Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 090421


Teleconference 21 April 2009, 1100 UTC


  • Adiel Akplogan (AA)
  • Axel Pawlik (AP)
  • John Curran (JC)
  • Nate Davis (ND)
  • Paul Rendek (PR)
  • Paul Wilson (PW)
  • Raul Echeberria (RE)
  • Ricardo Patara (RP)
  • Richard Jimmerson (RJ)


  1. Welcome and Agenda review
  2. Adoption of last meeting’s minutes
  3. Review Action Items
  4. NRO committment to OECD ITAC
  5. ISOC coordination of ITAC
  6. Post SF certification meeting status
  7. RS mgrs meeting
  8. IGF workshop proposals
  9. AC procedures discussion
  10. ECG issues
  11. PW: in-addr transfer ARIN to IANA.
  12. ITU relationship (Adiel)
  13. AOB
  14. Adjournment

1. Welcome and Agenda review

The chairman welcomes the participants and opens the meeting at 1112.

PW requests to add in-addr transfer from ARIN to IANA to the agenda.

AA raises the point of responding to the ICANN 2010 Operational Plan.

2. Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

RE moves to adopt the minutes of the March meeting.
AA seconds, no objections. The minutes are adopted as presented by the secretariat to to the NRO EC mailing list.

3. Review Action Items without associated agenda item

Action Item 200902-03: The chairman to prepare organization of the NRO
EC retreat for week 23.
Status: AA: Assistants are communicating, need to start planning agenda.

JC gives an update on the ARIN CEO search: Previously hired CEO is not available anymore due to personal reasons. New ARIN chairman is Paul Vixie, JC appointed acting CEO. JC will do his best to be in Mauritius. If not possible, ND will be there and be empowered to act for ARIN.

Action 200904-01: All to provide input to agenda of the NRO EC retreat in June / Mauritius.

Action Item 200903-01: Chairman to communicate with RS managers as per NRO EC mailing list discussion.

Action Item 2009-0302: PW to contact the CCG to start preparatory work proposing two workshops for the IGF, one as proposed by Autonomica, and “Business aspects of the Internet”.
Status: CCG is busy working on this.

RE agrees with the proposals prepared by the CCG so far, however states that he is concerned that no the NRO so far did not submit a proposal covering IPv4.

Action 200904-02: AA to communicate to CCG chair to submit a rudimentary proposal on IPv4 depletion.

PR gives an overview over additional workshops submitted by the RIPE NCC together with industry partners. He extends invitation to all to join.

AA also gives an update on another workshop proposed by AFRINIC, on open source use.

Action Item 200903-03: AP to contact the CCG chair to commence rapid work to update the NRO Continued Cooperation report.

4. NRO commitment to OECD ITAC

RP reviews the events that led to the setup of the OECD ITAC. RE raises the point that inclusion of the NRO might not have been communicated well. However, he supports the result.

All are in favour of the NRO’s participation in ITAC. However all agree that some more formal and deliberate process governing the ITAC’s work and especially consultations with the members should be in place.

JC moves that Chair of the NRO EC should contact ISOC to ensure that processes are put in place for the consultation as necessary to make the ITAC a success.

AA seconds that motion. No objections are noted.

Action 200904-03: Chair of the NRO EC should contact ISOC to ensure that processes are put in place for the consultation as necessary to make the ITAC a success.

JC moves that NRO EC works together with OECD to ensure that both organizations work together with good results.

RE: Also good to talk to Bill Graham.

JC: Does ITAC have processes about forming advice. Until that is clear, OECD should weight individual members’ opinions.

PR: Probably NRO inclusion by accident / assumption. OECD doesn’t want to speak to individual members. ISOC didn’t have time to fully submit details to OECD / ISOC.

JC: want to make sure that until procedures exist OECD does not take ITAC / ISOC opinions as speaking for group.

PW: ITAC consultation already happening, faster and with less consultation with members than OECD expected.

JC moves to amend that chair should contact ISOC …..
AA seconds.

Action 200904-04: AA to talk to Bill Graham and ISOC president about the NRO’s expectations regarding process and formality of ITAC member cooperation.

5. ISOC coordination of ITAC

Covered by agenda item 4.

6. Post SF certification meeting status

Geoff Huston’s summary of the RPKI meeting in SF is discussed. All agree that prior to an implementation decision requirements must be clear and agreed. JC proposes to have these requirements available within two weeks in order to make an informed decision during the NRO EC retreat.

Action 200904-05: PW to enquire if NRO TA description can be prepared by Geoff within two weeks.

Action 200904-06: AP to arrange for seven people mailing list NRO EC plus Olaf and Russ for NRO-IETF mailing list.

7. RS managers’ meeting

Overtaken by events.

8. IGF workshop proposals

Covered under agenda item 3.

9. AC procedures discussion

The current state of the discussion in the ASO AC is discussed; all agree to await the outcome of the AC’s special meeting before deciding on any further action.

10. ECG issues

Regarding the proposal to have ECG chair participate in NRO EC teleconferences all agree to have all coordination group chairs present at NRO EC meetings. JC raises the concern that this might be the result of suboptimal communication and / or minute taking.

JC moves that chair of EC invites CG chairs to attend meetings and be added to mainlinglist.
AP seconds. No objections.

Action 200904-07: AA to invite CG chairs, AP to add ECG chair to NRO EC mailing list.

11. PW: in-addr transfer ARIN to IANA.

JC gives an overview of the current situation and ensures the group that ARIN would not transfer the in-addr service to IANA without involvement of the NRO EC.

Action 299804-08: JC to provide summary of discussions between ARIN and IANA on in-addr transfer, to NRO EC for further decision.

12. ITU relationship

AA recounts the good NRO performance during WSIS and previous discussions with the ITU. He refers to the proposal to set up a public affairs group to facilitate more formal communications with other organizations such as ITU.

PW and AP voice concerns about how this group should interact with the CCG, they feel that adding another formal CG might unduly add complexity.

RE believes that adding public affairs staff to the CCG would be beneficial to the CCG. Proposes to add 30 minutes to next EC meetings to talk to both CCG and public relations staff.

All agree.

13. AOB

a.Response to ICANN Operational Plan

All agree to move this point to the mailing list for further discussion.

14. Adjournment

The chairman closes the meeting closed at 1249.

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