Meeting of the NRO Executive Council – 080520

DRAFT Minutes

Teleconference: 20 May 2008, 11h00 UTC

Executive Council Attendees:

  • Paul Wilson (PW, Chair)
  • Adiel Akplogan (AA: Secretary )
  • Axel Pawlik (AP)
  • Raul Echeberria (RE)

Other Attendees:

  • German Valdez GV
  • Ricardo Patara (RP)

Notes taken by AA


1. Review of past minutes
2. Review of action items
3. ITU workshop – 4/5 Sept
4. ITU Telecom Africa report/debrief
5. ICANN meeting and related
6. IGF MAG and workshops update
7. CCG meeting Rabat – briefing
8. Feedback to ICANN on travel policy
9. RAP group – next steps
10. AOB

After 10 minutes waiting for RP and the conference bridge to be opened by the call leader, it was decided to switch the conference to a Skype conference. The meeting started at 11:20 UTC.

1. Review of past minutes

The chair mentioned that we cannot formally adopt the minutes because all members are not on the call. He, however, asked if there are any comments on the minutes circulated by the secretariat. There were no comments and the minutes will be formally approved during the next meeting.

2. Review of action items

Action item #200804-01

The Chair to send the amended procedure document back to IANA.

Status: Close

Action Item #200804-02:
Chair to send an email to ITU-T director and Alexander NTOKO to inform him that the EC is favourable to the workshop proposal and is working on the topic.

Status: This has been handled by Cathy (ARIN) and completed

Action item #200804-03:

NRO EC to task the CCG to work on a plan for NRO participation to ITU global events or other events that represent a good opportunity for the NRO to participate and communicate.

Status: Still Open

Action #200804-04

Chair and Secretariat work on an action plan following the Board workshop held in Dennver.

Status: Still Open

Action #200804-05

Chair to task the CCG to work on the NRO Booth at the upcoming IGF meeting.


Action #200804-06

AA and RP to submit a proposal for the joint workshop at the next IGF meeting in India before the end of this month.

Straus: Close

Action #200804-07

Treasurer to send a correspondence to Markus Kummer , IGF, to inform him of the NRO contribution of USD30K to the IGF secretariat for 2008.

Status: Close. Waiting for the IGF secretariat to send contract.

AA mentioned that he met Markus in Geneva and and he said that he was not sure where to send the contract this year. AA informed him that it should go to the Chair who is PW for 2008. It was agreed during the meeting that as soon as the contract is received and signed, the Treasurer will make the payment.

3. ITU workshop – 4/5 Sept

PW informed that he has not corresponded with Malcolm on this yet. As agreed, he will correspond with him to express our regret not to be able to formally attend the workshop at the proposed date. AP, AA and RE said they may attend or send representative to the meeting. It was then agreed to also mention something about that in the correspondence to Malcolm.

PW asked who will be corresponding with ITU on that. RE reminded what was in the last minute related to this, that the Chair should be sending the message to the ITU-T Director.

Action item 200805-001

Chair to contact ITU and inform them about the unability of the NRO to actively participate to the meeting being planed in September as originally expected. This is due to the incompatibility of the chosen date with several NRO-EC members’ calendar.

4. ITU Telecom Africa report/debrief

AA gave a report about the Cairo event. He mentioned that overall, the event was successful and that he had the opportunity to met several Journalist who were interested in IPv6 deployment in Africa region. According to him, apart from few problem with the contractor for the booth building, it was good for AFRINIC and the NRO to be present in Cairo. However he mentioned that as for such meeting few technical people attend, and there is generally limited interest from the visitors in the Booth. It may not be necessary in the future not to spend too much money in our future booth but keep it minimum with very targeted message. He also mentioned that the forum in which he was panelist went well with great
interest in innovation in Africa. AA also reminded that it is important for the CCG to complete it analysis of the NRO participation to such event so that we can have sufficient information for future decision.

5. ICANN meeting and related

The Chair proposed to move the discussion on this topic to the mailing list. However, he identified few aspects of the meeting in Paris that needed consideration:

– Meeting with the GAC
– NRO participation to the “IPv6 Events”
– Retreat schedule and Agenda

We need to see how we should organise the overall schedule of the week. PW said that he has not heard from the GAC about the joint meeting. He will remind Yannis about the arrangements for the meeting.

The rest of the issues raised under this topic will be discussed online.

Action item 200805-002

The EC to discuss the schedule of activities planed during the ICANN
meeting in Paris online.

Action item 200805-003

PW to send a reminder mail to the chair of the GAC to request details about the NRO/GAC meeting planed in Paris.

6. IGF MAG and workshops update

AA gave a brief summary of the MAG meeting in Geneva. He described the new structure of the event, with two main workshops in the morning that will be related to the afternoon’s main session. Internet Governance comes up again and will be on the agenda under “Critical Internet Resources” as main theme.
He also mentioned that for the first time spectrum management has been identified as critical for Internet development and hence should be considered as critical Resource. The MAG agreed to address the issues during the next IGF under the Access main theme. AA said that he has sent a brief report to the mailing
list and will keep the EC informed as soon as the full report will be available.

7. CCG meeting Rabat – briefing

GV said that Ernest has prepared something that he has probably sent to the Chair about the details of the meeting they are planning. GV to check with Ernest to make sure it is sent.

PW identified two main topics that will require discussion by the CCG in Rabat:

– NRO Participation to the IGF meeting in Hyderabad
– Analysis of the ITU-Africa participation and proposed way forward for the NRO participation to future ITU or similar events.

Follow up by the Chair is needed.

8. Feedback to ICANN on travel policy

RE proposed to change this to “NRO travel Policy”. The NRO travel policy was briefly discussed and RE said that it will be good to review the actual policy to share the cost incurred by ASO/AC representatives travelling to relevant meetings. This is a change from what is beeing currently done, where every RIR pay for its representatives. He suggested this to be further discussed online for a decision during the next meeting.

Action item 200805-004

The EC to discuss its travel policy related to ASO-AC/NRO-NC participation to meeting relevant to their activities.

9. RAP group – next steps

RE has sent the final report to the EC: He suggested to work with Ricardo to get comment from all RIR on the report within two months so that the EC could consolidate all the comments and take a final decision during its meeting in July. This was agreed and the Chair is requested to communicate with the RAP on it:

Action Item 200805-05:

The Chair to communicate with the RAR chair about the decision of the EC to collect comment from all RIR on the recommendation presented.

10. AOB

PW asked for the status of the CFO’s meetings. AP confirmed that Jochem is working on it with Amsterdam as the venue retained.

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