.Review Action Items without associated agenda item

Action 200907-05: AA will look at Terms of Reference as well as a process model for the ASO review, and propose them to the NRO EC.
OPEN, expected next week

Action 299804-08: JC to provide summary of discussions between ARIN and IANA on in-addr transfer, to NRO EC for further decision.
OPEN, Mark sent report to ECG. As summary of proposed SLA, ECG waiting for EC.
JC will send to EC list, also to receive IANA authoritative message.

Action item: 200906-14: RIPE NCC and ARIN to inform their community about the approved versions of the proposed global policy for IPv4 address distribution by IANA.
OPEN (JC with Einar to send update to ppml list)

Action item: 200906-18: Chair to communicate to IANA the NRO agreement with regards to ASN 2-bytes.

Action item: 200906-07: Leslie to report back to the EC next week on the distribution of the unallocated early registration blocks.
OPEN, meeting ongoing today.

4. RPKI discussion status

Action item: 200907-02: AA to re-circulate TA-statement to NRO EC list.

Action item: 200907-03: JC to supply wording for TA statement more explicit regarding transition.

EC awaiting end-of-September document from ECG. Work is underway in ECG, end September accepted as good goal.

Action item: 200908-001: JC to draft statement to ECG to reflect “unidentified sTA plus 6th TA” model.

Action item: 200908-002: PW to draft invitation and agenda / scope to IANA. (Role of IANA in RPKI / legacy /8s)

5. Proposal “Board Observers to NRO EC”

JC: This is outcome from ARIN strategic workshop.
AP: fine with RIPE NCC
PW: APNIC EC: general reluctance to open system, but fine with nominated observers.
JC: happy to propose designated observers.
RE: up to 2 observers from each RIR ok, one is fine also.

Agreement to start with one observer.

Action Item: 200908-03: All to propose one optional board observer to NRO EC meetings and to communicate back to NRO EC.

6. Agreement on 2 Bytes ASN allocation from ICANN

a.Communication NRO EC with CGs

RE: procedure to communicate between CGs and Chair is not functioning, propose to allow posting directly to EC mailing list.
PW: CG chairs should be allowed to actively participate on NRO EC mailing list.
AA: have already addressed the issue with agreeing that CG chairs rotate with EC chair.
RE: agree that in addition to that CG chairs be allowed to post directly.
JC: see comms as 2 directions: support CG sending to mailing list at large. However, NRO EC directions to CGs to go through chair formally.
RE agrees.

Action Item: 200908-04: Chairman to communicate ability of CG chairs to send to mailing list directly, and that directions from NRO EC will come formally through NRO EC chairman.

b.Travel planning

JC proposes early planning including frequency and location of meetings.

Action item: 200908-05: Chairman to request meeting planning 2010 from CG chairs.

Break for lunch 1230 – 1400 local

7. Update from the CCG / PCG

c.CCG/PCG actions

Action item: 200906-02: CCG to prepare an overall strategy to improve NRO communications and on a possible distribution of Communication & Administrative tasks
Communications plan to be agreed this Saturday’s CCG mtg.
Task rotation: partially done based on Mauritius retreat. Further comments received, document ready to be sent to NRO EC.

Action item: 200906-15: PCG to organize and coordinate NRO participation at the ITAC.
PCG minutes to be circulated to NRO EC.
Trying to get the internal ITAC steering group organized, ensuring continuity of RIR contribution.

Action item: 200907-01: PR to send list of issues and timelines for preemptive writing of position statements.
(IANA, ITU, ASN exhaustion)

Action item: 200906-17: CCG to work on an awareness campaign for ASN 2 byte exhaustion

d.NRO participation to ITU World Telecom, cost target

JC requests clarification on commitment from NRO.
PR reviews status.

e.IGF workshops: double slot “flagship IPv6 workshop”?

PR reports status of workshop planning.
f.Review of PCG communication to ITU members
Action item: 200906-11: CCG to review the response paper to ITU questionnaire and report back.
All agree that PW’s edits are supported

g.PCG Charter

Action Item: 200908-06: PR to send revised Charter to NRO EC mailing list.

h.CCG Activity Plan approval

De-facto plan 2009 approved.
Action item: 200908-07: CCG to prepare activity plan 2010.

8. NRO incorporation

Action item: 200906-04: NRO to start the preparation of the incorporation process with
immediate effect.

Action item: 200906-05: RE to talk to LACNIC’s attorney to recover the incorporation documents and report to the EC on the status of the documents.

Action item: 200906-06: All to report to their respective board on the EC position with regards to the incorporation of the NRO

9. NRO incorporation

Action item: 200906-09: Chair to arrange a meeting with Dr Touré to discuss NRO position to
enhance collaboration with the ITU and address ITU position on having a global IPv6 Registry
SHELVED until after meeting with Malcolm Johnson

Action item: 200907-04: AP to propose to Malcolm Johnson a meeting with ITU-T and NRO EC and possibly board members, on Tuesday or Wednesday of the RIPE meeting week.

AP reports about recent communications with M Johnson.
Meeting Lisbon is cancelled due to conflict with ITU World.
AA reports about planned SG3 meeting on access in developing countries in Kampala, AA invited. Had meeting with NTIA on that meeting. Workshop will cover IXPs, BGP, IPv4/6.

Action item: 200906-10: PW to work on a more elaborated paper concerning the ITU IPv6 proposals and to target a broader public.

How to progress this? Agreement that it should become an NRO document.
PW needs relatively quick agreement for publication.

Action Item: 200907-08: AA to notify CCG chair of need to review this document.

10. NRO incorporation

JC had another meeting with CEO, welcome reception by budget contributors. Set expectations for meeting to be one-off and not a series of standing meetings – Meet & Greet.
PW: This is fine. However there might be some items we might want to raise, if informally. Fi IANA contract.

Action Item: 200907-09: AA to contact GAC chairman on possible presentation to GAC in Seoul.

11. Approval of SLA with IANA/ICANN with regards to zone

management of
Action Item: 200907-10: AA to convey NRO EC agreement on to ECG chairman

12. Global policy on last ASN blocks

JC expresses strong preference for drafting of this policy to be done by community.
All understand.

13. AOB

No additional items are brought up.

14. Adjournment

The meeting is adjourned at 0843 UTC.

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